6 Remote Jobs You Can Do At Night With No Degree (Currently Hiring)

imagine clocking out of your day job and clocking into a Nik gig that pays just as well if not better all from the comfort of your own home today I'm going to share with you six remote jobs that anyone can do from home online at night even without a degree and no matter where you live I'm going to show you not just what type of jobs I'm talking about but also how much they pay and which exact websites you can use so you can apply for these number one this one is very specific to the digital world particularly around safety and maintaining a harmonious environment because nowadays it is more crucial than ever that is where a Content moderator comes in companies like moderation Gateway or ICU social they are looking to offer training and remote positions to those of you who are interested to keep an online community clean and inclusive so you can look into um the social element or crisp thinking they also have similar opportunities that focus on the importance of maintaining a Safe digital environment across various platforms also appen caters to a broader spectrum they offer projects that ensure also Integrity of content across the web as a Content moderator Your Role involves reviewing posts it's also about fostering a positive online culture and also about ensuring safety and respect wherever you're focusing whichever platform we're talking about in terms of salary you are looking at 27 all the way to $55,000 a year for this particular job aside from obviously stability satisfaction that you're creating a safer place of on the internet for everybody number two is another one that is very related to the digital space because let's be honest this is where the market is going so you should also look into opportunities in this area so this one is related to digital products and specifically I'm talking about user experience so if you're interested in becoming a remote quality assurance tester this is a good opportunity for you because you are going to make sure that apps and websites are adhering to the utmost standards and here I'm talking about test Birds UT test is platforms that are offering good opportunities to contribute to optimizing the digital landscape you can also look into testing time or try my UI they also invite you to look into this type of testing opportunities uh that you can do online or remotely user testing is another place that you can check out they offer lots of opportunities for projects where insights can directly influence the final product quality now in terms of salary we're looking at a range between 40,000 all the way to $70,000 according to pay scale if you are looking to embark on a remote quality assurance tester career even if you want to do it at night so in terms of skills obviously a critical eye a keen attention to detail so that you can ensure that apps and websites that you are assessing are going to function flawlessly but also deliver the um excitement and convenience that users are expecting number three is one that again is in very very high demand and this one sits at the intersection of design and user experience and here I'm talking about a remote uxui designer this one will allow you to uh really let free of your creativity while also blending Aesthetics with functionality while you're ensuring that every swipe or click or interaction feels intuitive and engaging now in terms of salary here you can expect somewhere between 50 to $85,000 and obviously you will be able to do many of these jobs remotely and you can pick your own schedule you can even work at night now if you are deciding to go into this where should you look for jobs well number one you can look at dribble jobs they offer lots of design opportunities including uxui another one is beans they serve as a great platform for creative jobs not just uxui but these ones you can find there as well you X job board they are dedicated to something like this as well as design crowd and authentic jobs these ones cater more to freelance design projects and creative professional roles but you can find plenty of uxui design opportunities okay so this next one is a bit less of a digital one let's say but you can do it remotely very very easily and here I am talking about something that is related to security it is a remote video surveillance monitor expert so what you would be doing particularly at at night if you choose to have remote job where you would be working uh remotely at night you will be monitoring surveillance cameras and you will be able to do that remotely from your own computer and then you will be able to inform security of particular places where the cameras are installed if something comes up in terms of salary you can expect something ranging between 24,000 all the way to $55,000 per year and obviously this is a role that combines responsibility with a lot of convenience cuz you will be able to do it remotely as I mentioned in terms of platforms indeed and glass door are very good ones to get started with Simply Hired is another one uh that has lots of opportunities that are vetted for known companies zip recruiter is another good one that you can uh get started with very wellknown very reputable and you can uh look for opportunities in this space here's another one that I believe is really really cool this one transforms your passion for travel into a great side hustle or night gig whatever you want to call it it is an overnight travel coner so you become the go-to specialist for anyone looking to travel and you can help them craft Unforgettable experiences you can help them make timely bookings and help them create incredible memories it is a role that involves meticulous planning good communication to your customer and it will allow you to earn somewhere between 36,000 all the way to $57,000 per year if you are interested in looking for this type of jobs page careers is a good place to get started even though they are very specialized in the hospitality industry so they have positions for hotels and resorts but sometimes they will have for online concur positions as well another one you can look into is Simply Hired they have lots of opportunities and sometimes this type of positions come up as well zip recruiter as I mentioned is good for various types of remote job positions and opportunities that you want to look into and if we're talking about more specific ones to the travel and hospitality industry then Hospitality Crossing is a good one they focus exclusively on jobs in the hospitality industry and they obviously include coner positions as well and last but not least this one is related to an industry that I have always been fascinated by and it allows you to dive into the very Dynamic world of real estate and very lucrative world of real estate might I add this one is a virtual real estate assistant so here you would become the backbone of daily operations in a real estate agency you would be helping agents and Brokers to manage listings um to ma

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