The #1 New Easiest Side Hustle to Start Making Money Online Today ($190 / Hour)

I've recently come across a side hustle that I haven't seen many people talk about however I have seen folks making upwards of a hundred and ninety dollars on what seems to be about an hour's worth of work and I have seen shops making over eighteen thousand dollars per month in this Niche I believe this is going to be a major opportunity for many people in an industry or Niche that seems to be very low competition so in this video I want to show you everything you need to know about this easy and legit side hustle so you can get started with it right away so look this is all about a concept that I believe every business uses it is very used in education and I have seen many aspiring entrepreneurs use it as well and here I'm talking about mind maps so mind maps are a way to capture lots of ideas and lots of information and Concepts in a way that is easily structured and easy to follow and I've seen many use cases for mind maps from creating flows and processes to decision trees to Simply preparing a launch in my case we've used mind maps in my business and in many projects that I have done to literally plan every single step for launches or for businesses that we wanted to kick off the ground my maps are so highly used that over 60 000 people search for information about mind maps on YouTube and Google every single month sixty thousand people that's a lot it definitely shows that there's lots of demand and if we go to Google Trends you will see that over the years there has been very stable interest related to mind maps but there's always this question that people have every time they deal with a lot of information or a lot of processes or flow flows that they need to integrate and that is how to build a mind map because they don't know themselves how to do it so they typically go to places like Fiverr to look for a consultant who would be able to help them or to places like Etsy to buy a pre-made template so because there is so much demand so much need for help in building mind maps since they're so useful and so needed by entrepreneurs by people in education by people working on any project there is a new market there is a niche that I have identified and I would like to show you as well so let's take a look because there's definitely lots of opportunity here so for example just coming to if we go ahead and search for mind map we are going to see lots of Consultants offering this type of services I'll design whiteboard's infographic flow charts and mind maps I'll design process Maps mind maps and workflows mind maps and flowcharts process Maps mind maps and flowcharts and so on and so forth so let's take a few examples shall we there is someone here who says I'll design professional swim Lane diagram mind map flowcharts and workflows and their pricing start somewhere around 60 dollars just to discuss before ordering and goes all the way to 140 probably 150 dollars to build a premium mind map or flowchart there's somebody else here charging probably twenty dollars to begin with to build a simple colorful mind map goes all the way to fifty dollars then we have someone who says I will create infographic flowcharts mind maps and diagrams and their premium price is probably about a hundred and five a hundred and ten dollars somebody else who's offering services to create flowcharts infographic designs mind maps and their price is somewhere around fifty dollars somebody else who charges probably about ninety dollars for something very similar and then one last person who charges probably about two hundred dollars to create a fully customized mind map and what I really like about this is when you create a set of mind maps four specific scenarios then you will be able to just quickly adjust them and sell them again and again to everyone who is in the same niche in the same space or in the same scenario and needs a mind map so your work will actually not even be a full hour oftentimes because you will have all already the template that you only need to adjust to a personalization obviously sometimes it might require more than an hour but that's an opportunity for you to negotiate a better deal a better price now if you already have a set of templates that you have created you will be able to sell them as such on a platform like Etsy let me show you so for example if you go to Etsy and search for mind maps then you will see that people look for mind mapping notebook mind map template mind mapping template mind map poster printable and so on and so forth let's see what do people sell printable mind map planner for probably ten dollars printable mind map template mind map planner mind map template mind map template printable mind map planner printable mind map planner so if we take a look at a couple of shops we have for example creative Jam Co and I was able to find that they probably make about 6 000 sales every single month and although we don't see their revenue here it's actually quite easy to estimate because they sell their products at about three dollars probably four so you can imagine how much they make every month from selling mind map templates let's take a look at another one we have Rumble design store they sell their products at about ten dollars probably and we can see that they've made 800 sales and they've made somewhere around 8 000 Canadian dollars by selling mind map templates and the really good thing about this is that there is fairly low competition still so there's very high chances of being able to see success faster because you don't have to compete against so many other people trying to sell the same thing because obviously if you're trying to sell traditional simple type of templates then you'll be competing with a lot more people and I know now you're gonna say Okay Laura I understand you're saying this is a good opportunity it's a low competition Niche and you believe this is going to help me become let's say fairly successful freelancer or Etsy shop owner but I don't know how to build mind maps and I haven't done that myself but no worries because I want to show you a tool that will help you build not only very easily buildable mind maps but also some that will look so beautiful that your customers will want to come back to you again and again and will very gladly refer you to other people who need mind maps as well so here are two of my favorites number one is canva who hasn't heard of canva but did you know that canva actually has mind maps so if you are on a low budget you can start for sure using canvas free option and you can start creating probably not a sophisticated mind maps as you could in some of the other tools but you can definitely get started and what I really like about canva is that you can very easily share with any of your clients you can create links for any of your Etsy customers to download the Mind map templates that you're creating so they make your life very easy in terms of monetizing your work on places like F

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