Make Money Online In South Africa: Top 17 Paying Surveys (2023)

in today's video I'm going to share with you the top 17 survey websites for making money online in South Africa in 2023 having done a lot of service and participating in different Platforms in the first half of 2023 I am confident that I might find the top 17 survey apps that I need to share with you here today stay tuned because I have included some of the newest survey platforms and have also taken out some survey platforms that have turned out to not perform in South Africa anymore so stick around for that if you are new here welcome to the channel my name is Queen magomani I share information on how to make money online and that's what you can expect to learn more of in this channel do consider joining our family by subscribing also give this video a thumbs up if you find it valuable without wasting any more time let's get right into the video at number 17 we have ipsos I say it is this platform that I'm looking at here on my screen and I'm in their South African panel to get started with ipsos I say you need to sign up by clicking the join now button on their home page and let me also let you know that for all the websites that I'll be mentioning here today I will leave you guys links in my description box down below so you can find them easier and find the right ones the first time this platform will pay you with different rewards in South Africa you can earn via Paypal you can and take a lot gift cards Woolworths gift cards as well the second one is new to this list and it's an incredible platform called Savio it is this one that I'm looking at here on my screen they have panels in different countries including here in South Africa here you can earn PayPal money Amazon gift cards and you can be paid directly to your bank account so to sign up here you will come to the home page and select free registration here to start the sign up process if you want to find out more information like how it works and so on you can scroll down to the website to learn more the next one is offer Nation this platform is growing and they've introduced an application which you can download on the Google Play Store as well as on the App Store but this platform still pays well in South Africa with a low cash out of one US dollars they have quite a lot and some of the biggest survey offer walls as well as other companies offering games and so on so here you'll see examples of survey offer walls they have CPX research which is one of the biggest market research companies and their surveys pay up to 10 US Dollars and they have a lot of those I love this platform for the fact that they have different payout options like PayPal Skrill Amazon gift cards but they also pay very fast when you cash out within a few minutes you receive your amount to your respective Cash Out option the next one is life points and this platform works very well in South Africa it's easy to use it's also easy to sign up you simply come to their home page and select the join now button to start the sign up process you'll sign up text surveys and get rewarded so here you can earn e-gift cards PayPal and much more so you'll find out more information as you go and scroll down to read up about their website also check out reviews you know for all these different platforms the next platform is one that I love so much it pays very fast and it pays very well as well they have many opportunities both long and short service it's called Market agent I have a dedicated video and a payment proof video that I will link in the description box it still pays in South Africa and it pays fast and well as well they also have an app that you can download for both Android and iOS so the next one also has an app it's available here in South Africa they have a point system which makes it easy for you to convert your points into PayPal money is called my IO I also have a dedicated video in this one but I'm just here to let you know that my IO still pays well in South Africa in 2023 so do check out their platform for service whenever there's an available survey they will alert you on your email alright guys so next on our list is a platform that is new to this list it's one that I'm excited about they have different opportunities they have different options and they pay very well it's a platform called pagazani as you can see here on my screen you get paid for sharing your opinions in service here they have some of the biggest survey offer walls that you can find in any platform they pay via a PayPal as well as soon as you reach 10 US Dollars you can cash out to your PayPal account and from experience using this platform as a new platform in my list it didn't take long for me to reach minimum cash out and I think part of it is the fact that it's not yet very popular in South Africa or not very popular worldwide as I scroll down you will see the different kinds of offer walls that they have or companies that they partnered with to offer surveys and other tasks as well the next one is also new to this list and it's one that I'm loving right now they have some of the highest paying surveys as well as a low cash out threshold it's called grab points and they generally have quite a lot of surveys available at any given time that I check as you can see here they have hot surveys here and as you scroll down you will see that it is quite a number of them compared to similar platforms these are their survey partners and it's some of the biggest survey Partners in the world so do check out great points as well next on this list is the biggest survey site that I share in this platform it's called ysens I'm not going to mention much about license but I'd advise that you check out this video on my screen right now to learn more about this platform and I still earn a good amount of money every single week with this platform next one is another favorite they have an improved website as you can see over here it's TGM research they work with some of the biggest companies in the world to offer you surveys this is another one that has got a reasonably Low Cash Out threshold three US Dollars you can start cashing out from TGM research and they have good paying Service as well if you are keen on earning gift rewards such as shopping vouchers airtime groceries and electricity money and so on the next platform could be for you because it's one of the best when it comes to paying using different e-gift cards and vouchers it's called Enlighten now this is the platform over here I'm in the rewards tab you'll see here that you can end cell C vouchers Woolworths netbank which is real cash money you can end Vodacom Telecom MTN ShopRite take a lot and so on so they do have minimum cash out thresholds you can find out more info information by coming to the enlightened panel platform the next one is Paul pay they also have an application that you can download on your phone and participate on different surveys using just your phone it's an incredible platform that pays ver

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