We FINALLY bought our first property in the US (as immigrants!)

yes guys it's true we just got our first piece of real estate in the US I am incredibly happy but also incredibly scared it's been 8 years since we've lived here and you know I always wanted to get into the real estate game but we couldn't really afford anything with uh these prices this days so in this video I'm going to share our thought process um around getting our first real estate and I will tell you everything about our plans for it where it is and uh of course I'm going to show you some some footage from that place but before we dive into more details I would like to thank 10 web AI website builder for sponsoring this video it amazes me how much AI simplifies processes in 2024 when I started my first company in 2011 we had to hire expensive web development agency to create a website for us later on when we started lingua trip we had to have it specialists inhouse because there was always something going on that they had to fix even a small text on a website but now with AI a website creation process has been sped up dramatically let me show you one of the best solutions for building a website with AI this is ten web AI website builder that allows you to generate a comprehensive fully functional WordPress website from just a prompt here is how it works you answer a few straightforward questions about your business you let the 10 web AI do its magic generating personalized content and images based on your prompt you can easily tweak and customize your content and images to align with your unique vision and add as many pages as you want ten web offers a diverse selection of AI design templates so you'll have plenty to choose from ten web ensures hassle-free experience by fully managing all the technical aspects of the platform including hosting backups security and scalability this is a unique solution that will work for you even if you don't know anything about coding I'll leave a link to 10 web AI website builder below this video so you can check it out build your first website and become Amazed by how easy it is to build a website in 2024 now let's get back to talking real estate now in an Ideal World I would love to own a place where my family lives but the problem these days is in a lot of places it is more expensive to have a mortgage versus paying rent and yes you can argue Marina if you own a house the equity growth but let me just give you a few numbers we live in a house that costs $4 million we pay $8,000 in rent our owner pays around $25,000 in mortgage payments now he got his mortgage a few years ago so maybe it's 22 23,000 I don't know but the thing is he also manages everything that's happening to this house today we had issue with hot water so he had to call Specialists to deal with it every month something happens he has to improve something in the backyard because the insurance asks for it and we ended up realizing that with a house where we live it's a lot easier for us to just rent it because for 8K we get a big house I get a few places where I can film my videos our daughter is going to start a free public school this year and I won't have to pay like $30,000 $440,000 for private education so it just makes sense for us to live in this nice area and rent here but of course when I see everyone owning a piece of real estate and when I see that real estate prices rise by 7 or 8% every year I really don't want to miss out on this and I have some cash that I want to invest so my first step was to get a mortgage I got a $1.5 million mortgage couple years ago and I started looking in the area so and you remember that short that went super viral when I found a house for $ 1.5 million and M you of course we're not going to get anything like that and then slowly I realized that 1.5 wouldn't really get us a place where we really want to live full-time so I started talking to investors and I found out that there are certain areas where you can rent out your property on Airbnb and your Airbnb income will cover your mortgage payments so my next step was to start looking for those places looks like in California almost impossible like if you find a good area Airbnb rules they're just very strict and you can't really make a business there and they're also going to introduce another tax next year so we decided to look out of state we started to look at Florida we started to look at Hawaii and in October we went to Hawaii to Big Island and I met a real estate agent who is also managing airbnbs for other people he's managing his own airbnbs and we started started touring some properties and we just fell in love with big island and we decided to look for an Airbnb there as part of my research I watched a lot of videos I talked to a lot of people who own airbnbs and uh the main metric that I looked at was air DNA ranking now when we came to Hawaii in October uh we kept coming to this one place called monani and they have a beautiful festar hotel and uh we just love the beaches the snorkeling there like the whole vibe it's so relaxed the climate is amazing you don't feel like in the US because for me I'm used to California I'm used to you know traveling to New York and other places but this felt more like moldes maybe Thailand but also with the US infrastructure with Costco with all of the American stores and American Healthcare and that was Factor number one when I look at real estate I always ask myself would I come here with my family and the answer is yes absolutely our kids loved it there and yes this might not sound too professional from the real estate perspective because investors will tell you just look at the numbers but for me because again this is a passion project this is not something I do just to you know invest and preserve money preserve Capital this is something that I want to do because I'm genuinely interested in real estate so that was Factor number one factor number two of course economics something that we looked at uh was air DNA and air DNA gives this place a 98 out of 100 uh score which is one of the best in the US and if you look at the data and compare our property with similar properties it looks like rental income is going to cover our mortgage payments so fingers crossed for that guys and number three was of course talking to people who are already doing that on Big Island and again everything looks great on paper uh but that doesn't help me being being scared about this new level of life but I just want to be honest with you guys because it's a big step for us and there is also another thing I wanted to talk about as a Creator if you don't make videos if I stop making videos if I stop uh taking brand deals then there is basically zero money left for me to pay my team and a couple months ago I shared that I took a six- week vacation this year and my income just went down and it was scary and this is when I decided that okay we're going to go into real estate we're going to go into some forms of passive income that are not going to dep

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