Get Paid to Chat: Your Complete Guide to Earning Money Online Through Conversation

welcome to get paid to chat your complete guide to earning money online through conversation with absolutely no previous work experience and where you can work when you want wondering how this is possible rock stars well you know what you're not alone the prospect of earning income through casual or specialized conversations might sound too good to be true but it's a rapidly growing industry with various Avenues to explore from customer support roles to specialized Consultation Services and even virtual companionship there's a niche for nearly everyone rock stars so in this video which is a comprehensive guide I will break down multiple ways to start monetizing your ability to communicate effectively I will cover the prerequisites the platforms where you can find such opportunities some tips for success and cautionary notes to ensure that you're making informed decisions [Music] Rockstars it's great to have you back welcome to the Rockstar Academy and for our club members and our patreon subscribers it's great to have you back as well class is now in session [Music] first platform where you can chat and get paid is Mob Squad your audience is online and you and you too from moderation to customer support we are digital engagement Specialists for the world's hippest brand over 10 000 strong we are the mods according to estimates on Glassdoor the potential earning rate is about 26 dollars per hour hi my name is Michael Koger and I live in Austin Texas I live in Madagascar I live in Budapest in Hungary eleven dairy in the northwest of Eden [Music] thank you [Music] to apply you just need to visit their career page and I'm gonna put the link on patreon as usual and I'm gonna put a link in the description of this video that will take you to the clickable links for all these different platforms on patreon but don't worry if you're not subscribed I'm gonna pop up pictures or videos of the actual web pages here on screen and you can do a quick Google search so you can visit the career page and where you'll be able to view all the opportunities that are available you'll be required to fill out an application online and if you are shortlisted you'll be required to do a virtual interview once everything is set up and you start in your new role which could be as a customer support ripped or it could be that you're providing technical assistance or any service that you're providing for that matter you need to make sure that you adhere to the guideline and quality expectations that are set it is also available in multiple countries allowing a diverse work environment a few tips to be successful be professional always learn continuously and make sure at all times you are putting quality over quantity [Music] no again none of these are affiliate links but I recommend them because they have proven to be opportunities that either I have used to earn or people that I know personally they have used to earn now the second website on our list where you'll get paid to chat is cloud workers hi do you want to become a cloud worker as a cloud worker you take care of chats and write messages with people on different websites you will always be shown information and notes about the content of the conversation so all you need is a laptop or PC good language skills and a reliable internet connection and you can join the team and start earning money the onboarding process is very simple our team leaders are always there for you and after a short introduction you can start off right from the couch and begin with making money with chatting Cloud workers is one of the largest most reputable chat moderation companies in the world why not be a part of that too you can also enjoy maximum flexibility by 2 using your own hours working whenever it suits you bid 4 or part-time and make the most of your free time benefit from Fair Performance Based and punctual wages and all this is possible while working from wherever you want apply today and become part of the team Cloud workers and Cloud workers is a leading chat moderation company that focuses on animating online communities and stimulating conversations no surprise they're rock stars Cloud workers allow you to earn money by chatting with people on various topics and you know what like any other job out there if you develop a knack for doing it effectively according to Glassdoor you can earn twenty dollars per hour on average and you're more likely to earn more if you are available during the platform's peak hours obviously volume is coming in so you'll chat more so you'll get paid more this is when most of the users are online and you'll get more chat requests to apply you visit their website and again the link is on patreon and you can see the name here on screen to learn about the current job openings that are available and go ahead and submit your application if you're wondering why choose Cloud workers one it provides steady and reliable earnings and two you can choose when and where you work so it has that level of flexibility as well now site staff is the next platform that you can chat and make money the culture at site staff has always been fantastic when we bring on new chat hosts and new employees we tell them they're part of something special and we need it when you're working with people and you align culturally with companies your vision is the same the way you commit to your clients is the same the future is bright nothing is impossible when you have the right connection we are students and servants we provide a service and a product that truly means something to the businesses we're serving we're always serving our clients in the best way possible being there for them whenever they need it site staff hires chat hosts to work from home providing chat based customer service for their clientele the focus is primarily on providing immediate real-time support for their website visitors the estimated earnings can range anywhere from 10 to 15 dollars per hour and to get started you can visit site staff's website to learn about current opportunities and what their application process looks like and submit your application why choose site staff the first reason is the skill development site staff has proven over the years to be great at owning customer service skills and also if you're interested in a more structured working schedule it has fixed hours and you will be assigned to regular shifts some tips for Success includes speed quick typing is always beneficial because of obviously the faster you can chat by typing the more you're gonna earn because you'll be able to get through more chats your attention to details quality of service that is and they pay via direct deposit now this next platform where you can make money chatting and when I say chatting rock stars I'm not just talking about chatting from the lips most of the times I'm talking about chatting by typing so you don't have to be fearful if you don't have a clear speaking voice if you h

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