Easiest Side Hustles to Start in 2023 To Make $5,000/Month

I'm going to show you six High hustles that you very likely did not know existed and every single one of these has real people making at least five thousand dollars a month using them even better more than half of these that I'm going to talk about can turn into passive income after a year or two so that you can stop doing the work but keep making the money let's go the first one I'm going to talk about is the Amazon influencer program now you might be confusing this with the Amazon affiliate program or the Amazon Associates program but this is very very extremely different in a much better way let me show you what I'm talking about real quick so you can see here on the screen this is a typical product on Amazon right and there's Millions literally millions of these products on Amazon and when someone comes to this page there's a lot of different things they can do but typically someone will look through the pictures of a product there's also now three videos of the product you can see right here now the company they add this video right here that's added by the people sign the product but these two videos right here are added by people called Amazon influencers and if I pause right there you can see it says distractor beam whoever that is earns commission what that means is that when you watch this video so as I sit and watch this video and then I say yes I want to buy this product and I click buy now that person will actually get paid now if you take a look at the actual video you can see right here he's not using his face he's probably just using his phone and talking about the product right here he's going to open it and talk about it for three minutes and he's gonna get paid every time someone watches the video and buys the reason this is the number one side hustle I'm putting in this video is I actually tested this on my channel starting in June of this year and I'm already up to five thousand dollars a month doing exactly what I'm showing you right here I've got two videos where I actually talk through the entire process and show you as I learn this on my channel we'll link to them in the description and somewhere up here there'll be a card that'll pop up that'll take you there as well so literally the only caveat the only hold up here to start making literally insane amounts of money with this program is the fact that it is for influencers now an influencer is somebody that has influence right that has an audience online somewhere but don't worry there are people getting into this program with between 5 10 000 followers on Instagram on tick tock on Facebook reels and getting five to ten thousand dollars on any of these platforms is not nearly as hard as it might sound I know literally dozens probably hundreds of people that have gone from zero to ten thousand Tick Tock and Instagram followers in their first month just by following proven simple Frameworks I'm Gonna Leave a link down below to I have a course on this exact thing on Tick Tock if you want to go take that to get started with this you can go ahead and do that that teaches you how to blow up a tick tock account in 30 to 60 days but the reason I like this side hustle is one it's super super easy to do once you get approved all you've got to do is pull out your phone hold out your hands and make videos of products around your house two it's extremely passive once you make these videos they can sit on these product pages for days weeks months or even years and continue to generate commissions and third not only are you buying stuff on Amazon and then down the road you'll eventually break even on a lot of this stuff but you're gonna find that once you start doing this a lot of people reach out to you and just ask you to make a video about their product and they'll send you the product for free or even pay you to do so I've gotten free chairs vacuum cleaners leaf lowers all kinds of things just from people reaching out and asking me to make this one to two minute video about their product number two is one that's in a totally different category than number one these aren't just online side hustles right there's a lot of other places to make money besides the internet and that is flipping pallets now all flipping palettes is is playing middleman all day long there's over two billion pallets that exchange hands in the us alone every single day there are big suppliers right shipping out to Big stores like Walmart little stores like the local hardware store and things like that and all day long there's these pallets moving around and what happens is the people that receive these pallets they don't need them and they start to build up big stacks of pallets right we've all driven by and seen these stacks of pallets behind hardware stores and grocery stores and things like that well guess what there's also people that actually aren't suppliers and they're doing the shipping they want these pallets right they pay for these pallets and a lot of times all you've got to do is come in and say you've got all these pallets you want all these palettes you don't want to buy brand new palettes when there's pallets all over the place how about I connect you to and I'll either drop them off or I'll pay someone to drop them off and then I'll pocket the difference this is a very real hustle literally thousands of people are doing this to make full-time incomes I know people making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month doing this exact thing so I love this side hustle because it's that ability to scale you can scale amazingly quickly and grow a massive Empire in this palette business just by making connections with people and then it just keeps happening every month right these people continue to get pallets these people continue to need pallets and every month all you do is re-create that connection or build something into your contract so that you just get paid every time they have this exchange of goods second reason I love it it's not internet based if you're kind of a Hands-On person you like to get out talk to people do things you're one of those guys this is a perfect side also for you you can start making money within the first few days honestly if you go out there and hustle I'm in a I'm in a Facebook group of people that do this and there are people that join and within just a few days they found their first two connections and they can start making money really really quickly now if you want to do this site that's all the best place I've seen to learn about this is from a guy named John you can see him on the screen right here he has a course and a company called the simplest Biz he's been doing this for years he's got thousands of students that are very successfully doing this he's got a big networking community and just probably the top person in the space doing this I'll leave a link down below if you want to either purchase his course or talk to his team and learn a little bit more about this side Hustle the

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