Realistic Side Hustles That ACTUALLY Work

guess what not everyone can be a millionaire and not everyone wants to be a millionaire not everyone wants to sacrifice every aspect of their life so they can drive a Lambo down the Hollywood Hills or in Dubai and I know that I often talk about how to make thousands of dollars a day and how I personally do it I share my channels to share my online businesses but today I only want to focus on some easy side hustles that anyone can use to add an extra $1,000 a month or more without having to spend 15 hours a day in front of their computer because I understand that not everyone is crazy and wants to spend all of their days just increasing numbers on the screen so today we will effectively be talking about nine different sign hustles to add extra $11,000 a month or more beginning with the sign hustle number one which is exactly what these people are using on this platform called school to show you how effective this actually is we can go to the earnings from these people and for example this person just added in the last 24 hours they added $37,000 Mr which means monthly reoccurring Revenue this person added $5,000 in the last 24 hours and this person added $11,000 in the last 24 hours and mrr here shows current monthly or reoccurring Revenue how much they're making every single month because these are usually subscriptions to communities this person is doing $180,000 a month $85,000 a month $76,000 a month and some of these are completely faceless communities and the reason I'm also showing you this is because that's something that I'm also doing and I run a bunch of different communities including the online business club which is selling for $99 a month and we currently have about 376 members so you can just do the math there but to build your own online community you just have to ask yourself what is going to be your offer what problem are you going to solve who is your target Avatar and what will you charge and if you charge $29 a month and only sell one of them a day that's $1,000 a month in reoccurring monthly revenue and that can be literally any Niche so what I recommend is just going over to the Discover Community section and just trying to see what other people are selling and how they're doing that for example this guy is teaching people how to get a sixpack he's charging $22 a month and has over 8,000 members second realistic side hustle is finding a CPA offer like ibata which pays you $7 when you refer someone to this app where people can essentially save money and they can get cash back and in this case you would just have to grab your referral link if you're in the US you can join different Facebook groups you can share on Instagram share in Pinterest invite your friends and you would effectively need three to four people a day in order to make one ,000 a month without even selling anything you're literally just referring people to an app to a free app third most realistic side hassle for beginners is faceless YouTube Automation and here I have some proof of just one of my videos on one of the faceless YouTube channels that I'm not recording anything with a camera it got 54,000 views which is definitely achievable it's not millions and millions of views and it's still made over $1,000 and that's just one single faceless YouTube video so it did over $11,000 in the last 100 days and it continues to make some money now the reason it made so much money for so little views is because of this thing called RPM that's Revenue per mill on my Channel or in this video we had $19 average per 1,000 views and that's a really high RPM compared to other creators who usually get about $2 to4 per 1,000 views the reason the RPM here is so huge is because we chose a high CPM Niche and the video was longer so we were able to put more ads now at the end of this video I will explain exactly how this business model works but for now the next side hustle I want to talk about is selling digital products through digital pin on Pinterest there's an account over here that is talking about blogging and is posting faceless pins so no one really knows who the creator of this account is yet they get millions of monly visitors to their website and to the links that they're promoting 2.2 million monly views here's another one over here and these guys are sharing different tips on traveling and how to be a digital Nomad and they get about 1.1 million monthly views one this person that talks about personal growth and selfcare is now getting about 10 million monthly views on Pinterest and the way you can monetize this is by selling digital products through a free platform like gumroad it's completely free to get started with this one you just click on new product and if you're wondering well Dave but I don't even have what to sell where I got you covered there as well if you go to school this platform and you search for Dave Nick or you search for online business friends I made this free community called online business friends and if you join that Community again completely free you can go to the tools section over here and you can find these different digital products that I bought so I spend money on them and I also bought reseller rights for you and you can just get them for free you just open up this folder and it has these different courses for example that you can sell if you want to sell this one just click on these three dots then click on download and you have that file downloaded to your computer then you can also use this gumro listing templates you can kind of copy and paste the name the description and everything and then you can just share it on gumroad and then you can use Pinterest as a traffic Source like these people are doing to add an extra $1,000 a month hustle number five is going to be online tutoring and there are platforms like study pool that pay you up to $7.5 th000 per month for answering questions and helping students with their homework and different assignments now don't expect to make $7.5 th000 every single month with this platform but if you can manage to make even $1,000 a month with it it would be really really good and you can also now sell documents if you click on sell docks you can sell all the Simons and you can earn up to $5,000 a month but that's up to $55,000 a month which doesn't mean that you will be making that much money every month but if again you can combine these and get to $1,000 a month and that's great the next one on our list is going to be affiliate marketing using SEO blog post and I personally use this affiliate marketing platform to make over half a million dollars in commission so far and you can mostly use AI to write blog articles like you can go to Sor writing. and you can choose any affiliate network of your choice whether that's ClickBank digit store or any affiliate program you literally just go to Google you type in the keyword if you want to promote travel accessories you search travel accessories affiliate programs whatever

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