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what if I told you that there is a side hustle waiting for you right under your nose literally and in this video I'm about to reveal a strategy that is so brilliant that you'll wonder why you didn't think of it sooner and the best part is that it does not require any previous skills you can start for free no matter where you live this is really big so you might as well listen closely we are living in an era where attention is the new currency and guess what's banking the most short form content those rapid fire Punchy clips that grab you and don't let you go and it's not just about the trimming down of content it's about packing a punch in a short amount of time and that's why platforms like Tik talk and YouTube shorts are not just Trends they are changing the Paradigm when it comes to raking up billions of eyeballs every single day watching those short form content and if you're not leveraging this you're leaving money on the table this is not future trust me this is now so look short form content platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube shorts and Instagram reals they have seen unprecedented growth in a very short amount of time I mean Tik Tok for instance hit 2 billion downloads in just 5 months jumping on this wave now means tapping into a vast rapidly expanding audience that is hungry for Content before we move further I would like to thank today's sponsor cap cut online video editor a free super easy to use video editor that anyone can get started with so look let's cut the fluff and dive straight in because you're probably thinking all right I get it short form is big but how do I dominate it how do I make money with it well here I want to show you a strategy that I'm calling the Trident strategy R OE and that stands for research Outreach execute and here's what you want to do number one is research research is your first weapon so dive into the digital ocean spot those long form whales and understand what makes them tick and when I say research I'm not talking about just casual scrolling through your YouTube feed I'm talking about a deep dive a strategic hunt right right so you're looking for Diamonds in the Rough those channels that are already killing it but are sitting on a gold mine in terms of short form that are they're not even aware of here's my advice start by identifying channels that are consistently delivering value I'm talking about those creators that have already mastered their craft in terms of long form content they've got the views they've got the engagement they've got the loyal fan base but they are yet to tap into the short form game and that's where you come in right you can dive into their content understand their Niche Their audience their Style and what makes them tick so you have to figure out what topics do they cover that resonate most and once you have all those insights you use that not just data but as your road map because you'll be able to guide yourself in pinpointing what should be the long form masterpieces that you need to transform into short form gold because remember the goal here isn't to dilute their message it is to amplify it through short form so take their consistent results in long form and explode that into bite-sized viral moments for a whole new audience This research is not just step one it's the entire Foundation of your strategy if you want to take this into an actionable level you need to pick a niche ideally something that you're already watching Identify some creators that are already successful but are not leveraging shorts and figure out what would be the best long form videos that you could convert into short form to explode their reach all right now let's move to step two of our Trident strategy that is Outreach now once you've got the research locked in it's time to shift gears okay this is not about shooting in the dark it is a sniper a laser approach okay Precision value and the killer first impression so first things first build your database you want a solid list of at least 100 channels that fit your bill you cannot just look at five right you need the scale and these are your potential gold mines you can organize them understand their content themes and get ready to make the next move and here's where most people mess it up the cold email look you've got one shot to grab their attention and a generic hey I love your content or an email from a subscriber will will not cut it okay you need to show that you mean business and how you do that well with a mind-blowing demo of their best work that is repurposed into a killer short form video and yes I hear you you're probably asking okay but how do I get access to their video content well it's actually simple than you think most YouTubers actually allow downloads for offline viewing or use platforms that have this feature so just use that but remember please this is just for the purpose of the demo it is not to use for public viewing without their permission okay once you do that CFT that email but make it personal highlight what you love about their content and then hit them with that demo show them what's possible give them a taste of the magic that you can create with their long form content and to make it easier for you we are including an example of an Outreach email that you can use in the free guide that's going to be linked down below and it includes everything it breaks down the entire process including the killer email template but remember this is not Outreach okay this is a partnership proposal so take it accordingly you're offering value a new Avenue for their content and a chance to tap into a whole new audience so you really need to make it count now step number three once you're done with the ground workor you've got the chance is on board it's time to bring the vision to life it's time to execute and I'm not talking about an amateur hour here your weapon of choice needs to be a great editing software and here I'm recommended cap cut online cap cut is literally your secret sauce in this game because it's designed for creators who want to make an impact without spending hours lost in complex software okay it's in my opinion a game changer it's Sleek it's intuitive it's packed with features that will make your shorts mindblowing viewable and sharable and in my opinion it's a Powerhouse that you need in order to transform those long form content pieces into viral short form masterpieces and here's the secret it's not just about cutting down the length as I said it's about capturing the essence of that long form video right the core message and then amplifying it and with cap Cut's range of effects transitions editing capabilities you're going to craft content that is not just going to get views but it's going to get shared and remembered okay because making every second count and every clip share Worthy is your goal and here's the best part whether you're a seasoned editor or just starting out cap cut online meets you where you're at it empower

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