7 Legit Side Hustles You Can Do WITH Your Kids

so the last few months my kids have been coming to me and they've been asking me for ways that they can make money and in the beginning I was just giving them normal chores right the same thing we all did as kids I was having them do dishes I was having them clean the bathroom little things like that where they could earn a dollar or two in exchange for some time but after a while I really wanted to start teaching them a little more than just hard work I really wanted to learn them a small side of Entrepreneurship as well I wanted them to kind of see and feel the joy of actually creating something being able to create something that sells or create an entire business that they could sell someday but really I just wanted to teach them that hey you can go find something that you really enjoy doing and also make money off of this you don't have to clean bathrooms forever if that's not what you enjoy doing so we've been working together we've been putting together a big list of side hustles and about half of what I'm going to show you we are actually trying and we are doing and the other half we are planning on trying or doing so if you want to make a little extra money at the same time as do something with your kids and help build them up at the same time this is the ultimate list number one is operating vending machines so I don't know if you're like me because I just looked into this a while ago but my Facebook feed is actually full of people selling vending machines on Facebook Marketplace and there's a huge Variety in prices so we see people selling from anywhere from free just trying to get rid of a vending machine that's in their garage right to thousands and thousands of dollars now the way it works is you can get a vending machine without a location attached to it for super cheap you can get a working solid vending machine you can see right here are a couple for like a hundred bucks then you and your kids are going to have to go out and you're going to have to find somewhere to put it and this isn't crazy hard there are Office Buildings all over right I've seen them at parks I've actually seen neighbors that just keep a vending machine in their garage and they have neighborhood kids that can come over and buy anything they want if they've got you know some spare change so you can get started for very very cheap if you want to just find your own location for it but the second ways you can buy a vending machine that's already in an established location and that has no issues it's already making money they're just kind of sick of driving there every month and refilling the vending machine and kind of doing that and they've found other things to do you own a vending machine it's in a solid location and you and your kids are enjoying time together doing something that you probably enjoy while making some money on the side number two is print on demand now this is something that me and my kids are actually trying largely because they're really enjoying the process and with AI it's become so much easier to do something like print on demand now if you're not familiar with the word print on demand all print on demand is is where you go and get some item you can think t-shirts puzzles mugs sweatshirts hats right you can see this logo right here was actually print on demand now like I said you can use AI image generators and stuff to make this pretty easy while still being creative and doing something that maybe no one else is doing the ones that my kids are are trying and enjoying things like coloring books puzzles you can do stickers all these fun things that kids are already doing anyway and they can actually now go and create their own and sell them now once you've created it digitally you're going to upload it to a website like printful or printify and they are actually the print on demand company meaning they can go print it out in a matter of days the puzzle or the coloring book or stickers or whatever it is that you made so what you do next is you go to sites like Amazon or Etsy and you can upload pictures of these puzzles or these stickers that you can go out and create right and when someone goes on to Etsy and they choose to make a purchase then Etsy will connect and it will tell printful that a purchase was made printful will go print and then it will mail it out to them so this is such a nice one because there's really no startup cost at all you can sit down with your kids in a computer you can design in a few hours a couple of fun puzzle options and the worst thing that could happen is you spent a couple hours with your kids working on stuff and you didn't make any money number three is buying and selling things on Facebook marketplace now you can say oh this doesn't work anymore that doesn't really work it's oversaturated whatever you want but I can promise you it works really really well and it's something that the kids can do with you really easily you drive around they come with you as you buy the stuff you can actually teach the kids how to repair things if you want to buy you know broken down things and get them fixed up and then sell it for a lot more and you can teach your kids about creating value making things better and then selling them for more now the big holdup here and something you can talk to your kids about is we often assume that everyone is like us we say like well why would anyone get rid of that why would anyone sell that for way cheaper than it's worth and that assumption stops us from ever thinking that this is a good option here but I can tell you right now about 5 years ago we were moving and moving day came we filled up our moving truck and we came to the realization that we had a lot more stuff than our truck can hold and we were moving in about 3 hours so we were throwing you can see all this stuff I'm putting up here we were putting on Facebook Marketplace completely for free just come take it out of our yard before the 3-hour time limit is up and over the last 5 years we've done that multiple times where I just really want something out of my garage and I want to add of my garage now today because today is the day I'm cleaning my garage so I post things for 25% of their value that are in good condition so something as simple as going to Facebook Marketplace typing in the word free you can see right here I've got three pianos in my AA that people are giving away for free these are working pianos they might need a little tuning or something like that but you know that there's plenty of other people out there that are willing to pay something for a piano so you go get these three pianos you might have to hold them in your garage or something you might have to teach your kids a little bit about fixing something up but you can easily sell these pianos for hundreds of dollars and once again there's no startup cost at all to this just driving down these pianos are 5 to 10 minutes away from me grabbing these pianos and storing them for

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