7 Lazy Ways to Make Money Online Doing Nothing (Passive Income)

as you can see this app paid me 140 dollars in the last hour to pretty much do nothing in an era of endless motivational videos telling you not to be lazy and work hard I will come in and share with you seven extremely lazy ways that anyone can make money online without investing a single dollar some of these will literally pay you to do nothing but we will slowly build up from the least laziest ways to make money all the way to the laziest ways to make money without literally doing anything I will also show you which one is my favorite and which one makes me the most money so stick with me but first let's begin with the lazy way to make money number one which is to go over to this platform called wirestock dot IO this website allows you to sell photos videos and AI art which you can generate with free AI tools and people are actually making money in different ways with this website if you go to the challenges section you can see there is currently a 48 Hours challenge to create GTA politics character with an AI tool and you can potentially win 100 for uploading a single photo and you can even literally open up mid-journey or Leonardo Ai and you can generate these images so just as an example of enter this prompt which you can just copy from me as well you can adjust it and change the character as you prefer so for example I can also change this to a different character and then just click on generate and I will have it done for me with literally one press of a button as you can see this looks pretty badass so all you gotta do is just click on the download button right over here and then go back to wire stock you can upload it so just register an account in wirestock.io select whether you're going to be selling AI content or something else if you want to make one in a lazy way then I guess you should be using AI you will then just upload your first shot and here you can track your earnings and downloads you can make money online with wireless talk in many different ways just upload as much content as possible and if someone buys that content from this platform or if you win one of those challenges you will make money without actually doing the work yourself well as you saw it literally took me one press of a button to generate these images the second extremely lazy way to make money online is to just watch YouTube videos like the one you're watching right now you see if you go to cashstars.com you can get paid to watch videos search on Google Play games write posts promote offers and so much more now because this is literally one of the only apps that actually allows you to earn decent amount of money without actually doing the work yourself they're not accepting everyone so you will have to enter your name and email address and click on join priority wait list and you should receive an email in one up to two months so yeah I know it takes a lot of time but once you get accepted you can potentially make thousands of dollars in a very fun way third way that you can make money online in a very lazy way is something that we haven't covered before because everyone already knows about YouTube Automation and how yes you can make money on YouTube without actually showing your face but what people don't talk about is high ticket YouTube automation which actually has a lot more power and can make a lot more money than just regular regular YouTube automation so let me explain how that works so we all know that YouTube creators make a lot of money some of their networks are literally in billions of dollars like Mr Swiss Logan Paul and so on but most of them literally have zero privacy Mr Beast occasionally talks about how people are harassing him and he literally can't go outside and as you can see his channel got 30 billion views but High ticket YouTube automation not only allows you to make money on YouTube without actually showing your face but it allows you to make a lot more money with less views how you take it YouTube automation is all about focusing on the highest CPM niches attracting high quality audience so that you can sell High ticket products and that way you can make a lot of money with as little views as possible you see the traditional way of doing YouTube automation is just posting faceless videos and then relying on ad Revenue one of the best examples is the bright side YouTube channel which got three times more views than Mr Beast so they made three times more money than Mr Beast but they have never really shown their face now this is the traditional way to do YouTube automation but High ticket YouTube Nation would rather focus on some smaller higher quality Niche that would attract higher quality audience that could potentially buy High ticket products if you want me to make a complete step-by-step training on how high ticket YouTube automation works and to share it for free on this channel just let me know in the comments down below next way to make money in a lazy way is to post these movie Recaps or movie trailers which you can generate with AI so as you can see this channel is making up to 52 000 a month and if you open up any of their videos it's called movie Recaps you will see that they are not really showing their face they're just posting movie or Recaps and most of these can be generated with AI I also made a complete tutorial on my second Channel Dave Nick daily but I will repeat myself again so you just go to pica.art or picolabs you click on Join Beta And this AI tool will allow you to generate video footage for completely free you can have all these shots generated with single prompts so we have some birds over here that someone has generated we have this gentleman dog and you can just press on this button and you can have different shots like b-roll and stock footage and if you combine all of that in a single story you can create a long form copyright free unique YouTube video that you can publish and monetize and for the voiceovers you can also find a very high quality voiceovers on 11 Labs you just paste your script here or your typer script here you select the right voiceover and then you can just click on generate and you will have someone actually reading the script for you you publish that to YouTube and you can potentially make tens of thousands of dollars per month next way to make money is to go to ytjobs.co and this is a place where you can find jobs that are all YouTube related so you can become a YouTube video editor YouTube scriptwriter YouTube strategist YouTube voiceover artists and so on and so forth it's pretty much like Fiverr upwork but specifically for YouTube creators and some of these jobs can pay you tens of thousands of dollars for example this girl is looking for a full-time video editor for 33 000 and you can just apply through this website now even though to get hired for the top positions you wouldn't be able to use AI but some of these people are just looking for someone to replace them for very simple tasks that c

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