How to Start Dropshipping on Amazon | STEP BY STEP | NO ADS & NO MARKETING! (FREE COURSE)

hey future Millionaires and welcome to today's free course all about Amazon Drop Shipping my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today's free course will guide you through step by step on how to actually start the Amazon Drop Shipping business model so why should you start drop shipping on Amazon now as you know there's so many different ways you can actually start Drop Shipping but what makes this method so unique is that you're going to use the power of Amazon to get sales for you you just have to get your Drop Shipping product there Amazon made over $250 billion in sales just last year and this method is your route to tapping into that Amazon money without having to do any big investment upfront or having any crazy fees this is also an online business model that you can fully automate which can not only gain you Financial Freedom but time Freedom as well you guys already know people charge thousands of dollars for cour is just like this and all I ask in return for the free education is just hit that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to create free courses and videos just like this now let's get right into today's free course here's what you're going to learn in today's free course I'm going to be going over the basics of what it means to drop ship using Amazon I'll be going over the two types of selling on Amazon how to find winning products to sell on Amazon how to create your own Amazon sell seller's account choosing your Amazon selling plan how to actually start selling on Amazon and how to fully automate this online business model I'll also be showing you how to import your first product shipping and return policies processing orders and everything else that you may need to succeed with this online business model so let's break it down what exactly is Drop Shipping on Amazon Amazon is the biggest Online Marketplace to ever exist they have over 310 million custom customers worldwide and for comparison that's almost as many Shoppers as the entire population of the United States data shows that Amazon ships over 1.6 million packages per day and believe it or not you can Leverage The Drop Shipping model on Amazon there's no upfront investment in any inventory and you only have to pay for the products when you actually receive the order but by then your customer's money will already be in your own pocket you mark up a product higher than a supplier is selling it then when you get an order on your Amazon listing that supplier will ship that product straight to the buyer and you keep the profits this is the beauty of the Drop Shipping business model and with the ability to automate our Drop Shipping game on Amazon the sky really is the limit this is something that you can scale long term without you having to pay any ads or do any marketing now get ready to be a little patient when setting this business model up because it's a little bit more involved than my usual tutorial it will all be worth it because like I said you don't have to buy any ads you don't have to do any marketing because you get all the free traffic that's already on Amazon and remember you now have this entire free course in your hands so feel free to jump back and forth or jump around the video wherever you need it as you're setting up your Drop Shipping Store on Amazon now there's two different types of selling on Amazon and just to clarify this this is not Amazon FBA I do not recommend Amazon FBA because with Amazon FBA you have to spend thousands of dollars up front in inventory to start you then have to worry about shipping that inventory to another Warehouse with Amazon and then you have to pay all the fees that Amazon puts on you and the profit margins are just so much smaller than if you were actually Drop Shipping yourself if you're really wanting to sell on Amazon I recommend doing Drop Shipping on Amazon because of how easy it really is to start and you can start this with such a low investment compared to other business models with drop shipping on Amazon you are considered as merchant by Amazon now I'm going to break down the best method and show you guys a quick look on how easy this is to actually start drop shipping on Amazon our game plan revolves around what's called winning a buy box so let me walk you through exactly what I mean so here's my Amazon seller account and don't worry I'll guide you through all these steps really soon to set up your account and find products really soon so this store is is labeled Ecom drop LLC as you guys can see so just remember that and you guys can also see this pedicure beauty product here now where did these products come from I didn't create them and I did not start my own Amazon listing either instead I Found A supplier that was already selling this product and I simply just slipped into their buy box adding myself as another seller offering the same product a buy box you can just think of as a Amazon product listing so here's the original listing as you guys can see and I'm selling it under my account Ecom drop LLC instead of Amazon so as you guys can see no fulfilled by Amazon here we're in charge of our own shipping and our own supplier so again the listing was already there I just added my product in my business onto that listing I simply located the winning product found the supplier and offered a better deal because I'm offering a little bit of a lower price and shipping just as fast or maybe even faster I'm edging into that buy box and that then puts me at the top of that list showing that it's sold and shipped by me without us actually creating a listing so now I will be showing you how to find these winning products for yourself how to set up your Amazon sellers account and fully automate this drop shipping on Amazon business so you will need to use autods for this tutorial so I did put the link down below my description where you can get an entire month for free so definitely sign up right now with autods through that link because this will be a crucial tool that you are going to use to be able to drop ship on Amazon so this is how we're doing product research on Amazon and how to actually find a winning product so our product research can start here on autods where we can find insights on trending products and here we've got a couple options one is the marketplace another one is handpicked products and then we've got the Tik Tok spy and trending products tab here these can give us all really good insights on what to sell and what products are profitable and what's even worth it to sell right now so how does this actually work so let's just start with the marketplace here we've got a whole bunch of products that we can analyze and these products are coming from both retail and private suppliers so on top here for example you can filter autods suppliers where I can get a list of private suppliers that we can work with and Source from i

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