I Found the Best Budgeting Apps for 2024

today I will be covering the top three budgeting apps available now the writing system used in this video is based off of three main factors and those main factors include price point of the app the app features that are included and the customer reviews that are involved with each app so without further Ado let's get into it alright coming in at number three is the every dollar budgeting app by Dave Ramsey now the every dollar app specializes in breaking down your budget into a system where every single dollar you make has a place which allows for the ultimate tracking of your money now the every dollar app does offer a free version however if you want to access any of the premium features you are going to have to pay a whopping 12.99 per month for this app however I do want to mention that the free trial is a 14-day free trial which gives you two full weeks to try out the app and see if you actually like it now be careful if you you aren't liking it make sure to cancel because after those two weeks they are going to charge you if you're using the premium version and you're willing to pay that 12.99 per month the app features include the ability to connect all of your accounts in one so this includes checking savings loans and Investments all in one app now you are able to also receive specialized recommendations based on your budgeting and your spending behaviors so if you're paying for that premium version you're going to be getting some recommendations on how to save money or how to cut back here how to spend a little bit more here things like that another app Feature is personalized saving categories for example if you're looking to save for a vehicle a house and an emergency fund every dollar allows you to individualize each of those savings categories so that you can visually see each one growing another app Feature is that if you're paying for that premium version they do offer Financial certified coaches and they're available to assist you with all of your financial need let's go ahead and move right into the customer reviews now the every dollar app has thousands of five-star customer reviews and has been featured on CNN Fox News USA TODAY and CNBC reviews on the every dollar app describe the app as being user friendly with a clean and simple interface easy to navigate and you can quickly set up your budget by inputting your income and expenses now the app also helps you track your progress towards your financial goals and customers are saying that this is a big point for them so I am seeing that mentioned a lot within the customer reviews now lastly I do want to mention that every dollar app is committed to your security and privacy and the app is using a bank level encryption to protect your data and does not sell your personal information to any third parties alright coming in at number two is you need a budget also known as ynap the price point for YNAB is a little bit higher but I chose it for number two because it does offer a 34 day free trial at the beginning with no credit card information required so you can try this app for 34 full days without inputting your credit card information to see how you like it and go from there now after that the price point is 14.99 per month additionally students have the ability to utilize the YNAB for free for a complete 12 months so if you're a student I would definitely choose number two here now the YNAB app features also include the ability to link all of your accounts in one your checking savings loans and Investments all in one app the YNAB also focuses on every dollar has a place just like the every dollar budgeting app that way every single dollar you bring in has a category to go into and you're seeing exactly where every single penny that you make is being spent additionally YNAB does give you the opportunity to have separate individualized saving categories which is important to a lot of people now YNAB does give you the ability to adjust your money on the go so for example if you have a set amount of money in your savings but you're at the grocery store and you may need to spend a 50 bucks over your grocery limit you can quickly reallocate that money for it all to fit into your budget additionally an app Feature for YNAB is that they do provide educational resources for your financial literacy to help you improve in that area they offer free online classes webinars and a community Forum where users can share tips and advice together customer reviews for YNAB report that YNAB is an excellent budgeting app it has helped them take control of their finances and the app is user friendly and easy to use customers also mention that the app has a clean and modern design and is available on both desktop and mobile devices alright guys moving into number 1 is the Intuit Mint app I want to mention right here at the beginning that one of the main reasons I placed mint in the number one spot is because the Intuit Mint price point is spectacular they do have a completely free version not a free trial a free version however I want you to know that the free version does come with ads however it is completely free so that's a bonus now if you don't want ads and you want to pay for a little bit more of a luxurious type of experience they do charge only 4.99 per month which is huge for me because the whole reason people are using a budgeting app system is to help get control of their finances save and invest all of that good stuff so for me 4.99 is much better than 14.99 and even 12.99 so that's the reason mint is in the number one spot now let's dive into the app features to see if it lines up with the previous two apps that I've been discussing just as is the prior to Mint does give you the ability to combine all of your accounts in one place such as savings checkings Investments and Loans all in the app in order to track your spending in real time another unique feature that mint offers is that they do offer Bill negotiations if you're paying for something specific like Comcast internet or your phone bill or car insurance they are going to provide you with insight into things that are cheaper more affordable that could work better for you many more app features include things like providing budgeting goal Trackers free credit score budget alerts categorized Bank transactions and investment trackers now there is one con for mint that I do want to mention because I believe it is very important and that is mint does not allow you to have individualized saving categories so if you're wanting to have individualized savings categories like a home down payment it a summer vacation and a boat down payment or something to that nature you're not able to actually individualize those savings categories so if that is a huge deal to you you may not want to use mint now moving right into customer reviews which is the last category mint also has thousands of five star reviews just as the other and they are connected to very well known

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