How To Start An eCommerce Business & Make Money From Day 1 (For Beginners)

good morning my beautiful people have you ever wanted to learn how to start an e-commerce business but you had no idea where to get started maybe you didn't have the time money or experience and you were just overwhelmed and i had no idea where to actually begin when today's video we're gonna go over how to start an e-commerce business and actually make money on day one more that after the intro [Music] so one of the reasons why i got started in e-commerce was because i just wanted more freedom in my life you know i wanted to go ahead and help my mom and dad i wanted to go ahead and travel around the world i didn't want to be like suffocated by all the bills in the debt that felt like i couldn't even breathe and i was just kind of like begging for help and here i was kind of like stuck in this occupation in this position that i did not enjoy kind of like looking out the window and just wondering when in my life will i actually have the time and the money to actually live it before it's already too late right um but of course it was hard and getting started by myself it was scary because i didn't have the time i didn't have the money and experience but once i started finding the right people to ask advice from and learning from their ropes and literally as you can see from my hero's journey finding a mentor that taught me how to wax on and wax off when it comes to making money online did i not only start succeeding but i literally grabbed my ukulele and literally traveled the world to start finding other mentors to also teach me how to make money online and as you can see in the e-commerce business it helped out tremendously like to the point where one of our first months in a new e-commerce business we made five grand in sales in the first 30 days to 1.6 million dollars that first year and like i said my entire life changed and when people literally ask me like mike well okay i want to start an e-commerce business too but how can i actually go ahead and make money on day one one of the biggest lessons that i've learned is when it comes to e-commerce it's really just you know sales marketing product and product delivery and if you could find a way to either outsource delegate or partner with someone else who has already have those logistics done for you then you could potentially make money on day one even with the brand new e-commerce business so let's actually break down exactly how i did it so one of the first ways that i literally started making a hundred dollars a day with e-commerce as a broke beginner with no experience whatsoever is literally leveraging the fact that ebay is literally doing the marketing and the sales for me and the fact that a company like walmart can do the product delivery and create the product for me so just like that i didn't really have to do much of the hard work to start e-commerce but i could literally get started and make money day one as you can see if you go to ebay and just type in the word bunk bed cherry right and you scroll down you'll see all these people that are essentially selling the exact same bunk bed right in just like very different variations right and here's like an example of one of them right here right this one is literally the exact same bunk bed as this one and you can see that you know people are making money and selling it and even if i just like pull this up right now check this out this one bunk bed alone like sold for 361 bucks twice okay but little did you know that people literally are copying and pasting these pictures on walmart and throwing up on ebay and their cost is only 249 right so what people are doing right to make money on day one with e-commerce is they literally create a free ebay account and they copy and paste pictures on walmart to ebay for free okay and then when they literally make a sale right because ebay has millions of you know buyers that go to their website every single day right you literally get paid the money via paypal and you get the customers shipping details right so the marketing and sales are literally outsourced for you on ebay because they already are where buyers go ahead and go go and the product and the product delivery is literally outsourced to walmart because then i would take that 361 dollars and then i would go ahead and buy this on walmart with the customer's money but then i would ship it directly to the customer right so even when i started doing this like back when i first got started when i didn't have any confidence or money just doing this one thing alone literally got me to the point where i was making a hundred dollars a day profit and that allowed me to go into like the next level of making money with e-commerce and that's brand building right why am i talking about brand building because here you know you could literally make money in a hundred dollars a day but you're not building a brand and you're in the competition with all these other people that are trying to sell the same bunk bed right so what people do once they actually start gaining confidence to make money the second time on day one right is you could see modeling what fan joy did they literally built a brand and we can just even do something as simple as like t-shirt designs right and as you can see they're doing pretty well 10 to 25 million dollars 10 to 25 million dollars a year selling t-shirts okay and like i said you probably never seen this website ever before in your life so how the hell are they actually doing it let's actually break it down remember to make money with eq commerce on day one you need to have sales and marketing as well as product delivery and the product as well so how can we do that okay so literally when it comes to selling the product or e-commerce you're gonna need a website now the beauty about shopify is you could literally say if you get started today you can actually start an e-commerce website in the next five minutes or less because they already have all these done for you templates to actually start selling e-commerce products okay so that would actually help with the sales right now let's talk about product and product delivery so in this case we're gonna go use the the product um in the app printful which is a shopify app because you could actually have no open fees no order minimums and you could already start selling from 360 premium products and the coolest thing about this is it connects directly to your shopify store and you can see that there's t-shirts hoodies canvases leggings hats drinkware phone cases um masks jackets sports bras dresses aprons skirts joggers all these things that you could actually put your own designs on it and upload it onto there and the moment it literally goes and creates it it shoots automatically to your shopify store as if it already existed so you didn't even have to create your own product you didn't even have to do product photography literally just by combining these two you could already start selling products w

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