Earn $100 Every 30 Min with Google for FREE (Make Money Online 2024)

most people don't know that they can actually use Google and this free AI tool to make over $100 in less than 30 minutes my name is Dave Nick and step number one is to go to Google and search for Google news and then you want to go to news.google.com step number two once you're at news.google.com the next thing you want to do is you want to find the most trending news in the US so you would basically just click on the US right over here now that's going to give you the top most trending news to today in the US step number three is to go to a website called SE writing. a and create your account so you can just click and get started it's free and this is the website that we're mostly going to be using you can just enter your name email address and password or just continue with Google step four now you can go to chat GPT and you can paste this prompt which essentially tells chat GPT to give you top 10 ideas for blog articles that are going to be useful for the strategy that we will be using and it's going to give you these different based on true events blog article ideas so what you can do then is you can take one of these ideas let's say I'm going to go with the first one go back to as you writing AI this AI tool which is mostly going to do all of the work for you you click on one click blog post and you paste the main keyword here and click generate title and this is an AI tool that you can use to generate all sorts of different titles I personally used it in the past to create articles about yoga about making money on YouTube about short form content Valentine gift ideas like you just enter one keyword and and it generates a full article that can rank pretty high on Google you can customize the ton of voice you can change the language you can change the article size I just keep it like this then you can also enter the NLP keywords as well which is going to help you rank higher on Google wherever you publish it even if you don't have your own website then you can select how many images you want to be included let's say I want three images and I also want at least one YouTube video to be included in the article now once you're done customizing you can either publish this directly to your WordPress website or you can just click on run and it's going to be written for you then if you don't have a website don't worry you can still use this to make money from Google and in a second I will show you exactly how to actually make your first $100 with Google for Google liate Now the next thing you want to do is you want to search for that event that actually happened and you want to go to Google and you want to search for that event on Google and either find some bizarre images from Wikipedia so for example here we have a bizarre image on the right hand side or you can just go to Google Images so you can just click over here and it's going to give you all sorts of images regarding that event so I'm going to use the black and white image because those are usually very creppy for most people so I'm going to save this image to my computer now as we go back to as writing. a you can see that the entire article has now been written and it's about 4,000 words along and it's full of different keywords and we even have these AI generated images that go really really well with the actual article and it's extremely high quality full of different keywords and key takeaways and quotes it's a really really good article so now you can essentially just copy this you can just press on the copy button over here and there's many different ways to make money off of this the very first one is to just go to a platform called list worth where people are publishing these bizarre and interesting stories that have mostly actually happened in the past so based on true events you can then essentially go to the more section over here click on write and get paid and you can see that you can get paid $100 for every article that you submit if it gets accepted meaning if it's equality enough so you can just click on to send it in or just open up the submission list where you can again get paid $100 for an article that you submit enter some details about yourself enter the list title which you can basically just copy and paste from SEO writing so you paste that here clear introduction that can be the introduction of the actual article and then enter the full article over here so you can just copy that and you can paste it like this now once you're done you will just click on I agree to terms and conditions and click on submit a list now the next next thing you want to do is you want to go to Google and again search for that title or search for that event and then find an article that talks about that bizarre event that happened in the past so for example I found this one from history this is the entire blog post and article talking about this event now next thing you want to do is you want to copy the link to that article that you found on Google that talks about that event then go to Google and search for shrink me and open up this website which pays you when someone clicks on your link so all of these people are making money from all over the world as you can see $5 $5 $15 $63 when people click on their links so you can just register an account over here and you can log in just bear in mind that this is not being paid $5 per click but $5 per 500 or 1,000 clicks and then you just sign into your account and click on new shorten link and paste the link to that blog article that you found and click shorten now that's going to give you the short version of that article that you found on Google and if you want to withdraw your money once you start making money from clicks you just go to withdraw section and most importantly you enter your payment details in the profile section over here here so you select how you actually want to get paid and then you can just click withdraw step 10 is to now go to a website called medium.com where you can publish articles they rank pretty high on Google even if you don't have a website and you can just click on write and you can again take that article from SEO writing you can copy the title you can paste it over here and then you can copy the entire article so just press the copy button over here and paste the entire article like this now once you do that it's not going to copy the images so you would have to do that manually so you can just download these images just click on Save as and then just save it in and if it downloads the image as a web page then you will just go to Google and search for web page to jpig or just take a screenshot of that image so something like this click crop click done and then go back and just upload those same images also remove the title and then below that just add an image and most importantly you just want to add a link to a full article that you found on Google then highlight that call to action again go back to shrink me. I and copy copy the

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