How To Create A FREE Faceless News Channel Using AI – Make US$55K A Month

[Music] this is a news channel it has over 6 million subscribers and averages over 7 million views per day it makes anywhere from $55,000 per month to as much as $888,000 a month and of course this is an established News YouTube channel so we're not going to go after 55 to 800 or close to million per month initially no but I just want to make sure you know that it's possible every major News Network out there they now have a related news channel on YouTube CNN as an example which had a traditional TV channel now has a news channel Fox BBC ABC they were initially just on TV they all now have a news channel on YouTube there's a reason for that rock stars because viewers are slowly but surely migrating to YouTube and you know what the great news is with AI you rock stars yes you can actually own a professional News Channel on YouTube and it won't be associated with one of those big names because it will be independent but that gives you freedom to report on what you want and when you want and you'll be able to do so faceless without using your voice and in a matter of minutes using the method I'm about to show you in this video and I think the best part of all this is that you can do it 100% free leveraging AI of course which is the free options and you can do it from anywhere across the globe rockstars are you ready for this tutorial where I'm going to teach you how to launch your news channel on [Music] YouTube Welcome Back to the Rockstar Newsroom I'm your host Odetta rockhead car and today we will embark on an exciting journey into the world of AI powered News broadcasting stay with us for more rock star that was me putting on my anchor or news anchor Persona because that's what we're going to do in this video but you will not be the person before the camera let's jump right into the video and we're going to start with step one breaking news step one is to create a YouTube channel which is an obvious step right but some of us still don't know how to do that so first you're going to log into your Google account and you're going to use your Gmail email as I'm doing here you're then going to click on your profile icon which is here on the top right hand side of the screen and you're going to click on select account then go to view all channels and here you're going to create a new channel by clicking create a channel it's kind of obvious now let's move to step two now that we have created our Channel we need to figure out what we're going to call it and you're going to need a catchy memorable channel name because that's going to be crucial to grab attention it should be short it should be impactful and ideally it should have something to do with the type of content that we're going to be creating which is news now you're going to use this prompt in chat GPT which is give me name ideas that are short memorable and impactful for my News Channel on YouTube and rockstars as usual as you can see here chat GPT is delivering several options now you can ask for more if you're not happy with the results that you have gotten and you can also combine a piece of a name with something else which is what I'm going to do in this example because I'm going to go with pulse news TV I think that sounds pretty good now when you're setting up your YouTube channel as I'm doing here you're just going to add pulse news TV or whatever your channel name is and then we're going to move to step three which is very important it's branding your channel now branding is key to recognition and identity so for your Channel logo and banner which are the two key elements to your branding we can use chat GPT but this will only work if you have the paid version and yes I'm well aware that I said that everything here you'll be able to do for free so hang on cuz I'll show you how to do this with the canva free version as well but if you already have the paid version of chat GPT don't go out and get it but if you have it just use this prompt create a logo image for my news channel called and you put your channel name there ours of course is pulse news TV and as you can see here rockstars chat GPT is going to give you a beautiful image and I didn't like the first one I got so I regenerated and I absolutely love this one it's in red black and white and if you know me you know I love those colors and I'm going to stick to this one now to get the logo on canva using the free version if you don't have the paid version of chat GPT you can just visit canva and search for logo in the menu options as I'm doing here then you're going to search for news by typing the word news and then you choose a template that you like like and you're going to modify that template with the name of your news channel so let's modify our canva template here with pulse news and because the space is so big at the bottom and I don't want to edit this I'm just going to write television and write out the full word now for Branding you also need a channel banner and you can use this promp in chat GPT again with the paid version give me YouTube channel Banner image that is 1546 or 1 546 by 423 pixels and I'm putting the prompt here on screen so you can follow for my News Channel and you put the name of your news channel rock stars chat GPT gave me amazing results the first go look at this pulse news TV and it has a beautiful Skyline I absolutely love it but again if you don't like the first option that you get just go ahead and regenerate more until you're happy that's a beauty of AI now to get your banner with a free version of canva Select YouTube Banner from the menu here as I'm doing and you're going to search for news by typing the word news then you're going to select the banner that you like and just modify it with the name of your actual Channel and for the channel Watermark here just upload your logo again so that whenever your videos show up on YouTube the logo will be there in the corner and you can have it throughout the video at the beginning or the end of the video by checking the relevant box here now we're on to the exciting step which is step four rock stars it's time to create your news channel so we're going to use Google News to get the news and if you don't know what Google news is go ahead and Google Google news and it should be the first link at the top you're going to browse Google News whenever you're ready to do a news report and you're going to select the article that you want to report on from Google news now you cannot use the Google news article as is for obvious reasons you're going to get flagged for copyright issues because that's plagarism but there is absolutely nothing wrong with reporting on the same news but using different words and paraphrasing it the big news channels do it all the time do you ever notice that sometimes CNN NBC BBC and ABC are reporting on the same thing they just call it something different and the caption or the words they're saying will differ so we are going to paraphrase and we're go

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