Ultimate beginners guide to making money on social media in 2024

I have over 17 million followers across my social media platforms and I've built two businesses on top of them and today I am going to tell you how I did it how you can do the same and one thing to convince you to start social media I have posted my first video in December 2014 and I haven't missed a month of an upload since then I understand that attention social media views is the new oil and they are crucial to build a business they are crucial for your company so if you're an entrepreneur who's willing to get more free leads from social media please watch this video up to the very end because I will tell you exactly how to reach your audience on social media and also if you're a Creator who's willing to grow your audience to someone who resembles you to someone who appreciates your values please watch this video because this is my main goal on the platform and I've been building my strategy with that in mind and by the way sometimes a video that generates 5 million views doesn't bring you any single client or not too many subscribers but a video that only has a th000 views connects with your core audience who become your customers and sometimes lifetime friends so if you're interested on growing on social media in 2024 I'm going to talk about three major platforms YouTube Instagram and well Tik Tok let's still talk about it we'll see what's going to happen and I'm going to mostly focus on YouTube and Instagram and I will tell you why and I think you will agree with me so in this video I will tell you the pros and cons of each single platform I will tell you how to make videos on those platforms to gain views and customers and I will tell you the exact methods that you can use to convert your viewers into leads I've actually delivered this class this lecture at a conference for people who run multi-million dollar businesses and I'm very happy to be able to share it with you as well now as a YouTuber of 10 years I totally prioritize long form videos on YouTube as my main social media format because there are several things that are just not present in any other formats so first of all when you watch a 20-minute video when you learn about my story my values there's just a different type of connection which doesn't really happen when you watch a 10-second video of me YouTube has this Evergreen effect so for example if I make a video about a tofl test or a GMAT test this how I started my channels these videos that I made back in 2015 they still generate views and revenue till this day because they're Evergreen people still take those tests people are still looking for those terms on YouTube and YouTube is the second largest search platform in the world right now another thing that I love about you YouTube is that it kind of has this passive income aspect where you make videos for the platform and they pay you for views so basically YouTube receives money from advertisers to show ads on top of my videos and I get 55% of that revenue and another thing that I just love about YouTube is that with the rise of podcasts I get plenty of opportunities to collab with amazing people like Justin Khan Nate O'Brien Grim stefen all of the cool creators of this world and this is something you can utilize in 2024 and yes of course there are short videos on YouTube I don't see them as a lead generator right now because I don't have any physical products they could be great for people who have physical products because you can link them with um YouTube affiliate but they provide free traffic for my channel now of course YouTube has some cons first of all it requires Capital it's not that easy to just make a 15minute video I have my professional camera I have my professional mic I have my editors who help me with everything but you can minimize the cost of those I know creators who pay $200 for a long form and it's a very beautiful long form video and they are delegating their editing somewhere abroad of course YouTube is highly competitive and you can't just copy everyone and become famous yes you can learn from people but I think the audience is overall tired of those cliche videos that everyone is making another con I would say is that shorts don't really convert they do convert on Instagram and I will tell you how but with uh YouTube it's just mostly free traffic and storytelling skill is a must on YouTube you just can't be in front of the camera if it's really hard for you to tell stories now Instagram has recently changed when reals were introduced it became so easy to grow on Instagram one of my friends just grew by almost 900,000 subscribers on his Instagram just by posting videos about English language teaching people English and uh he was very specific one particular format once a day he kept posting and he just exploded on that platform so it really allowed allows you to grow organically these days which I just love on Instagram there's another unique feature which is called stories and DMS this is where you connect with your audience where you can show them their dayto days and sell your product and collaborate with other brands because you can post a lincol story something you can do with shorts and reals but something you can do on stor so you can link to a product which is crucial for a lot of advertisers and Instagram is a great networking tool you find a person you DM them this is the way I met a lot of people and of course there are Cons with Instagram you have to Niche down otherwise it's going to be really hard to grow if today you're posting about cars tomorrow you're posting a recipe in 3 days you're posting a video of a cute baby that is not going to work you have to Niche down in order to start growing yes you can add other formats on the go but I would say like 60% of your content should be dedicated to your Niche and this means you have to work for the algorithm and also follow Trends if there is a trendy sound or there is a trendy format you're going to have to utilize those because they help you grow faster now Tik Tok is this unique platform that gives everyone a chance to become a celebrity but if you're not a celebrity on Tik Tok it gets really hard to monetize I guess there are some creators who are able to make a fortune on Tik Tok but the problem is most of creators who surround me my friends they are struggling with Tik Tok they're not able to make any money from the Creator fund or the amount they can make is really funny and they struggle to sell products although if you're very Niche like a lawyer and uh you only need maybe like a couple customers a month to consider the platform profitable Tik Tok might be an option for you but for me for example our main product with lingu trip is is a $70 uh English language or a tol Prep course and we need more than two clients a month to be profitable because we have a team to support and another thing that I don't really like about Tik Tok as a Creator it only pushes videos that have this viral potential so for

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