The BEST Passive Income Side Hustle 2024 ($534/DAY)

so today I'm going to show you a realistic side hustle that you can use as a complete beginner to make anywhere from 5,000 10,000 all the way up to 15,000 in a single month this shop right here has been open for just over a year and as you can see from the analytics they've made over $130,000 net profit selling physical AI art prints and they're not the only shop that's doing this there's regular everyday people repeating these same results I actually made a similar video about this exact side hustle at the end of last year just to test it out to see what all the hype was about and I was completely blown away by how easy it was to set everything up and how little work I had to do fortunately for you in the year of 2024 there's never been a better time than right now to get started as we have the newest versions of these AI tools that can run our entire business for us on complete autopilot if you follow step by step everything I'm about to show you in this video you're going to be ahead of 99% of people that are trying to make money online as they have no clue that something like this even exists what makes it so powerful is that this side hustle is completely untapped meaning that the majority of the masses are completely oblivious to the side Hustle the best part is that you can start this from working from a laptop or iPad for completely free getting straight into it here's a quick overview of how this all works the very first thing that we're going to do is make our image with an AI art generator there's a number of different ones out there that you can use such as mid Journey night Cafe stable diffusion which can generate unlimited images for completely free and don't worry most of these are pretty simple and easy to use all you need to do is just describe the image that you want in a few words which is known as a prompt the AI will then take that and convert it into a usable sellable artwork completely from scratch from here we'll upload our AI generated image to etsy's platform that has over 55 million active monthly users this is where we'll sell our artwork and generate passive income and what makes this process truly passive is the help of our trusted supplier jaloto not only will they Supply us with high quality white label products like iPhone cases t-shirts custom more art frames but they will also print package and ship the products on our behalf every time an order is made this means that you never have to manually handle your orders they do all of the heavy lifting for you so you never have to lift the finger to operate your business if this isn't the most passive online business there is to start right now I simply don't know what is for those of you who haven't figured it out yet this business model is called print on demand so now that we're all on the same page and we know how this works there's one single thing that people do that completely kills their chances of making any money online and I want to save you from this that thing is not doing the right research and just going off and creating random designs that people do not want to buy so what I'm going to do right now in this video is show you how to do the right research so you can create create art that sells and I'm going to show you the massive income potential of this side hustle so starting off with this shop that you can see on the screen right now Great British posters as I scroll down here you'll be able to see some of the artwork on their shop and these are some very simple pieces of vintage artwork you can see these are very basic but yet elegant designs that they're selling on their shop they also have a lot of animal themed artwork for example this one right here is one of the best sellers on their shop and I can actually see why someone would purchase an artwork like this and put it up somewhere around on their house and if we take a even deeper look into the shop right here you can see that they have over 9,649 sales and the current revenue for this shop right here is over $41,000 and this is not bad at all considering how basic these designs are and most likely the owner of this shop is not even creating the artwork themselves they're actually just using artificial intelligence which I'm going to show you shortly in this video to create these very simple artworks that people are buying online this shop right here the world gallery has a very similar vibe to the last one I just showed you but they're going for a more artistic Vibe right they still have like animals and stuff like that but they have other paintings of like nature and architecture and different monuments like that and a lot of people are buying these paintings online you can see for yourself this shop has over 97,000 sales so that's almost 100,000 pieces of artwork that has been sold by the shop and if we go ahead and calculate 97,000 by the average price of each artwork on this shop right here that's that's over $969,000 by the simply selling artwork online and you can see for yourself here on the right hand side on a monthly basis this Shop is making over $33,000 every single month this is almost entirely profit since their only expense is the Etsy fees trust me when I say these people aren't doing anything special they're just regular everyday people that have leveraged AI to create these simple images and there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to do the same and you guys don't even have to take my own word for it just look at any of the shops I've showed you today head over to allora doio and you can see all of the numbers for yourself see if it's legit and if it's something that is worth your time as I said earlier this is a super easy business model which I believe anyone can do that's watching this video right now especially because AI is doing 90% of the work for you now as for the research it's pretty simple and straightforward all you need to do is go over to Etsy and find shops that are similar to yours and see what the bestselling items are and just revamp it into your own style and then create a shop that is similar I'm not telling you to copy I'm telling you to model from shops that are already successful get some ideas from them and create your own artwork with AI so for example I'm focusing on W art here so all I did was go over to Etsy type in wo art then I just looked at the different searches that come up so we have wo art prints W art poppies W art frame and so on right and I just simply clicked on one of the links Etsy will show you what are the most popular shops on the platform right now within whatever category you selected to create art in and then you just go ahead and click on them look at this design go through all of the reviews and then you just go in create a similar artwork and there's work on the improvements that can be made from the original stores you can also use aura. to help you do your research as well because if you go on this platform you'll be able to see that it wil

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