Laziest Amazon Work From Home Business For Beginners Worldwide: Make Money Online US$4,500 A Month

in today's video I will unveil what might just be the laziest work from home Business for Beginners across the world using a simple but Innovative drag and drop strategy that leverages Amazon's large Online Marketplace to allow you to make passive income now don't get me wrong I'm an advocate for hard work but if there's anything my experience has taught me it's that working smart not only gets you across the finish line but it does so with unprecedented ease and efficiency So today we're going to focus on the smart way of doing things stay tuned rock stars as I guide you through every single step ensuring that you too can make money online with minimal effort but maximum reward [Music] so again you clicked play thank you for that I know you have many other choices so I don't take for granted you becoming a rock star by subscribing and also you hitting play when these videos pop up and if you are a patreon subscriber or a YouTube member I'm appreciative of your support now let's jump right into this video and get our earnings going the easy way or should I say the smart way now I searched the Amazon platform for inspirational shirts and I found several t-shirts with very simple designs like the ones I'm popping up here on screen they each have sold about 300,000 units assuming the typical 5% of buyers actually rate the product and as you can see here these are very simple but creative designs and they sell for about $3.99 per unit with 300,000 units sold per t-shirt that's a potential 4 million Us in revenue for the t-shirt and of course because it's Revenue it's before all your expenses are taken out the designs that I'm going to teach you how to make today rock stars we'll be approaching it the smart or even the lazy way and we'll be taking these designs to another level and Frankly Speaking if these designs can make millions I'm positive that yours will too and we'll be creating them by dragging and dropping and copying and pasting and in doing so you learn how to launch your business on Amazon in minutes now because we're taking the lazy approach here we're going to break it down into very simple Steps step one is to get our design and we're going to create these Graphics the laziest way that you can ever imagine for your designs we're going to use K and for those who don't know K is a design platform that actually enables users to easily create high quality designs and the K link it's actually down in the description it's the link at the top and after clicking that link you'll be able to leverage a 25% discount for K's monthly Pro Plan by using promo code Odetta YT and this is applicable to new users and the best part is you can actually use Kree to create stunning designs but if you want to use the designs that you are creating using k for commercial purposes like selling them them on products that you're going to place on platforms like Amazon a subscription is required now keep in mind that most Graphics platforms out there that are very popular you'll be able to subscribe and you still can't use the images commercially which is why I highly recommend k for this purpose now let's grab our computer so we can create our Graphics now from the kle homepage which is where we are on screen you're going to select template and then T-shirts from the menu in the search box you're going to type inspirational coat poster and as you can see here there are many quotation designs for you to choose from and you can choose any design that appeals to your taste from the kit library now I'm going to select this design I like the colors I like the message the layout and just like that your graphics or your design is actually ready for dragging and dropping and right now you're thinking oh that really yes it is because the great thing about K is you can actually use these designs as is so you have done half of the work of launching your business online already and if you agree so far that this is actually a lazy and easy method to earn I want you to write in the comments for me I can do this and in WR in that you're going to reinforce your desire to launch this new passive income stream online now that you have your design you can also use the mockup option that's available in K and this way you can actually see what your designs will look like on different products just select mockup as I'm doing here and select the products from the options that are there on screen that you actually want to see your design on on and your design will be displayed just adjust the design on the product to suit you and here we go this is what the design we're using today looks like on a t-shirt in various colors rock stars this is what it looks like on a hoodie and on a sweatshirt also in different colors and let's not forget we need a cushion so this is what it looks like on a cushion and of course course we're about to preserve the environment we're going to use reusable bags this is what it's going to look like on a tote just click download mockup to save it to your photos and these mockup images you can actually use when we're ready to start marketing your products on social media platforms or anywhere for that matter because you want people to get a visual of what the product will look like either with them using it on the actual natural thing or wearing it on the actual clothing or accessory and this feature is available right there in the K platform that said we're now on to step two and here we're going to sign up for the Amazon merch on demand platform now I like this platform because obviously there's zero upfront cost when you actually sell your products on Amazon that you have placed your designs on Amazon will take a percentage from the actual payment so you will never need to pay unless you earn and there's no monthly recurring costs associated with Amazon merch on demand the second reason I like it is because it's hassle free Amazon takes care of the actual production meaning taking your design printing it on the product then they ship it to your actual customers's doorsteps after you simply upload it and don't worry I'm going to show you how to upload it later Amazon will handle the rest making it the ideal lazy people business model Amazon also have a global reach with over 2.72 billion unique visitors every single month in 2023 and that number is only expected to increase with time with this large visibility and having access to such a large audience it can significantly increase your ability or potential to get sales and the other reason is because the way you earn with Amazon is very straightforward as a seller you'll earn royalties like I said earlier every time you sell a product and here's the formula for the royalty it's the product's purchase price minus Amazon's cost including in the materials the production and the Fulfillment it's a very straightforward Revenue model rockstars and as such it makes it very easy for you to calculate what's referred to as your royalty or th

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