are you looking to create printables that you can sell online listen it's no secret that people are more and more moving towards doing things as digitally as possible and that includes purchasing things online that they can then print out on their own this increased demand for printable products means an increased need for sellers to meet that demand which means now is a great time for you to jump in and start selling printables there are tons of different kinds of these types of products everything from printable invitations to printable wall art to party decor and so much more so in this video I'm walking you through the whole process of selling principles from start to finish including validating your product idea to make sure it's in demand creating your printable products in canva and uploading them to sell on Etsy I'm also going to be taking the parts that tend to be the most confusing and intimidating for beginners things like getting the right size aspect ratio and resolution and making it a simple and easy to understand as possible let's jump in all right so step number one is to validate your product idea you may have an idea for a printable product that you think is amazing but before just jumping into start creating it it's really important to do a step before that which is to research and validate that this product type is actually in demand and being purchased consistently online so my favorite way to do validation research is on Etsy so the first thing I do is to come on Etsy and start typing in a keyword phrase that describes what I'm thinking of offering if I start typing printable I can see etsy's predictive suggested phrases coming up with different keyword phrases that are cons consistantly searched on the platform this is a great place to start to give me some ideas if I already know something more specific that I'm wanting to create let's say printable wall art I can type that in and because I have a few tools here like everb and Sil Samurai installed as Chrome extensions I can see the estimated monthly search volume for different related keyword phrases I can see here that the term printable wall art has pretty high monthly search volume so I'll go ahead and click on this and see the results that come up now once I'm here on my results page for print printable wall art I can click over to my everb Chrome extension on the side here and click on product analytics which will let me analyze the different listings that have come up for that keyword phrase so I can search by estimated monthly revenue and I can see here that there are several listings that have used that keyword phrase printable wall art that are making thousands of dollars each month this is a really good clue for me that this validates my idea that printable wall art actually sells really well on Etsy if I wanted to go a step further I could start clicking on these individual listings to look at what styles I'm seeing used over and over again and trying to identify some different color schemes or font Styles or graphic element types that are selling really well among these top ranking listings a few other places I like to do this sort of style and Trend research is on Pinterest predicts Pinterest Trends and looking at the Etsy Marketplace insights reports this not only validates the idea that I had and that it actually is in demand but it also helps me know what style to offer my printable products in to make sure that they have bestseller potential now if you're interested in learning more about how to start a digital products business and do this kind of validation research I have a 45 minute free master class that I think would be super helpful for you it's called digital product powerhouse it's for those who are wanting to start from the ground up with a digital products business and just need a hand to know how to start or maybe you already have a digital products business and just need to know how to level up your sales to make consistent Revenue then this free class is going to be for you you can watch it on demand so I have that linked below so you can click over and grab your seat to watch that right after you get done watching this video now the last thing I do to validate my product idea is to come back to my results page when I typed in printable wall art and take a look at the results that come up on the first and second pages of listings and I'm looking specifically at the top left corner of the thumbnails to see how many have this little bestseller badge the best seller badge tells me that that listing is selling consistently and has a high volume of sales over the last 6 months so this is a good clue if there are a lot of listings that say best seller that this Niche is selling really well and printable wall art is popular on Etsy right now I can see as I scroll down that there are several with the bestseller badge which gives me even more confidence that this is a great product idea so once you've validated your product idea then it's time to move on to step number two which is to create your printable there are a lot of different graphic design programs out there that you could use to create printable products but my favorite and the one that I think is easiest to start with is canva canva is a super easy to use and free design platform that has an amazing user interface that's really easy to get used to quick for those who are just starting out but that has so many amazing features as you level up and get more advanced so you really can use canva to create your printables whether you're a complete beginner or an Old Pro now canva does have a free plan which you can totally use for your business as long as you need but they also offer a paid pro version which gives you access to some upgraded features and content I have a free 30-day trial for canva pro Linked In the description box below if you've been using free or maybe you've never even used used canva before and are interested to see what you could do with canva Pro then you can definitely try it out for free for 30 days and see if it might be the right fit for your business the thing I love about canva Pro is that if you decide to upgrade it's still very budget friendly and comes out to just about $10 a month when you pay annually which I think is an amazing deal for everything you get with canva Pro but either way you can start with free so let's go ahead and hop in and look at how to create these printables so when we come to canva we want to make sure to start the right way by creating our design in the right size from the very beginning so we can come up to create a design and let's say we wanted to offer a folded invitation we could just type in folded card and canva already has preset sizes for us depending on what size we want our folded card to be or we can come down to custom size and create a project in a custom size now one thing that has a few more steps involved is if you wanted to offer printable

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