These Are The Side Hustles That Actually Work in 2024…

so about 4 months ago one of my brother-in-laws called me up on the phone and told me that he'd been watching one of my YouTube videos on a side hustle and he wanted to get started on it and I'll be honest I always get a little nervous when like real family members watch my videos there people that actually know me don't ask me why but it does make me a little nervous he asked me about this side hustle and I said yes this is such a good side hustle get started with it and a few days ago he started texting me and he sent me these texts showing me that he had made over $800 almost $900 and then $1,400 in a 3-day period I've been talking about side hustles for probably 7 to 8 years now I've tried dozens of not hundreds of different side hustles on this channel we've talked about a lot of them so if you're sick of watching these side hustle videos that just straight up lie to you and make claims that are so bogus this is the video for you cuz these are the five realest side hustles you could possibly start where I personally know family and friends making money with these hustles let's dive in now the first one we're going to talk about I want to talk about first just because of the speed you can have money in your pocket within the next 24 hours and that's local service businesses now my favorite one of these is window washing and I'll tell you why here in a minute but you could do this with virtually any local service business so we're talking Pest Control irration taking care of trees taking care of lawn Christmas lights power washing all of these things you can take this little micro business and start now the reason I like window washing is because it's so easy you don't have to have almost any you know expense up front to get it going and it's almost guaranteed if you pick the right neighborhood that you're going to get sales now if you're like me you heard the word door to door sales and you probably about to click X on this video just the word is scary enough to you I hate door to-door sales I've done it in multiple different Industries I get so nervous before that door answers that's okay there are three different ways that you can go about kind of promoting your local service business whatever you pick you can run Facebook ads okay so Facebook ads you can actually pull up an area in Facebook just like this and you can run an ad so you can say hey I want to Target this neighborhood with my ads and it's that easy you can also go out to a neighborhood you know a well-to-do neighborhood and you can put out flyers in the neighborhood and say hey I'll be in your neighborhood in 3 days washing windows power washing something like that would you like me to stop by just send me a text number two I really like because you can actually eventually take what you're doing in number two and it can turn into passive income and what this is is it's called a white label SAS model and if you haven't heard of any of those words that's okay I hadn't just a few years ago so what white label means here is a software is going to let you take their entire software brand it to yourself so I could call the software buildapreneur or Spencer software whatever I wanted I can put it on my own website my own domain pick my own colors and everything so it literally becomes mine but they're still the ones running the whole software creating it updating it making sure it works now the best software for this by far is a company called go high level and go high level is a marketing CRM you can kind of think of it like Salesforce or HubSpot it offers emails landing pages websites all these things that virtually every business out there both small and large are going to need so the way people are doing so well with this is they're picking a niche and they're branding the software to their Niche so they're saying hey I've got this marketing CRM that's built specifically for carpet cleaning businesses right so then they can brand the whole software to that and they they can actually go and create landing pages websites email automations text automations basically everything that a carpet cleaning business would need to function online and then all they have to do is get one local carpet business to sign up and have it work with them right so maybe the one closest to them they get them to sign up it starts working that local marketing business starts getting leads and converting leads now they've got this system that's proven to work and in one single click they can copy and paste that system and they can go one city over and say hey I've got a system that's working really well for this carpet cleaner you know a couple cities away would you like me to build something for you that's similar that it's already proven to work and they can just move all over the the country and bring on all these different clients with this system that's proven to work and they can charge each one of these carpet cleaners1 $200 $300 a month for this working system so you see how this eventually becomes really really passive and if you've watched any of my videos you know I'm I'm a huge fan of passive I'm a huge fan of doing as much work as you can now to bring results later and this will do that so I'm going to leave a link down below to go high level like I mentioned but I'm also going to leave a link down below to a totally free I promised they're not going to sell you anything I've just asked them to give me access to their free course and they said okay so we'll leave a link down below to that number three is a really fun one because I think 2024 will be the best year in history and the best year ever going forward or backwards for this side hustle and what it is is it's being a middleman between some kind of AI software and some kind of business that needs the AI software so if you look back a year ago before chat GPT existed right companies were hiring people to do copyrighting to build websites to write emails to create marketing materials to do ads all of that stuff but if you flash forward to today it started with cat GPT but now it's just about every single day like I can't even log into my YouTube account anymore without a new you know group of AI tools popping out and running ads to me and these tools are replacing virtually everything that a business owner needs there's tools that can build complete websites there's tools that can write incredible marketing emails incredible LinkedIn posts incredible Facebook posts and a lot of people are saying well it's over right it's over for Freelancers like these AI tools are going to be able to do everything but the the truth of the matter is that's just not how it's going to work because 99% of these business owners are never going to take the time to actually learn how to use these tools there's two things that will always have to be done to make AI really work well for a business one is knowing how to speak to the AI knowing the right things to say so that it fully und

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