Easiest $120/Hour ChatGPT Summer Side Hustle for Beginners!

it's almost summer and I found literally the easiest way that you can generate passive income with chat GPT during summer 2023. I'm going to share with you exactly how to do this from anywhere in the world and without any previous experience and the best part is that you don't actually need to spend any money in order to make money with this AI side hustle so first things first what you want to do is you want to sign up to chat jpt for free we're going to be using Chad GPT this summer in order to make money online now once you have signed up to chatgpt what it wants to do is I wanted to join this partner program on Agoda Agoda is basically a platform where people can book hotels and places to stay while traveling and because it's summer more and more people are now traveling and visiting different destinations to relax and go on a vacation so Agoda is has a partner program if you go to partners.goda.com which pays you about five percent for every single sale that you generate so if a booking is about 300 and obviously bookings are a lot more than that you will be paid about ten dollars in commissions for each person that you refer which may not seem like a lot but you will see exactly how this is going to quickly add up and people are generating thousands of dollars by referring others to different hotels and places to save in different places around the world so what you want to do is you want to click on the sign up button right over here and you want to create an account as a partner for agoda.com now once you've signed up to the affiliate program of Agoda what you want to do for the staff number two is you want to go over to kit.co kit.co it's a platform where you can create your own store and your own kit with different products in a particular in a particular Niche so what you can do is you can sign up to Kitco and then you want to click on the plus icon right over here you want to create a new kit and this kit can be like a summer travel kit and the best part is that you don't actually have to be signed up for Amazon affiliate program or any other affiliate program rather than just Kitco in order to start adding different products to your own store so you can just search for products that are mostly used during summer when people travel so for example you can think about wireless chargers a lot of people use those when flying and when traveling abroad and you can find a bunch of those and Amazon and other platforms and you can add them with one press of a button so pretty much I can just click on this button over here and I can add this product to my store then think about other things that people need when they're traveling abroad so maybe they're gonna need sunscreen if they're visiting some tropical place so you can now search for sunscreen you can start adding those to your own store so it pretty much requires just one search and one press of a button you can just Google it and here they are like top 35 products to sell in 2023 we have towels we have bikinis we have vacuums and stuff like that water bottles and like and stuff like that now once you've built your store it will look something like this and you can copy the link to your store with one press of a button now once you've generated that store as well you want to proceed to step number three which is to join The Kayaks affiliate program and kayak is a website where people can rent different cars when they're traveling so for example when I went to Spain I would just go with a particular car rental and I would rent a car while there because I obviously don't want to buy a car to stay somewhere for like two weeks so people usually use this car rental so what we can do is you can sign up for their affiliate program as well by pressing on the apply Now button the next thing that people need while traveling during summer is they obviously want to book tickets to travel somewhere so you can just go to expediagroup.com which is a platform where people buy flight tickets and you can join their affiliate program and you can start generating revenue from day one with access to Expedia Brands so you can basically refer other people and earn whenever someone buys a ticket through your referral link you just want to create an account on Expedia Affiliates as well and finally the next thing you pretty much want to do is you want to go over to chat jpt and you want to ask it to generate an article or a blog post for you which is going to talk about for example top 10 places to visit in Barcelona or any other part of the world where people usually travel during summer you can even Google and find like hundreds of different places that people visit or in summer and you can then you can ask tragically to generate an article about like top 20 best hotels in that particular City or top 10 places to visit in that particular country or top 10 things to do in that particular country and you will be able to integrate all of these affiliate links that we've generated previously so I'm gonna ask tragic to write me a 2000 words blog post on the topic of the top 10 best places to visit in Barcelona during summer and I wanted to separate the paragraphs I wanted to be informative but friendly and I wanted to include some jokes as well to make it like more Humane and to make it more relatable so we have the title over here we have the introduction to our blog posts or our article and then it's going to start listing those places that people can visit in Barcelona during summer once that has been generated as you can see it is a full-blown article you can then copy that with one press of a button and you can go over to a platform called the medium.com which is a website that's being visited by millions of people a month so you can even get a lot of traffic from medium itself but it also helps that these articles rank pretty high on Google so even excellent searches for like top 10 places to visit and places to do in a particular City there is a high chance they might actually see your article or your blog post so you want to click on right button right over here or after the signing up and then you can paste your article with one press of a button you obviously want to remove the title from the article itself and then you want to paste it right over here so he'll have a full-blown article now between all of these lines you just want to insert all of your different affiliate links so our first affiliate link will be for Agoda which is for different hotels so what you can do is you can type in click here to see the best hotel in Barcelona or click here to see the cheapest hotel in Barcelona or anything like that and then you can just highlight that part you can make it bold and you can insert your affiliate link by pressing on this button so there you're going to insert your affiliate link for Agoda now the next line the next paragraph can be a link that takes people to your Kitco store and you can pretty much just say like click h

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