The truth about my Cannes Film Festival

we are here at Phillip Plains party that's the whole fitting process this was my first red carpet so so so exciting I'm gonna go probably to the restroom and rehearse my speech [Music] okay guys today's the day edema is not excited I am so very excited I can't sit I'm going to the red carpet today I'm not gonna tell you the whole back story but it's just crazy crazy wild game but it's a whole new level so I'm gonna take you with me till the red carpet the thing is you can't take pictures on the red carpet with your phone because they're gonna kick you out right away um there will be photographers but I will be vlogging before and after oh my god let's do it together [Music] thank you that's the whole fitting process I get all of these dresses having my Emily in Paris moment oh wow just amazing it's a little bit big but I love it look at this one too I'll show you later you'll see everything but wow this is like the best dress this is the designer the genius thank you so much how long have you been doing this oh my gosh 25 . I think so yeah maybe that helps best food food great to meet you great to meet you thank you so much so so so exciting everything is about the festival everyone is excited about the red carp it's like Paparazzi at the hotel crazy and we just saw a TV star from France right yeah no okay comment Down Below guys if you know her because my problem is I know the US people so but yeah she she looks like a superstar you could tell yeah like the hotel is just turns into this craziness when I walk in the night there's a security guard almost by every door poor guys the whole night they just stand by the door that's it that's their job [Music] make up ready but the red carpet starts in four hours I have plenty of time to take pictures to create content to hang out so this is this is what happens I'm also thinking of uh creating some shorts because well the makeup is here the dress is here why not create some English language content okay guys I think I owe you an explanation what's going on here I've been doing blogging vlogging whatever you call it since 2014 which is almost nine years now and it feels like at some stage last year I was creating a list of goals for myself I was like okay what is what is the next step what is the next Milestone and I thought okay I have this channel lingua Marina and it's at 7.5 million subscribers I thought you know 10 million sounds like a cool thing because you get another Diamond award from YouTube and I thought this sounds like a plan but it's an obvious plan I know I'm going to get there it's just a matter of time because if I keep doing whatever I'm doing I'm going to get there and it became kind of predictable and a little bit boring right because you know that you're going to get there and you know how you're going to get there so where's the excitement so I thought what is this new goal what should I do to get excited about what I'm doing as a kid I used to do a lot of different things I used to sing on a stage I used to dance on a stage if you follow me on Instagram by the way follow me on Instagram because a lot of things happen there it's lingua Marina and I decided that I need to embrace different opportunities in our life because you know we only have one life and I'm young only this amount of years and there's this cool analogy you know sometimes you travel even within your area like sometimes we travel in the Bay Area and discover a new place a new park a new playground and like oh my God my world was was this big and I was bigger because I realized there are so many exciting places same with traveling to other countries you discover different cultures same with trying out different things in your life because there are different Industries there is this world of fashion there's there's this world of singers and creators and again our life is limited and I find it amazing that we can live several lives at a time by being in different Industries so the film festival that we're attending right now to me it feels like a professional conference but in a different industry when I was working in study abroad we used to have these huge conferences I served Alfie where you would go to a huge hotel and meet universities and colleges you meet with their representatives you create agreements and this is how you grow your business this Festival reminds me of that but instead of agencies and schools and universities we have celebrities we have movie people we have fashion we have Shephard we have critia we have all of the top PR firms and I'm just amazed like I'm here and I'm watching them and I'm learning how it works and this is the whole new world for me you know I've started singing That's Another World Learning meeting vocal coaches recording in a studio like why would I limit myself to the perception of other people you know because some people will be like oh Marina stick to one thing I don't want to do that I'm a person of different things I'm a person who wants to try different things so I was invited here by Weber Awards they nominate creators and award them so they told me I might get an award this year so watch this video up to the very end to find out I know may musk is going to be at that event so that is super exciting and I'm gonna meet some other cool creators there so that's amazing I'm also embracing other opportunities that come my way here like some red carpet appearances or some parties or meeting up with agents and isn't that amazing entering new worlds entering new Industries while staying true to yourself because I I would still continue posting on this channel I'm still super interested in business and languages but now I'm adding fashion I'm adding music and this what makes me me you know trying out different things it's time for me to get my hair done my dress and yeah get ready for the first red Corbett of My Life by the way guys any questions that you have for me comment down below with a question for the next vlog princess no so cool it's a little bit big for me by the way hopefully they don't notice it on the recovery oh okay we're heading to the red carpet [Music] so guys this was my first red carpet it was amazing it's like you know every girl dreams of becoming a princess for five minutes I don't know but it just felt like that and the whole red carpet lasts for maybe a minute and a half that's it and they keep encouraging you to move ahead so you don't stop for too long taking pictures no pictures allowed on iPhone um I think it got pretty good shots we're gonna we're gonna see so isn't that great oh my God such a big moment okay guys my stylist hello the designer this is like the real con life I'm just bearing uh this dress today at Red Carpet Yes red carpet gown yeah we're trying to fix the jewelry they have those two options one is pinkish kind of High jewelry piece and this one is more minimally so we're trying to decide if I'm doing silver shoes craziness craziness makeup fitting

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