Start Selling on Etsy (MAKE UP TO $10,000) in 5 Simple Steps As A Beginner (Similar to Amazin KDP)

if you've ever thought about making money online chances are you've probably seen a lot of people talk about how much money they have made from an e-commerce website called Etsy how it has changed your life and how much money you can potentially make by selling different things on the website well that is correct what I fail to tell you is that building a successful Etsy Shop takes time consistency and it takes a lot of ad workor if you're familiar with Amazon KDP then you should know that this is also very similar just that on ET you can sell different things ranging from jewelry home decor gift and many other things that you can think of and most especially things that you can think of that are unique yeah now if you want to make something relatively close or even more than all of this amount of money without leaving the comfort of your home then this video is for you but don't worry we're going to start from the basis which is why in this video I'm going to be sharing with you how to create your Etsy store as well as how you can start selling on Etsy so if that sound like something you are interested in then sit back and keep on watching all right so first and first what is Etsy Etsy is a popular Online Marketplace that allows individuals like you and I to sell handmade vintage and many unique creations the good part of all of this is that you don't need to own any physical product and you can literally start selling whenever you want but before you start selling anything on ETS say at all it is important to follow these steps I'm going to be sharing with you the first step is to find your name which is very important because you need to find a sweet spot that will set your Creations apart whether it's Boi jewelry custom pieces accessories vintage inspired items home decor Journal anything just anything you can think of there is always a market for you you should also try to put your own unique n pin on things that you're are going to be selling majorly you just have to think of etsy as your creative playground because the more creative you get the more money you can actually make now I know your questions will probably be how do I find my Niche and to be honest I wouldn't advise you to Niche it down completely but you just need to do self-reflection and market research you want to look through ET say check out the best seller section so you can understand what type of products are currently in demand ass say people that are already selling those items because they are lowkey your competitors see what they offer and most importantly how you can differentiate your product from De basically you want to look for gaps in the market that you can fill and that's a strategy that would actually make you more money than others while you're also doing all of these you need to identify your own unique style so that you can always always always stay ahead of the game you definitely don't want to run out of ideas after a couple of months after that you want to Define your target audience because that will also help you narrow down your Niche and the product you are going to be selling the next step is to set up your shop which basically involves creating an account first so go to the Etsy website click on the sign button and register you want to fill in your name email and password please be sure to use a verifiable email address because you will need to verify your account now here is where it gets tricky okay when you think of creating your Etsy store you should see it like opening your little storefront online you want to make sure to name it something catchy and reflective of your style add some personality to your bio so that people can naturally connect with you and whatever product you choose to sell so basically you have to choose a shop name upload your banner and also your icon which you can easily do that on canva canva is a free app by the way so I'm also going to link it down down below you can just go ahead to you know do all of that you also then would need to have your first listing with clear photos and detailed information which is going to lead me to the step three and that is uploading the perfect pictures now when it comes to selling anything online you and I know pictures are very important because people literally buy with your eyes first so if it looks good in pictures chances are it will probably look really great in real life so you want to try as much as possible able to make the pictures of your product pop really really well emphasis on pop okay so just stick to Natural lighting use clear and clear background take multiple angles of the product and you can also use props when necessary focus on the details that you want people to notice when shopping from your store because that would be some sort of guide for them whenever they want to buy an item and they can easily decide and say oh yeah I'm taking this and they will the next step is to price the items you know it is one thing to sell an item online and it is another thing to price it correctly so to price your items correctly you want to calculate your total production cost reset your competitors prices factor in your time and consider the item pered value as well as ET fees the trick is not to undersell yourself but to stay competitive that way you are able to expand your reach and if you highlight the unique features to justify the prices of your product I don't see a reason why you would't have a successful Etsy store moving ahead to the most crucial part which is optimizing your store and this is very important if you want to make a lot of money on Etsy you see one of the reasons why most people don't have a successful Etsy store is because they have failed to optimize their store correctly for search and that in return leads to poor sales many people are already doing the same thing as you so the question is how do you intend to stand out how can you make them M see your product before someone else okay and to do that you need to be strategic in order to enhance visibility and attract the right customers start with thorough keyword research optimize your product titles and descriptions with keywords and use high quality varied photos that was why I talked about taking different short of your product like different angles multiple angles to post it on there you o want to utilize taxs offer discount and organize your shop with sections for more straightforward navigations most importantly you want to make sure that your shop is mobile friendly if you do not have a mobile friendly shop nobody I mean nobody is going to want to shop from you if your store is not looking right personally I don't think I would even shop on your website yeah so if you implement all of these strategies you will at the end of the day have a more Pros and engaging Etsy shop so yeah we've come to the end of this video if you watch up until this point let me know where you're watching from and what kind of

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