30 Best Faceless Channel Ideas for YouTube Automation (HOW TO START NOW)

there are so many channels blowing up across YouTube getting millions of views gaining thousands of followers and making thousands of dollars and many are doing this without even showing their face I have grown multiple YouTube channels in less than a year so I know a thing or two when it comes to YouTube Automation and the power of AI has never made it easier to actually start doing this yourself one of the biggest secrets to these channels is that they have chosen in the right niche in order for their channel to take off in order for you to stand out amongst other YouTube channels and get monetized you need to choose the right Niche for you and the goal with this video is to help you decide that so you know as you're putting time into this YouTube channel that it will indeed pay off and make money for you long term not only will I be showing you how to find the perfect Niche to start your YouTube channel on and give you over 30 different ideas but I will also be showing you how you can get started doing this today and start making money with YouTube automation I will also be showing you a tool that creates monetizable videos in less than 5 minutes I recently discovered a tool called inv video AI that allows you to type in a simple sentence click one button and it turns that into faceless YouTube videos so make sure you watch all the way till the end of this video because I packed this video full of information and tips that you can use and that can help you on your YouTube automation Journey my YouTube channel is your number one source for 100% free education in courses all I ask in return for the free education is just hit that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to create free courses and videos just like this now let's get right in to today's video starting with number one animal and pet videos I wanted to kick off the video strong today because this is actually a niche that I personally found success in and also because who doesn't love watching animal videos now there's actually two ways you can go about creating these kinds of videos you can create compilations of funny non-copyrighted animal videos from social media like this channel funniest animal ever that according to Social blade this channel is making around $3,000 to $5,000 per month or like me if you have a pet that you want to share with the world you can even start their own YouTube channel I personally grew this YouTube channel without even showing my face by my own choice I started showing my face later on as you guys can see here but I personally know other pet creators that are doing this and are extremely successful remaining completely faceless I grew this YouTube channel to producing over six figures in less than one year so I can personally confirm that the animal SL pet Niche is a great Niche that you can get into YouTube channel Niche idea number two is self-improvement self-improvement is a popular Niche across YouTube since it appeals to many people everyone wants to better themselves in different ways so this Niche can really be expansive and you will never run out of ideas this YouTube channel goar's guide is a perfect example of how he took this Niche and created a faceless channel from it he now has over 3 million subscribers from posting videos just like this and according to Social blade a channel like this can make over $10,000 per month with these kinds of videos number three is travel a perfect example of this is this YouTube channel toopa they have over 1 million subscribers and also makes an estimated of $10,000 per month you don't have to be a crazy world traveler or even have to visit these places in person to create this content since there's so much information available to you online number four geography check out this channel real life lore which has over 7 million subscribers they talk a lot about world events using stock clips and maps and a voiceover and this is a niche that isn't super saturated so if you do enjoy learning about about world news this would be a good Niche for you to get into you would never run out of ideas or you could take this approach and really narrow down in this Niche like this channel the geography Bible you would obviously need to know a little bit about geography on your part but remember Google and the power of AI is your best friend when it comes to getting quick tips and knowledge that you can use in your videos and you can earn a great amount of money actually making these videos number five is motivation this is a popular Niche with faceless creators on YouTube according to Social bade these channels are breeding in over $20,000 per month now with these last three faceless ideas that I just mentioned and even more faceless ideas that I'm going to be mentioning in this video you will start to notice a pattern most of these videos are just random stock footage clips of the topic put together with a voice over and with this new tool that I actually found you will not believe how easy it is to actually start making these videos so this is nid AI and I put the link for this tool down in the description box below when you get to this platform the first thing that you're going to see is this box that asks you to type in a topic and instructions into the box go up to this box here that says select workflow and select YouTube explainer to create a YouTube video you will also notice they have other options here that you can use for other video types once you click on the YouTube explainer option you'll be brought to this screen you can select how many minutes you want the video to be and so other things here now with this box down here you are going to select what you want your YouTube video to be about and this can be very simple so I'm just going to tell the AI create a video about the best Greek Islands to visit and in minutes this AI will create an entire video about the topic this fast just fill out any other information here that you want to customize about the video such as the vibe of the background music The Voice which in this case we're going to just pick clear American then when you're done just click continue after you click generate video the AI will give you even more customization options it might ask you for things like who is this for what's your audience what is the look and feel of this video so give this a few minutes and let's just see what video this comes up with wondered what the best islands in Greece are well you're in the right place because we're about to dive into a countdown of the top five Greek Islands whether you're a history buff a beach lover or a foodie there's something for everyone on these Greek Islands every time I watch these videos I am so blown away because in literally a matter of minutes this created a video for us that we can now post on YouTube and start our YouTube automation game now I do want you to watch the video that AI created for you

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