Why Miley Cyrus Isn’t Afraid To Push Boundaries

there's been these amazing collaborations that i've had especially over the last few years i've been more open to collaborating and working with different partners so that's become more of the industry that i'm in is these collaborations and then i kind of get to have my artistry and my creativity stay precious and i get to preserve it so everything that i make i really love and i'm in this space where i don't make anything that i wouldn't want to listen to i don't want to make anything that i wouldn't want to watch that my friends wouldn't want to watch so i'm in this really fortunate position where i get to have a balance of doing what i love every day but i also again want to make things that other people resonate with and relate to also and i think especially during the last you know year and a half two years during coven music was such a glue that kept everyone together that's one thing that kind of didn't stop people got very innovative of ways that we could keep live music happening even though we couldn't have that experience and that actually that exercise of being pushed of when people can't be together how does live music continue to exist and then now it's just kind of refueled my gratitude for how much i love being a live musician there's so many new artists on the rise and especially in the genre of rock i'm really excited about this kind of like rebirth but again it's also reimagined rock isn't tough anymore it doesn't mean that you have to wear spikes which are this like visual representation of stay away from me i'm dangerous i'm hard i will hurt you i love this side of rock that is more vulnerable and personal and i don't think that it has to be in the rebellion of perch or anger i think that there's like a soft side of rock and roll that is like coming to the surface and i want to just totally like water that flower and like watch it grow because i think even when i made plastic hearts i felt that a persona that had to align with the plastic hearts era was toughness and that's been completely removed from my i guess there's kind of this like stigma that surrounds rock and roll that it's the angry group that's like mad at their parents so they go bang on the drums and i'm not mad at my parents and i still like listening to like joan jett so i think this new kind of like vulnerable soft side of rock and roll i'm really interested in because i think right now people like talking about their feelings a little too much we don't all have to care about how you feel all the time but i do like that people are talking about how they feel because i do think that putting on a brave face even i felt the pressure do that sometimes on a show that i have that's a live show that's just a hard day now i just go out and go i'm having a hard day and i need this audience to make it better and i think one thing that i found with my audience that i really love is that i've been there for them and they can be there for me too that this is a relationship that i'm not in a circus and then i'm actually a part of relating and because we've had this history we have a relationship and leaning into the relationship that i have with my audience and just saying how i really feel which isn't always unapologetic and strong and brazen which is such a part of my brand but on the days that i don't feel that that aligns with how i really feel i just say it people have felt really isolated and really terrified and very anxious and i had this conversation of being that clown that sometimes can just get get you to smile is nice and i'm fine to play that role sometimes but again having the real conversations ago it wasn't always easy i wasn't you know sometimes you are the crying clown and that's okay too so i'm happy to be all the all the things that people need me to be as long as i'm all the things that i need me to be first [Music]

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