The 3-Click Hack Top Etsy Sellers Use To Create Stickers That Sell ($363,000/Year)

today I'm challenging my team back and I'm asking them to come up with their best most profitable NC shop ideas I really want to try with clip art and illustrations I also found this shop that is called digital curio that is making 363 000 every year so let's test this to Taylor creating clip art designs that we will sell to see if this actually works and while I don't expect we will be making 363 thousand dollars right away I did see many small shops making consistently four to five figures per month selling stickers and clipart and you know what this is a perfect opportunity to create a special gift for my friend Carrie Carrie if you're watching stop watching um you know these people that have the back of their computer completely filled with stickers and each sticker has its own story and its own dedicated spot well my friend Carrie is exactly like that and for a while she's had this empty spot one little empty spot that is left on the back of her computer that she's not ready to fill because no sticker is good enough so why do we make a special sticker for Carrie I know she's into crystals and big into affirmations so let's try and make something for her shall we foreign I have no graphic design Talent [Music] okay um I think we need to find a better way to design something that is worthy of the spot on Carrie's computer look you guys joke aside we still need some hacks that can make up for my lack of experience and design for me not being a graphic design Pro and also for me not wanting to spend all day trying to design something but also still wanting to have something beautiful that deserves a spot on Carrie's computer and I know the exact tool that we need here it's a tool that I discovered a few weeks ago and that surprisingly not many people are talking about or using yet which I'm sure will change because this tool helps create sellable graphic designs that look incredible literally they look like a pro designed them without having to use complicated AI tools without needing to become a guru at prompting because let's be honest most people that I know of do not wake up in the morning thinking okay today I would love to become an AI prompting Guru right however this tool makes design so fun so easy and allows at least me to create incredibly beautiful designs in one tenth of the time so I think a lot of people are gonna get in on this really quickly enter Kittle the most intuitive design platform out there hiddle works right in your browser and it's complete with fonts illustration Library pre-made templates Advanced editing tools and so much more with AI directly integrated into the editor Kittle is the only platform that delivers unmatched speed and a seamless workflow allowing users to create powerful Vector designs within a matter of minutes and you might be wondering what are vector designs and why do I want them or need them well vectors allow you to resize your Creations without worrying about changing any of the quality of your design and today you guys get an opportunity to try it for free with the link that I'm Gonna Leave down below and this way you will be able to get 15 credits so you can play around with the tool and see how it works so let's get designing the beautiful sticker for my friend Carrie okay so let me show you how this works because it is as easy as three clicks so as you can see I am directly in my browser on I do have a paid subscription but you guys don't need to you can access it and play with it for free and you can go ahead and create a new project here under my project it gives you an option to create a new project I I already went ahead and did that so what you want to do is come to this little star here on the menu on the left and this will open up the prompting panel and this actually helps anyone who doesn't have a lot of experience in creating AI prompts to figure out what they want and this is done by showing you examples of image Styles clip art styles Vector styles that you can choose from and also get an idea of how the outcome is going to look like and I think this makes prompting so so much easier because when I first started with text to image AI generators I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what kind of style am I wanting to use and am I envisioning for the design that I was creating so here all we want to do is describe what we want to get in our case has to be some sort of Crystal cluster so let's say ethereal um amethyst Crystal cluster and I'm trying out all the clip art styles because at this moment I don't exactly know what kind of sticker would look best on Carrie's computer so I'm just gonna go ahead and quickly create an output for all the clip art styles as you see we've got quite a few of them here so I'll go ahead quickly and generate a version for all of them and then I'll be right back to discuss and pick which one we like most and what I really like about Kittle is that if one of the outputs doesn't necessarily look like something you'd want to use but you're really convinced that it's the style you want then you can just click on generate again and it'll give you a really different version but in the same style so that you can pick whichever one you like more and as you see you also have a white background which makes it so much easier to use in any kind of design or printing or even as a digital image regardless of however you want to use it okay this is going to be a really difficult choice in a great way because most of these look gorgeous and I can already imagine many of them on Carrie's computer and here's what I noticed looking at lots of very successful shops on Etsy and trying to understand what makes them so special and there's a couple of things maybe I'll make another video about this later on but one thing that I did notice is that the ones that are very successful have really beautiful designs really incredible designs and the quality of those designs is in my opinion one of the things that sets them apart from the majority because you can tell that they've put extra attention into creating them so if we also want to be able to generate two thousand three thousand maybe multiple thousand dollars per month selling our designs on Etsy or any other platform then we definitely need to be really careful at the quality of the design and the one thing that or maybe another thing that I really love about Kittle is that the quality of the design is unbelievable and I'm gonna show you in a second what I mean by that and the fact that unlike with other platforms and other AI generators we won't need to upscale the image in order to actually use it let me show you so which one would carry want um I think this one this one and this one but let's start with this one for now okay so I really like this design I'm simply copying it and I'm creating a new project I'll go for the standard size Make sure you do make this 300 DPI because this way you're gonna get the maximum quality or

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