overstimulation is ruining your life

imagine being on a sinking ship and instead of trying to save yourself you're scrolling through a never-ending feed of memes and gossips that exactly actually what's happening in our lives we are drowning in a sea of overstimulation and digital distractions and it's ruining us it's no secret that our attention spans are shrinking we live in a world where short form content dominates where 15 second videos and flashy headlines fight for our Focus as a result our brains have been rewired to create the quick dopamine hits that social media offers every time we receive a like comment or share the feel of Rush of pleasure and we can't help but want more this constant need for instant gratification has made it almost impossible for us to concentrate on tasks that require deep thinking and sustained effort instead we're trapped in a loop endlessly scrolling and searching for the next dopamine hit now let's not dismiss social media entirely when used wisely it can be incredible tool that empowers us to make make a real difference in our lives in fact it's one of the most effective ways to make money and grow your business take me for example last year I made six figures using social media I didn't achieve this by mindlessly scrolling through meaningless content or getting lost in the Endless Sea of distractions instead I have used social media mindfully to learn connect and create opportunities for myself and for my business the key is learning how to use social media intentionally and mindfully it's about curating your feeds engaging with content that aligns with your goals and leveraging these digital platforms to elevate your life and career not to ruin it so let's embark on this journey together I'll share you the strategies and insights that have helped me to turn social media into a powerful force for personal and professional growth it's time to break free from the shackles of overstimulation and reclaim control over our Digital Life so we can truly harness the potential of social media to level up in every aspect of Our Lives so first thing turn off your notifications think of your concentration like a precious resource every time you receive a notification it's like someone is tapping into the resource draining it bit by bit this is because each notification forces your brain to engage in context switching the act of moving between different tasks or thought processes here's the thing context switching is not good for our concentration at all Studies have shown that when we are constantly interrupted it takes us longer to complete tasks and our work quality suffers our brain is not developed to handle these repeated short context switches brain has developed over millions of years but these context switches appeared only in the last 50 years more common only in the 5 to 10 years Sophie Leroy a business professor at the University of Minnesota who conducted research on this phenomenon in 2009 shows why multitasking is no good for productivity neither is being electronically connected all the time while it might seem harmless to keep social media and email tabs open in your web browser the mere fact of seeing these pop up on your screen is enough to derail your focus and even if you're not immediately addressing notifications for instance a 2012 study by the consulting firm McKenzie found that average workers spends over 60 percent of the work week using online communication tools and surfing the internet with just 30 percent devoted to reading and answering emails despite this data workers feel like they're working more than ever so what's the solution it's actually simple turn off your notifications by doing this you'll be able to protect your concentration and maintain your focus on the task at hand this means you will work more efficiently and produce higher quality results now I know what you're thinking but what if I miss something important the truth is most notifications aren't as urgent as they seem for iPhone users I highly recommend using the Do Not Disturb mode this feature allows you to customize which notifications you receive and then so you can maintain your focus without being constantly interrupted you can even set it up so that you will receive a call notification if the same person calls you twice within a certain time frame plus you can choose which apps you want to receive notifications from ensuring that only the most important updates come true now for Android users there is a fantastic app called minimalist phone this app helps you use your phone less by eliminating distractions and unnecessary visuals there is actually a text in the minimalist phone app it says if the call was important they will call again messages can be answered anytime later the layout is simple featuring just two pages the main page with the time date battery level and few favorite apps and a second page that is lists all your other apps there are no wallpapers fancy icons or flashy animations to draw you in minimalist phone also helps you manage your time on addictive apps like social media entertainment or games when you try to access one of these apps a menu will poke up asking you how long you plan to use it once your set time is up you will receive a reminder so you don't end up wasting too much time on it lastly the app allows you to filter unimportant notifications to view later in bulk this way you won't lose focus on whatever you're doing important notifications such as messages emails and phone calls will still arrive instantly while everything else is silenced until later by using these tools and strategies to manage your notifications you will be able to protect your concentration and maintain your focus leading to a more productive and fulfilling digital lot do a five day social media cleansing when you find yourself mindlessly scrolling on social media unsure of why you're doing it you've crossed the line into behavior that resembles obsessive compulsive Tendencies the dopamine quickly wanes and then you find that you're just and we've all been there you're scrolling like why am I doing this this isn't that interesting that is this isn't that interesting the algorithms that they've Incorporated function on the the most powerful full way to keep people doing a behavior is intermittent random reward that you don't know when you're going to hit the jackpot so you're scrolling you're scrolling and then you see something so if you're reading some interesting things this came out in the news this came out and then it's all of a sudden a person that is Jump is base jumping off a building according to the north signed Andrew huberman taking breaks from an activity can make it feel more rewarding when you return to it later this is precisely why our five-day social media detox challenge is so crucial by stepping away from digital world for a few days for allowing ourselves to reset our minds and break free from this compulsive cycle so let's start with day one okay d

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