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in this video I'm going to share with you how much I got paid for my top 5 viral YouTube videos so these are videos that have gotten me the most Revenue as well as the most views here on the channel so they went viral but here on my channel so if you are interested in finding out how much I've made with my top ending videos do stick with me as I'll be taking you through my analytics and showing you this is a light-hearted video that is meant to help someone manage their expectation help someone maybe even raise their expectation and maybe just to satisfy that Curiosity if you are new here welcome to the channel my name is Queen magomani I share information on how to make money online and that's what you can expect to learn more of in this channel do consider joining this family by subscribing we are currently on the road to 100 000 subscribers and we would love to have you on board so if you find Value in this video or you simply appreciate this type of content remember to give this video a thumbs up I would really appreciate that so without wasting any more time let's get on with the video alright guys before we start I do have to warn you about a lot of scams and schemers that are on YouTube not only on my channel but here on the channel I do see a lot of people commenting before I comment after I've commented sharing their phone numbers and other contact details so please know that it's not me like I've mentioned before I will never share my phone number here on YouTube I mean more especially not in the comment section if there's any communication that I would like to communicate with you guys I will use this very platform that I have to share on the video also ensure that you watch videos to understand what they are all about because some of these Gamers use some of the videos that I share here to scam you guys so if you don't know they will take money from you and lie to you that it is investing money it is an investing platform and so on so just know that I'm not taking money from my viewers I'm only here to share information on how to make money based on my experience and trials and eras and also based on my research what I'm doing and will continue to do with my team is we'll continue deleting those comments but just know that it's not in our control who comments on the channel what's in our control is to delete those comments and unfortunately some of them are sent while we are sleeping so we don't work 24 7. if you see that comment help me report it because I'm reporting them and I am blocking them but they still keep coming because they are also hard workers who are here to steal your money let's get on with the business of the day which is me showing you guys how much I've made from my top five viral YouTube videos these are videos that have gotten more views and more Revenue in my channel but I would like to hear from you guys at the end of this video whether this meets your expectations whether they are lower than you expected or if they are on par with what you were expecting for you know this kind of videos and how long the videos have been on the platform and many other aspects itself at number five I have this video that I published in March of 2021 and as you can see here from March 2021 since published this video has gotten me 188 000 and seven views so far I got 11.4 000 in watch time I also got 5.1 000 subscribers from this video alone if I look at the revenue here you'll see that the CPM for the video is not that high it is only 169 Rands and 27 so I'll go back to the overview just to show you the total uh Revenue that I got from the video and as you can see here it is 20 700 Rands since March 2021 the second video is this video that I published in February 16 2022 so this video was published this year I got a hundred and forty one thousand and 153 views from this video I also got 9 000 hours in terms of of watch time this video gave me 4.7 000 subscribers if we look at the revenue here you'll see that it has a much better CPM compared to the first one which is 267 Brands and 23 cents now to all of you guys who don't know what CPM is all about it refers to the amount of money that YouTube pays you advertisers pays you pay you per thousand views you know if you get thousand views and people are watching adverts you're going to get that amount per thousand views since it was published in February I got 26 946 Rands and 60 cents now on to the next one it's also a video that was published in this year I published this video on May the 13th 2022. I got 234 430 000 views from this video in terms of watch hours I got 10.4 000 I also got 8.7 000 subscribers from this video when it comes to the CPM it is low more than the previous video the total revenue that I earned from this video is 28 794 since the day that I published it in May the fourth video is a video that I published in January it was actually my very first video of this year guys I almost didn't publish this video I got 355 294. I think a lot of things were aligned for this video it was the beginning of the year it's about making money and this is when a lot of people view this type of content I got 19.8 000 in terms of watch hours and I gained 16 100 subscribers in terms of the CPM it is quite low I mean it's not the highest I have it has 152 Rands and 13 cents the amount that I earned from this video is 35 341 and 51 cents alright guys so I saved the best for last but before we get to the next video I want to take this opportunity to thank you for watching the this video if you are finding value in it so far remember to give it a thumbs up I would really appreciate that and if you haven't subscribed to the channel and you're looking for different ways of making money online do consider joining this family by subscribing because that's all I share here on the channel for absolutely free so let's check out video number five it was also published in this year in May the 24th 2022. in terms of views I got 290 497 and in terms of watch hours I got 13.4 000 hours watch in watch time I also received 9.2 000 subscribers from this video of all the videos that I mentioned this has got the highest CPM of 590 Rands and 6 cents in terms of Revenue I got 125 260 rents and 19 cents since the last six months that this video had been published so guys this is how much I earned from my top five viral videos but how much you earned per video is determined by a lot of things like the amount of views that you get the CPM uh the combination of and the niche that you are in and so on I do have videos with higher CPM but very low views and they didn't make my top five so all of these things need to be aligned your CPM the amount of views that you get in order for your videos to get more money but let me know what you think in the comment section down below does this meet your expectations for YouTube videos does it raise your expectations was it in par or aligned with your expectations thank you so much for watchi

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