I Tried Making $800 in 4 Hours with Google Maps (To See If It Works)

my team just challenged me to make at least 800 as quickly as I could but I cannot use any of the skills that I already have and I have to do it in a way that anyone could and to make it worth my time I'm gonna give myself four hours let's do this okay so let's think strategically what would be a smart business idea that we could choose that we could actually make money with in four hours because every business idea that has to do with physical products like Drop Shipping and Amazon FBA are probably gonna take a lot longer because we need to find a company to Source the product from and then we need to agree on the product features and no that's a no-go but how about print on demand because there I don't need to Source anything I don't need to ship any product myself there's no inventory and I could definitely bring the product to Market in less than four hours but I know myself I will probably want to test the quality of the product and make sure that it's in good shape and that it brings the right value for what I'm charging so no that's a no-go as well so it has to be a service based business wait I could do Consulting I've consulted businesses big and small from startups to multi-billion Dollar corporate operations for the last 18 years I could easily do that well my team said I cannot use any of the skills that I already have so think think how about we try to make money with Google Maps I've always seen loads of opportunity in Google Maps shall we try that let's do this but before we dive straight in let's do one thing let's make sure that we check the viability of this business idea because I don't want to be wasting my time and I'm sure that you don't want to be wasting yours either so let's use a tool that I've mentioned before and that I completely swear by it is one of my secrets and it is always going to show you how much demand exists in any Niche that you choose not only that but it is completely free and you can use it to test demand and interest in any niche in any country around the world at any given time and what I think is even cooler is that and probably the reason why I trust it so much is because it is also from Google which is the largest search engine in the world and because of that you are able to see everything about that Niche that you want to test including be able to compare Trends over time and this way you make sure that whatever you're getting yourself into is not a sinking ship so let's use Google Trends and let's see if this is a good idea or not great so what you want to do is come to trends.google.com and I would suggest you choose the past five years you could do worldwide or you could choose a country you have literally all the countries in the world here and I'm gonna test Google my business first of all and definitely we see that there's consistent high levels of interest but I know that Google changed the name of this product or service and they no longer call it Google my business they call it Google business profile so let's try for that as well and make sure that this also has high demand wow this looks amazing it's definitely a width okay now I'm convinced this is what we're gonna be doing we're gonna be using Google Maps to make the 800 that I committed to my team to do as quickly as possible and I only have three hours and 36 minutes left so we need to hurry up the only problem is I don't know anything about Google Business profiles and I always want to over deliver for my clients it's another one of my secrets I always do it and the more value I add to them the more they want to work with me and build a long-term partnership which allows me later on to add more value deliver more services and be able to charge more and as you can see they get more value I get more value into my company so I can keep growing it so it's always a win-win and you know what they say it's a lot easier to sell to an existing client probably a hundred times easier than it is to acquire a new one alright so let's see if there's a way that I can learn this thing as quickly as possible and Google have a lot of free courses so I bet they must have at least one about Google my business or Google business profile let's check so I'm just going to Google Google business profile manager course and let's look for one from Google here we go Google my business in the skill shop all right Google my business learn how to use your free Google my business to create listings that will stand out when customers search online 42 minutes all right let's do this I've got 42 minutes to learn this all right let's find some businesses to serve and what you want to do and by the way feel free to do this along with me I'm gonna explain it step by step so what you want to do is open Google Maps so maps.google.com and then look for small businesses either in the area where you live or literally anywhere in the world under one condition that you speak the local language of that area I live in Switzerland so for the purposes of this challenge I'm not going to be calling businesses in Switzerland because that means I would need to speak either French or German and in that case maybe not everybody would understand so I'm gonna look for opportunities in small towns in the US so I can speak English and I can record some of the calls and then you guys can see how I handle them okay let's start working all right so now I'm on Google Maps probably everybody has seen this before I don't need to explain to you what it is and what I'm gonna do is first let's find some small towns in the US let's pick Wyoming okay how about sunshine I like sunshine and I miss the sunshine we we haven't seen the sunshine here in Switzerland for a few weeks now okay so let's look for plumber in sunshine okay there we go we already have some now what you want to do is look for small brick and mortar businesses right you can look for hairdressers for pet groomers for plumbers for painters for coffee shops you can obviously also look for higher income businesses like law firms like dentists chiropractors and so forth but my recommendation would be that you try with some smaller less complicated businesses first because you'll probably be able to sell to them relatively easier than it would be to sell to a law firm so let's try it out and see if that works once you found a list of businesses and you see you have them listed here on the left side then what you want to do is try and identify the ones that have incomplete profiles the ones that have not claimed their business account the ones that that have very few reviews very low ranking in search so this way you know there is a lot that you can do to help them so let's see what we can find so I'm definitely not going to call this company because it looks like they have a lot of reviews they already have pictures okay so that's not somebody that I want to talk to let's see the next one this one either no okay let's look lower for companies with a lot less f

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