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here is an example making sixty five hundred dollars a month another one making twenty three thousand dollars a month this one is making thirty two thousand dollars a month and the Big Kahuna here yep that bad boy is making over 20 million dollars a month and today we're gonna walk through a method that is super simple free to start doesn't take a lot of skills Tech stuff or know-how and yeah it's something that you can start right now in fact using AI tools like chat GPT and Google bard is going to make this super simple all you got to do is follow along and watch this entire video because what you're about to learn is based on my personal experience making money with this exact same method a little story of how I first came across this method it was 2008 I had made millions of dollars online in various different markets one of them was the Myspace craze and Facebook decided to start coming out Myspace was dwindling and my money was kind of dwindling with it and so I thought to myself I need a way to drum up sales really fast and don't worry if you're thinking that you have to sell stuff this works by giving things away too more about that in just a minute so there I was trying to drum up sales and I came across this website that ranked for all kinds of keywords in my specific niche and not only that but it was ranking for questions people had about this particular Niche so they would go in here and say they wanted to buy a new car they would ask what is the invoice price and how do you find it on a new vehicle and then someone would answer the question and that would be the end of it or so most people would think but in fact what most people miss when coming across websites like this is the huge glaringly obvious way to make money online and now with Chachi PT Bard and other AI tools you really have no excuse but to go out there and try this and make money for yourself so there I was 2008 trying to make some money our sales were low it was around Thanksgiving time so I wanted to make money for the holidays and I decided to test this out and go answer one of the questions on these websites and I didn't really know what was going to happen I figured you know hey maybe someone will get some value maybe I'll make a few dollars but I did know that this website had lots of traffic and being in front of traffic is the key to making money so I fired up my computer answered the question hit submit and then decided to take the kids shopping for Christmas gifts for mom only it takes a while to get ready to go anywhere when you have kids so 10 minutes later I'm ready to go the kids are off doing their own thing I log into my computer that just 12 minutes after implementing this method I had made 1300 dollars in profit and this works because you're going to be in front of instant traffic I mean years ago here on YouTube they used to have this feature where you could comment on another video by posting a video so imagine the power if you were able to comment on this video with your own video and get traffic yeah it was pretty powerful but since then they discontinued it because so many people were abusing the feature however that's not to say that this doesn't work on the types of websites I'm about to show you in just a minute and these websites drive so much traffic it's gonna make your head spin metaphorically and I want you to remember that what you're about to learn is powerful don't abuse it always follow the rules focus on creating value and focus on the end user and in doing so you'll actually make more money so if you're excited to learn this method and see the websites that you can use to get instant traffic that'll put money in your pocket make sure you smash that like button because we're starting right now all right everyone welcome to the show we got a lot to cover today so get ready this is going to be a doozy and yes this is going to be something that you can actually use straight out of the gate it's going to be something that I mean it's actually very simple to do now I want you to remember at the outset that the results are not typical implied or guaranteed the average person trying to make money online makes nothing so we need to understand this and we need to look at exactly what's going on because I think that you guys are going to look at this like a business and understand this in a way that very few people do and if that's you if you're in it to win it and you're like I'm going to understand this I'm going to do the work I'm going to make it happen smash that like button and we're going to show you exactly what's going on because I think this is super important and this is a method that is completely overlooked by 99 of people out there and even the one percent that do look at it don't do it the correct way because what we have to do is we have to look at the data and understand exactly where the loopholes are and where we can get in on instant traffic much like the example I mentioned at the beginning where they talked about the YouTube reaction videos that actually showed right on the video that was a method people use to make lots of money however since then it went out but there is something that's been working since the dawn of the internet that works like crazy and that's what we're going to talk about here today now on the screenshot you are going to see the ones that we mentioned earlier in the video sixty five hundred dollars a month from this one another one twenty three thousand dollars a month another one thirty two and we have to look at this and understand that the backlinks and all that stuff doesn't matter here because what we're using is what I call the piggyback method now the piggyback method is something where you can actually get a piggyback ride on something that's already ranking on Google something that's already getting traffic much like we mentioned earlier where it's like hey yeah if you could be on a video that's popular and getting views that's going to work right that's why you see all those spam comments and all that junk because unfortunately that stuff does work now the way that they're doing is unethical and wrong and spam but the method behind it is like oh okay I see how piggybacking on something that already Works can work in a really good way and we're going to show you that in real time now the last example we had was 20 million dollars a month in free traffic which if equates to about 107 million visitors a month now we got to look at this and again the disclaimer obviously using this method or any other method does not guarantee that you're going to make money nothing in life is guaranteed the average person watching these videos makes nothing because the average person does nothing and even when they do stuff there are variables in a business business is business and if you're here and you're in It to Win It smash a like button because I'm going to show you exactly what to do this is something that I use to 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