19 Keys Reveals How to Leverage AI to Succeed in 2024!

AI is intelligence as a product and everybody having access to that so it's a equal playing field but the way you use it is going to be the difference artificial intelligence plus natural intelligence equals enhanced intelligence this is how you start to make yourself AI proof is you replace yourself everybody should be using AI in their business that's just a simple fact whether you like AI or not it doesn't matter I'm new I want to build the business with AI what's the first thing you telling me it has to work where it has to work welcome to circle of greatness I'm your host Nehemiah Davis and today thought leader entrepreneur amazing businessman AI been talking about AI before they was AI my brother my friend 19 Keys man it's pleasure to be here than for coming bro how you feeling I feel magnificent you pull up now you had the rang just start coming the storm start coming elements elements bro got to add the elements yeah bro we've been at it now we met over 10 years ago I want to say yes sir yes sir and that was like I want to say that wasn't the beginning of our Journeys but we were doing it but that was like a close to the beginning of the journeys BR that was that was deep in the grind stage of like I would say developing the mindset to point us to the trajectory where we at today let me ask you a question at that time I knew I would be a millionaire I knew I was going to be successful at at some point but I couldn't I couldn't tell you how mhm really 10 years 10 12 years I couldn't tell you how I couldn't say what I couldn't really say what was going to happen did you know you was going to be this Global like I I always talk to you I look at you like faran for you like you know Michael me like you are like that person now so did you know then or did you just grow into who you are right now first of all those are very humble humble regards very very little things can humble me but comparisons to two of my favorite greatest touristes in the world and black Muslims in the world and leaders in the world um I I don't take that lightly and I'm still working to you know I would say meet that criteria and those requirements CU those Brothers hold such a high standard um not just where they reach but morally and righteously I'm still a Savage working to become yeah yeah I mean in that era But to answer your question yes so everything was intentional you know um from the very offset of really stepping into this journey it wasn't about money I left so much money on the table right it was about how do I create Legacy and impact and change so it's like when people asked me what my goals were it was like I want to shift the world I want want to change the world I want to create this Global impact right and so that was always what we were working to fulfill and so every time I read a book I speak to a person every aspect of the self-development journey right was to ultimately get to that Vision I seen in my head was like yo I see a global leader and it wasn't just the America it had to be outside America you know what I'm saying because I'm a futurist so I'm always looking West to come and I knew that the barriers of the world were closed down I was always taught that there would be a fall of America well then what we going to rebuild what's going to be brought up in a new image so for me the process has been a beautiful unfolding of the ideas the vision uh putting knowledge to action right execution the plan the goal the networking it's been a long journey though it's been a like every single day of work type of Journey you know what I'm saying but ultimately I feel blessed be in the position that I am because from day one we set out to create a global impact that's good you talk about your father a lot how like I haven't had a father my dad jail since two you died there um how big of an impact is he play in your Ro like I know you talk about him like some of the things he instilled in you from a child some of the things you saw how big of a do you think you would be there without that impact that he played on your life or tell me the impact that he played I always hear you talking about he's at your events like he's always with you yeah my father it's an interesting Dynamic relationship I have with my father because when people think about it people think that I just grew up in a two parent household which I really didn't right my parents separated early when I was younger in my early teenage years um and later of course got divorced so you know there was times I stayed with my pops but what I seen from my pops was and you know quite Frank I I never say my Apostles the greatest father in the world per se because there was a lot of times where he was absent and I didn't know where he was but the but my observation of him in the environments that I did see him in as a captain as a leader as a commander as you know ganga you feel me as somebody to be feared and respected and not to be trifled with but I also seen his shortcomings his failures so it was like my father was like a book I got to read you know what I mean of where my life can go if I do the right thing or the wrong thing right and so for me watching my father was you know watching the possibility of who I could become what's in me what I got to conquer always look at your fathers like a mountain you know I mean every boy in his life gets to a point where he gets to plant that flag at the top of that mountain and say I went further than my father yeah and that means your father done his job right or you cuz a father is somebody who elevates you so whether that's direct from your father or whether you had the environment to do that because in all honesty I don't give my mother enough credit I just speak on fathers because I know that the world is under father right and my father in late time has um started to show up more right and he has more wisdom he has a better temperament you know I mean than he has now and it was a time where me and my pop never said I love you to each other now we can say that right I used to and I never like really spoke about this but I used to never like people tell me I love you and I can never say it back it was just that thing I just never felt it was weird yeah I can say it now right I can hear myself saying it now and not having a problem with it but it was just because we grew up in this like very masculine household where any level of like if you will softness right I didn't see as manhood so what I learned from my father was really like you know the uh the attributes of masculinity you know that we're all masculine but not the as the attributes of masculinity that are feminine that are divine right he taught me at an early age from a spiritual standpoint a soldier standpoint so I speak on that purposely because I need to see more of that Dynamic like I see hit boy with his father and we need to see more of that Dynamic like Elevate the young you feel me but my mother is the unsung

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