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we actually closed the brand down it was really cool and fun until it wasn't every two months I look at Gary he's like oh no again I've learned how to [Music] do that [Music] hey guys welcome to Silicon Valley Girl and welcome to Miami today I am interviewing one of my favorite creators and I'm so excited to finally meet her in person I'm going to tell you a quick story so 2018 we're pitching lingual trip to Andreessen horvitz and we're talking about Creator economy how it's the future of marketing and one of the partners Lee Jin asks me whether I know Valeria Lee pavetsky I was like No And she said you must follow her so I followed her and I Started Loving Her content and it turns out she's Russian she was born in Russia moved to Israel when she was to move to Canada when she was 20 and she's recently moved to Miami with her whole family and she really resonates with me because she has three kids I have two and I'm trying to balance everything I also do business with my husband so I'm super excited about chatting with her we're going to chat about fashion we're going to chat about getting to work with major fashion brands we're going to chat about business family everything oh my God I am so so excited let's head to Valeria Inc [Music] Valeria I'm so excited thank you so so much we're going to talk about your creator career your businesses because you're doing an amazing job can you tell me how many pieces of content you produce every day produce or what goes live because it's two different things oh interesting let's do the whole schedule so the way we operate now as a team is that throughout the week I allocate certain days for Content creation one day would be more like organic content so this is has nothing to do with our brand Partners just things that I want to create and then another day would be brand Partners I would say totally would be maybe three to four days a week depends on the season because we have really busy season some get or not and the rest of the days I'll say two other days would be meetings and any admin work any decisions making so I try to make sure that I activate either my right side of the brain or the left side of the brain and I split it like that throughout the week so I have a very tedious schedule and so when you say filming day how many hours is that I mean I would come to the studio at around maybe nine or ten this is the studio this is the studio and we'll I leave it around maybe like five oh wow and that's continued shooting it will be shooting and then we take a break because again you know in terms of this is all visual right so my face need to feel good my energy needs to be there so we do take breaks in between and it's not I don't like to rush through things so we take it kind of easy and fun and making sure that the energy is yeah shown in the content okay let's do a little office store this is interesting because I feel like I've never really like did this um okay so I'll show an example so we put these racks up obviously the room was all like empty we'll put racks up and the way we divide them is we'll have a section for our brand Partners we have a section of like kind of more seasoned clothes um and then we also have things for more organic so organic let's say I want to do a video of like how to style jeans for waves which actually I'm gonna post tomorrow so I'm here and I'm like okay I'll take jeans that I we work with like a company that I absolutely love Paige they're denim I'll be like okay here's page and then I'll come and I'll pull four different ways you know with what I have so it's kind of like my go-to closet and you see summer like more eccentric you know colors the pieces but a lot of it is also neutral interesting what you mentioned Paige would they send you the styles that they prefer or you would choose and show like you want them and you always want to choose because you need to show it to your audience when you do it yourself your style yes okay yeah so there is no person who does like wardrobe management when you order things is there a stylist that was not a stylist I'm a stylist when we do content like organic but let's say Celine helps me because again she already knows what I would pick pick so sometimes when we get big like PDFs she'll send me things that she and then I do you know more of like the selection got it um yeah so and these are all they were all sent to you all of these pieces yeah some of them are really old like I mean not everything I choose from her and what is it I mean yeah which is great so let's say this is something I bought but this is I use a lot in like summer something more you know quality this was something that I also bought but I don't really use it in my day-to-day so I keep it here for random occasions we have six different like white button Downs you know there's always um always different things what do you do with the clothes that you don't need anymore do you sell them do you give them away so we have a company with probably around 15 women so part of the perks of the job uh they get free stuff my office in Toronto which most of the employees are there my team gets like Valeria boxes once a month of just like nice clothes and beauty and you know things like that so you have to make sure every employee is your size oh no no because we also have like shoes so we have Cosmetics we have skincare it's not always yeah and then so you have your Channel That's YouTube channel that's mostly vlogging plus shorts the same type of content goes to Instagram and Tick Tock correct yeah they were the same yeah we repurpose our content um we actually got more into shorts recently we allocated like a person send to kind of over see it so we're starting to get more intentional with the shorts I'm excited about the shorts I think it was overdue for YouTube so we're kind of like starting to focus there and might start creating its own native content just for shorts got it so but your main platform would you say it Instagram I would say it's Instagram I kind of had a moment where Tick Tock was kind of taking over and I was really excited during pandemic specifically I was just very excited about Tick Tock and kind of the new audience and eyeballs and different way of Storytelling but I feel like now I'm kind of going back to Instagram and I feel like I'm falling back in love with YouTube which was like my name because of the short form just long form in general I think that long form is really interesting to me I think that the pandemic really took me to short form and it was fun for me and experimental and I learned a lot of tools and now I'm kind of like okay let's go back to this because I see so much room for growth for myself on YouTube and you know on podcasts which is something we launched now as well so I think that for me I'm always drawn to things that I see a lot of opportunity for growth mainly like personal growth interesting and how big is the team to manage all that

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