The LAZIEST Way to Make Money Online For Beginners (2024)

I found the laziest ways to make moneyline this year and some of these lazy ways made someone like Gary thirteen thousand dollars in a single month first way is Walmart to eBay Drop Shipping now check this out they're literally people out here going on eBay copying pacing some stupid little picture on Walmart and just copy and pasting pictures from Walmart and eBay like check this out how insane is this there's little people taking a one sale right here 820 97 and going ahead and buying it at a lower cost at Walmart for 598 dollars now I remember I was like doing this when I was like a broke college student stunning become a dentist I realized that I could literally just copy and paste these pictures from Walmart from Amazon from all these other websites and just throw it up on eBay and if I was able to actually make a sale on eBay I would get the money already from my customer and then go over to Amazon or Walmart and buy it at the lower cost with the cost of money and ship it directly to the customer now this is pretty insane because I didn't need any time money or experience all it was was a simple Arbitrage traditional businesses is like oh Buy Low sell High Buy Low sell high but in this case I essentially sold High first got the money and then bought low and with this method I was doing about a hundred dollars a day so check this out second way is mid journey to Etsy and printful like understand this on Etsy there are people that are essentially selling these things like cat t-shirt the reason why is because there's literally all not old people that love cats essentially on Etsy typing in say oh cat t-shirt and if I'm gonna go ahead and type in cat T-shirt for girl design men kids uh Cat t-shirts for women if I'm gonna go ahead and click on any one of these things this is essentially Etsy telling me that there's people searching away on Etsy to want to go ahead and buy a cat t-shirt meaning there's people that actively want to buy this product meaning if I could go ahead and create like some type of cat t-shirt and just throw it up on here even though I don't need any of my inventory even if I could get someone else to do all the hard work I can essentially go ahead and make money check this out there's literally people going ahead and connecting printful it's this like company that essentially will do the shipping the handling all that stuff they'll even give you the products that you could go and put your designs in and they actually go ahead and connect with Etsy and they ship everywhere around the world now what people are actually doing is they're connecting printful to Etsy to go ahead and you know create designs so that if someone goes out and buys it on Etsy printful will automatically ship it directly to the customer but instead of actually needing some type of you know graphic designer skills which people like well I need to go ahead and need some type of graphic designer skills people are essentially using something like for example mid Journey on Discord which is essentially like an AI robot where essentially you could go ahead and have this AI robot just prompt it to do literally anything and check this out all of this is just AI generated images right and if I come in here and look at any one of these things you can see exactly what people are actually creating so AI now is literally creating things out of your imagination you could just be like hey mid Journey uh imagine whatever it is that you want just type it in here and you can see look at this they want a single color following book neoclassical muscular obese woman figure with light coming primary clown chakra and that light is connecting to all the atoms around into Dimensions check this out they literally created this image within like seconds okay so you can go ahead and go up to Ai and be like hey can you go ahead and create this for me and AI can I go ahead and create it in seconds you could essentially go ahead and throw any one of these designs you go ahead and just throw up on for example Etsy and printful and whenever someone buys it on Etsy because someone's essentially going ahead and you know typing hey I want a cat t-shirt it's going directly to the customer and you literally make the profits without any risk to you now the Third Way is doing the exact same thing with for example mid-journey and Amazon again people are doing exact same thing they're typing in like catty shirts for women all these for boys for cats only for funny cat t-shirts funny check this out look at all these things 600 reviews set 800 reviews 68 000 reviews okay this one t-shirt right here probably made this guy hundreds if not thousands of dollars just literally going ahead and envisioning some type of cat with a fishing bowl over them chasing a taco in space that's something that you could easily go ahead and prompt chat GPT and they could go and create the designs for you if they're gonna go ahead and create all these crazy things you can just go ahead and upload it on put which will automatically make it an Amazon product and literally you could do this for free printed on demand creating graph teas we handle your printing and shipping so you can design while we deliver upload your artwork suggest list price we print what's old fashionable Prime earn monthly royalties is that insane like you can go ahead and make money with this just essentially going ahead and taking AI robots and having to do all the hard work and fill it up there and now you make 100 a day and obviously with this you start seeing the huge potential in Ai and how you could essentially use it to go ahead and do most of the hard work and the fourth way is doing the exact same thing with mid journey and canva and upwork okay so now what a lot of people don't understand is people need their artwork done people come to like this website like to go ahead and get their graphic design needs met and the thing is a lot of these people they don't know how to use AI they don't know how to use artificial intelligence meaning if you're smart you could go ahead and get those clients that want certain graphic designs want to be done but instead of you doing the graphic design but instead of you doing all the hard work you essentially get AI to do all the hard stuff I mean check this out if I literally go ahead and type in YouTube thumbnail there's literally people out here that are selling it for fifty dollars an hour twenty thousand dollars earned right or twenty eight dollars earned or for example twenty five dollars earned or fifty dollars or ten Grand right like a lot of these people they're literally going ahead and signing up for for example like YouTube thumbnail jobs getting the job from for example upwork and then going over to either canva to go ahead and create this design which you go ahead and do you could go create design and do YouTube thumbnail which you have all of these like example thumbnails that you cou

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