How To Build a $100/Day Affiliate Marketing Biz in a Month

in this video i'm going to show you the complete framework for building an affiliate marketing business in 30 days or less that makes money every single day i'm going to show you how to find the niches that no one else is talking about i'm going to show you how to find the products that make life-changing amounts of money i'll show you how to build a complete conversion system in a week and then i'll show you how to drive very consistent traffic to your system every single day even if you choose to take a day off a lot of you know that my first experience with affiliate marketing was 18 months of painful trial and error learning bits and pieces of the puzzle without ever seeing the big picture and i came closer than i'll ever care to admit to quitting and never looking back i think my lucky stars that i stuck with it and now i want to condense what i learned in those 18 months into one single youtube video let's roll now as promised let's start with niches i think niches is kind of the foundation of everything you're going to do as an affiliate marketer and most brand new affiliate marketers do this wrong and it establishes a foundation for a business that cannot succeed because they've chosen something wrong in the very very beginning that they're building their entire business around so when you're going to pick a niche there's a million niches out there now for our method and for most typical affiliate marketing methods you want to stick to health and wealth you want to stick to teaching people to make money in some form or fashion or grow their wealth somehow or you want to stick to helping people get more healthy you know you know there's a million different ways that we can teach someone to get more healthy but one of the niches of that now a lot of times we've heard people say the riches are in the niches i'm going to tell you that the riches are in the niches of the niches of the niches okay the real riches are in the niches that the big guys the gurus don't even know exist let me give an example of what i'm talking about so i'm an affiliate marketer and affiliate marketing takes quite a bit of pieces to the puzzle like we mentioned earlier one of those pieces is email marketing and so i'll go out and i go and i buy email marketing trainings i follow all the email marketing guys i also follow all the landing page guys the tick tock guys the youtube guys right each one of these guys has chosen to take one single piece of the affiliate marketing puzzle and specialize in it and the beauty of it is they're still getting all the affiliate marketers to subscribe to them they're still getting all the affiliate marketers to give them money and to pay for their products and services they're getting all those things for the broad niche but they're just focused on one small piece of it but it's a piece that every single affiliate needs to get master and you can take that into the health space as well in any sub-facet of the health space right everybody that's trying to go out there and trying to be healthy they have five or six different pieces of the puzzle to that sure working out might help sure running might might help but you also need to have a good diet you also need to have a good routine perhaps there's a sleep part of it that's really important to helping lose weight all of these kind of come together to help somebody have a healthy lifestyle right and you can take somebody and teach one single piece of that you just own one tiny piece of that puzzle and become the master of that piece of the puzzle and you can still sweep everybody that's in that huge niche by dominating one small piece of that niche the next thing you need to do is a step that always gets skipped it gets skipped because people can't directly relate it to money and they think that they don't have to do it and they think that mentally they kind of already get that i want to tell you that's not the case for this step please sit down do this step and you will find every step that comes after this in the next 30 days is significantly easier and that's building some form of avatar or coming to an understanding of who your core audience really is going to be for this promotion now there's three main ways that i would recommend you go out and figure out who your core audience is and when i talk about who they are i mean deep down who they are what are they really trying to achieve what is the number one problem in their life that they would love to have solved what is the number one desire in their life that they would love to work towards that they would pay any amount of money to achieve these are the kinds of things you're trying to establish here you're not trying to say like this is you know the gender and this is the average age none of that really matters you've got to go significantly deeper than that now you'll end up coming up with a full google doc hopefully of exactly who this audience is that you're focusing on but i want to give you five of what i think are the most important things that you could lock in and understand before you start doing any kind of affiliate marketing to this group of people the first one is their core desire and their their one biggest desire that you as a person in this niche can help them achieve and the second one is what is their core problem and these can be very similar right they've got a core problem their core desire is maybe to solve that problem a lot of times but figure out what the the real problem is and what's really making that a problem so you want to go deeper than just well they don't have enough money okay so instead of well they don't have enough money you want to go one level deeper and say what is that really causing to happen in their life and you want to write down those things okay just not having enough money what's wrong with that right there are people that are totally happy not having enough money so maybe it's a social issue right maybe they hate that their in-laws are judging them because they can't afford to you know give their spouse all the things that they think they deserve or something like that there's a there's a myriad of different reasons both social physical things like that that they could be feeling this pain from the problem and you want to hone in on those and you're going to find that as you start marketing and talking to this group of people if you have this written down it's going to be very very easy for you to do so because you know how to push those buttons and touch those pain points that we're talking about here the next thing you want to think about is what do they think is stopping them from achieving the the core desire here or the fixing the core problem right they've got an idea most people think oh it's because of this because of this and a lot of times this is an external reason they think well it's because so and so or it's because my parents didn't teach me this or my parents weren't rich right typic

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