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Homedigital marketingHow I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing ($275 PER day)

How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing ($275 PER day)

Making money with affiliate marketing is a lot easier than many people make it seem. Let me show you.

It all starts with finding the right affiliate traffic.

Making money with affiliate marketing is hard enough without having to start over every day.

I use youTube to push most of my affiliate links because videos can live on the platform forever.

Places like Instagram you might make some money for a day but then you are back to ground zero.

Once you are on YouTube it comes down to the right kind of content.

Go for the easy stuff if you want to make affiliate commissions faster!

The easy stuff is things like reviews and demo videos where people are already looking to have a peek at the product and you just show them.

Then you link to your affiliate link in the description, and voila, you make money.

Then you can start making money with traditional affiliate marketing which is fun content geared to your audience.

Capture their email.

Then move them through sales sequences.

Longer and harder but a lot of money to be made with it.

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