The 2024 Goal Setting Session!

hi everyone happy almost New Year we are so excited to be here welcome thank you for joining us Welcome to our annual go setting call oh my goodness there is a number of people here there are a number of people here thank you so much for being here this is one of my favorite um live sessions so I'm going to have you guys come on in introduce yourselves and while you're doing that um we're going to introduce ourselves as well my name is Bol I'm the founder and CEO of clever Go finance uh we're an online Financial Empowerment platform for women and our allies and we're all about helping you get to a point where you can make the best financial decisions for yourself and Achieve Financial Wellness on your own term so that's what we're all about we offer over 30 plus free courses we have a Blog that gets updated every single day we have tons and tons of free content and um I'm just excited to be here for this goal setting call and I'm going to have yasmer my amazing co-host introduce herself thank you baola hi everyone I'm Yasir one of the content creators for team clevergirl finance and this is my very clinky cat Clark who is seemingly excited to join the call as well I'm joining you all from New York City yes so if you're joining us for the first time we actually host a weekly live call on YouTube every Wednesday at 1 p.m 1 p.m Eastern Standard Time so if you enjoy this goal setting session we do a small Focus topic session once a week and we're going to be picking up again on January 10th um every Wednesday YouTube 1 P p.m. Eastern Standard Time and it'll always be available as a replay if you are watching this on Instagram um we are streaming on Instagram from YouTube and so the Instagram feed is only going to be available for for the next hour there's a 1 hour limit so if you're on Instagram feel free to come to the clever girl Finance YouTube channel and you'll be able to catch the entirety of this live um goal setting session here on YouTube if you have to drop off or you're catching this as a replay this video is going to stay on the on the YouTube page so you can watch this anytime um I want to say this is going to be a working session so have your Pens have your notebooks we're going to go through some key things to help you make 2024 successful for yourself for your finances and this goal setting session is based on the clever Finance road map if you don't have the claro Finance road map you can find a direct link to it in the YouTube description right now all you have to do is click on it and it'll open up the PDF for that clever Finance road map you can print it out and you can just check off things and make notes um on the pages or you can just get your notebook get your papers out get your phone Notes app out and just make notes as we go through things so I'm excited to see our regulars here hi Dalia hi Tracy um so many awesome folks here hi shaana hi KY hi annisa so we have a lot of folks here who join us every Wednesday we have like a family here and it's just really nice and exciting to see everybody here and thank you for making the time to be here because it's a holiday season some of you are just trying to relax and you're resting some of you are taking time off from work so thank you so much for being here so we're going to get into it very soon uh in just a couple minutes here but I just wanted to highlight if you haven't already picked up the clever Finance books this is a great time to do it this is a great time of year uh to pick up these books and leverage them as part of your 2024 resets improvements starting over self-development there are four books in the series cleal Finance ditch debt save money and build real wealth there is the Cal Finance um grow your money uh which is about investing there is the side hustle guide and there is my most recent book choosing to prosper and I'm excited to announce two book deals coming next year uh one is going to be a workbook tied to all four of these books we're going to have like a proper workbook tied to all four of these books and the other one is going to be an expanded and updated version that will probably come out in 2025 of clever girl Finance um there's so much more I wanted to add to this book um and that's going to be happening so I'm really excited to share that with you if you haven't already picked up our eron condran budget planner budget book collaboration this is a great book to start your new year budget planning with it is undated so you can um you can you can start using this at any time and you can find links to all this stuff in the descriptions below um Aron condron this book is on their website it's linked below it's linked on our website and just go to clarol book books the books are available as ebooks audiobooks physical books and you can find them everywhere you buy your books okay so who's ready to um to get started with this goal setting session I wanted to ask everyone before we dive in do you have a word for the year and what is your word your word for the year yasra do you have a word for the year oh that's a good question um it's hard to choose one word um but for me it is it would have to be just driven stay driven stay driven driven okay um share your word in the comments I would love to know my word for 2023 was gratitude um because just you know reflecting on the prior year I just had a lot of things I I continue to have a lot of things to be grateful for and I needed to remind myself um to be grateful and so the reason why I love having a word for the year is because it's something that you can anchor yourself to for the next several months where if you start to forget your goals or your your goals are not going according to plan or life is getting in the way you remember this word and it kind of brings you back to the intention you have set for the year so My word for 2024 is Grace in addition to being gratitude but it's Grace because uh this year I struggle a lot with burnout I struggle a lot with doing too much and I was really hard on myself when I couldn't get stuff done even though I was doing a lot of stuff and a lot of things were happening and so I think in order to stay the course long term of what I'm trying to achieve in my life in my finances with my business in my relationships I have to learn to give myself Grace um in addition to being grateful so that is my word for the year so I'd love to to hear what um your words are for the year somebody says expansion hi analyst Vanessa says consistency Tasha says discipline just sitting just sitting pretty said I have two words Big League I love that I love that Dalia says patience Katina says commitment uh kume says alignment consistency action abundance I love these prosperity stability so write this word that you have said for yourself you've you've you're saying for yourself peace growth uh restoration write down your word and put it somewhere where you can see it often so my word for uh the ye

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