today I'm going to be sharing with you an app that will pay you to listen to music I mean most of us are probably already listening to music and there are even some people out there that are spending their own money just to listen to music so if an app comes by and says hey I'm going to pay you XYZ just to listen to music I think it only makes sense to jump on the offer especially when there are no strings attached and all you have to do is listen to music of different genre one thing I also want you to know before you decide if you're going to do this is that most of these apps are not giving you free money I want you to think of it as a symbiotic relationship so here is how it works let's say an artist or a podcaster wants to promote his music or his podcast he'll reach out to some of these apps and website and say please promote my music promote my podcast and he or she will pay them this website and application will in return pay people like you and I to listen to their music or podcast at the end of the day everybody stays happy I get money you get money the website gets money and the or the podcaster get whatever it is they want everybody stays happy so I hope you get what I mean and that is why you can make as much money as you can imagine because the amount of money you make is dependent on how much work you put into any of these platforms any of this website because I mean everybody wants a win-win situation so you put in your time you just take simple task you get paid the website gets paid and whoever is promoting whatever is also getting What It Wants I hope it makes sense now before I go right into this app I'm going to be sharing with you I what's up my name is adisham you do be joining for the very first time I'm a YouTuber and a content creator based in Nigeria more often than not I talk about how to make money how to grow your money and how to invest your money so if these are the kind of videos you interested in please stick around with me by subscribing to this channel also turn on post notification Bell right beside it so you can get notified when I post similar content related to this one all right so I'm going to head on to my screen right here and before I show you what app it is I'm going to run you through the website okay this is what the website looks like and as you can see here you can earn money listening to music and another thing I really like about this particular platform is that you can also earn money watching streams you can earn money playing games you can earn money taking quiz and you will even earn money when you download or install some apps that recommend to you so there are different ways you can actually make money from this website and one of the most asked question is that do you really get paid the answer is yes you get paid you need like a minimum withdrawal amount and it all dependent on whatever platform you are using because difficult it all varies now for this particular application for this particular website um the minimum you can withdraw is $2 and an average user would withdraw about $6 per day depending on how much work you put into it as you can see right here they have over 560,000 users registered and like I said the average withdrawal yesterday was $6.75 Cent now they have disposed over $384,000 which I think makes sense right so if you want to register all you have to do is sign up for an account take the task end point and withdraw to register all you have to do is type in your username your email address input your password and also click on I'm not a robot because you're are not so agree with the terms and condition then you want to continue which is why I always say you should make sure to always use a verifiable email address because it will send you a six-digit verification code via your email one thing I really like to do or one thing that I do is I have one particular EMA that I use for all of these online surveys task video games I currently have a game I'm playing on my phone and bro I really really love the game considering that I'm even taking a break from Candy Crush I'm on like maybe 4,000 LEL on no I think 2,000 something on Candy Crush so when I got a task to download one particular game I really liked it and trust me it makes sense because I'm even getting to make money off the game that I'm playing in another video I'm going to share with you that platform where you can make money by playing games but anyways this one you want to make sure that you use a verifiable image address input whatever code they send to you and you verify your account after verifying your account it's going to take you back to the homage you want to make sure you log in of course and as you can see here it says start earning there are different things you can do here to make money you can complete offers simple task playing games participating in service and many more you can watch SCP streams you can listen to music which is what we're going to focus on you can watch Clips you can you can even there's this there's something here that is called Flappy bed this is more like Twitter related you know you can join Raffles they also have daily challenges I made like 500 coins yesterday on this one it's just actually very time consuming and like I always say don't expect it to turn your life around miraculously okay it takes time and it takes consistency so after you've registered and verified your email address you can proceed to start earning money directly from this website but unfortunately you can only make money and you can only listen to music via this website if you have an Android device which means you can only download from your Google Play Store however I'm going to be sharing with you other app that works on both iPhone and Android phone now the name of this app that we are talking about here is called reward as you can see sorry surprise surprise and that's because a lot of people just watch halfway and they click out of a video so the name of this website is called reward you can sign up register from your um mobile phone or from your laptop so the second app I'm going to be share with you that works on both iPhone and Android is called current and yes I have used this multiple times s and I've made money from it trust me you can listen to as many music as you can and they have like different gen of music that you can listen to all you have to do is download it via your Play Store or from your app store I currently have it here as you can see here and you can listen to different different different types of music okay you can see k um Bak yellow tting here okay so it depends on the kind of genre of music that you like you have a lot of options here and I'm currently logged in you can you know search for recorded music or safe station or you know recently played these are my most recent music that I've that I've listened to okay Beyonce reana postalon dog cat you have like tons of music to select from on h

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