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the truth is not a lot of side hustles would let you work from home allow you create your own schedule and pay you over five thousand dollars a month but youtube will so if you've been searching for the best side hustle ideas to make money online and to make money from home then this video is definitely for you in today's video i'm gonna be spilling the tea on all things youtube monetization i mean you see these youtubers who are buying expensive breaking bags and flying to so many countries and you're wondering where is this money coming from like girl is there even money on this youtube thing like should i consider doing it the answer is yes youtubers make money some definitely more than others but today i'm demystifying all of that because the truth is we can all win the sky is big enough for all of us so if this is the kind of content that you enjoy and you're ready to pick up these gems then please go ahead and hit the like button you might think it's meaningless but actually it supports the channel and it motivates me to keep bringing valuable content to you hi and welcome or welcome back to the channel if you're new here hello i'm vanessa and on this channel we talk all things earning more and building wealth and today we have a really good one we're gonna be talking all things youtube monetization even if you have a youtube channel and you're already monetized i still advise you to watch this video all the way to the very end because in this video we're gonna cover the fact that some youtubers earn a lot more than others and there's actually a reason why i'm also going to explain youtube's business model so that you can understand the logic behind the paychecks and lastly we're going to talk about what you need to do to start securing the bag so you already know this one is going to be so so good number one the youtube business model there are three parties involved in youtube's business model number one we have youtube's products number two we have youtube's clients and number three we have youtube's partners and let me break that down to you really quickly so we can get to the good stuff girl if you're watching this video for free right now then i hate to break it to you but your youtube's product so basically because you and i spend so much time on this platform binging videos that we enjoy youtube is able to go to its clients to tell them that hey so many people have their eyes on this platform they love our platform so much that if you put your ad on the platform they would click on the ads and they will purchase your product so you have to pay us to be able to put ads on our platform and the client says oh okay i don't mind paying money and youtube then goes to the third party in this equation which is me or any creator on the platform we are youtube partners now what youtube does is that they put ads on our videos and they tell us creators that we will take a percentage of the money that the clients pay and you the creator can take the rest but not all youtubers get to be partners so let's talk about the youtube partner program now remember we just talked about the business model where youtube pays its partners so just like any healthy partnership would work both parties get a decent percentage of the pie the amount of money that youtube collects from its clients is called cost per meal so for every 1 000 views an ad gets on your video youtube charges an amount of money and notice i said views not subscribers youtube doesn't pay creators based on subscriber count youtube pays creators based on views but that doesn't mean subscriber count is not important though i'm gonna make another video explaining to you the benefit of having a lot of subscribers so if you don't want to miss that video go ahead and hit the subscribe button and hit the bell as well so you get notified when i make that one so youtube takes 45 of the cpm and gives creators 55 of the cpm which i think is fair but don't get it twisted y'all not all youtube channels are made equal a youtube channel can have a cpm as high as 50 dollars and another youtube channel can have a cpm as low as one dollar think about it if your cpm is 50 that means about twenty seven point five dollars would actually go to you the creator and if your channel earns twenty seven point five dollars for every one thousand views that means if your video gets a hundred thousand views you as a creator make about two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars but listen if your cpm is just one dollar that means what goes to you as the creator is 55 cents per thousand views so if your video gets 100 000 views you're gonna make 55 [Music] and there's actually a reason why but so many people just don't know and i'm not sure how many people on this channel care about starting a youtube channel but if you do care about starting a youtube channel and you want that information i'm gonna make a whole video about how to create a high cpm paying channel but it's gonna be in the membership i mean these things are not secrets but a lot of people just don't know and i took so much time to do all this research mostly to build my own channel but i just thought what's the point of knowing all these things and not sharing it so i'm gonna be spilling literally all the tea in the membership so if you haven't joined the wait list yet the link will be down in the description box now let's talk about how you can secure this youtube bag to become eligible to join the youtube partner program you have to meet three eligibility requirements one you must not have any copyright issues on your channel when you make videos on your channel and you put background music on your videos and the music is copyrighted so if it's by a popular musician like burn a boy honey it's gonna get flagged so just talk to your people the way i'm talking to you right now you can put music in the beginning or at the end but make sure that it's copyright free music the second requirement is to have 1 000 subscribers on your channel now i know this one can be a little bit challenging so if you want me to make a video for free on the channel about how to grow your youtube channel and get youtube subscribers quickly then let me know in the description box i'll be more than happy to make another video about that and the third requirement is to reach 4 000 watch hours within the span of a year i know girl that could be a challenge but don't be discouraged at all all it takes is one video to pop off on your channel and you could reach 4 000 watch hours when you're in the beginning and your channel is still super small it can feel like you're never going to reach that mark i remember almost feeling that way about this channel a few months ago i posted my very first video on this channel in june and it got only three views but look a few months after you found the channel so don't give up even when you're really small keep pushing i'm gonna keep supporting you i'm gonna keep making c

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