New Side Hustles Beginners Can Do From Their Phone ($500+ Per Day)

on average people around the globe spend around 3 and 1/2 hours on their phones every single day and most of the time that's for calls texts and endless scrolling but you are smarter than that you understand that time is money and that is why today I really want to share with you these new side hustles that you can do from your phone and make several hundreds of dollars per day without requiring that you have any new skills than those that you already have even if you think you have no skills trust me anybody can do these all right so let's start start with one that I am absolutely certain anybody can do so if you've ever looked at your to-do list and thought could I get paid for this well with this app you definitely can that thought can become a reality so whether you are super talented with a a wrench or a hammer or if you have a talent for navigating Ikea's assembly guidelines then your skills are in demand because you can help busy or not so handy Neighbors with their tasks and errands from moving boxes to mounting TVs your weekend fix it projects could turn into a nice side gig and here I'm talking about task rbit which is an app that offers a large variety of opportunities that apply to anyone who's looking to just lend a hand for everyday task to your neighbors you can clean homes uh which can earn between $95 to $177 per task to more specialized things like Ikea f furniture assembly or um you know mounting TVs or fixing the sink and the rates depend a lot uh obviously based on what you do but you can make per hour typically between $20 to $50 so that can nicely add up especially if you specialize in those more better paid tasks and now if you're going to say well laa I have no skill I don't like to use my hands I more of an artistic person well I have got you covered because this next one is is also super easy because basically your smartphone Gallery can become a nice potential for earnings for you as well because with these two apps you are able to turn your digital snapshots into digital cash these platforms obviously are about selling your photos and the whole point of these platforms is that they look for organic authentic natural regular videos and pictures so from that perfect C of coffee to a spontaneous I don't know dance in the rain those are the kind of photos that you can sell on these platforms and you might be surprised to see your photos being used on websites in marketing campaigns or in ads all right so here I am talking about two apps specifically one is called f f o a p and the other one is called I am I as an i and e m not I am and while f doesn't specifically mention how much you can make by selling photos there on I you can tell that a photo gets sold between $279 to $314 and you make upwards of 50% of that so regardless of whether you are a professional photographer or if you are just passionate about taking snapshots of everyday life that could be a really great idea for you to basically use your phone to make more money right the third one is also something that you can do as you go about your everyday because you can make your everyday grocery run into an income generating activity or Mission might I say yeah yeah you heard that right because these two apps that I'm going to share with you basically invite you to become uh the eyes and ears of brands in local stores in your area so this is basically an undercover operation that you would be doing for them to gather intelligence on product placement on pricing on promotions so you are not just the consumer you are also on an assignment on a mission to support the company that is paying for that promotional activity except obviously you don't have a cloak or a dagger or anything like that you're basically just using your phone okay and here I'm talking about observa and field agent they are two apps that provide opportunities for anyone to earn money by completing very simple tasks like reviewing product prices or displays in store they are simple microt tasks that typically pay obviously by task and they don't make you Millions but you instead of just paying when you go grocery shopping you would making some money sometimes up to $20 per task so I think it's worth taking a look at them number four this one is such a cool one so have you ever thought that your selfies can sponsor your lifestyle well with this app that can actually happen and and this app turns um your social media passion or habit into a way to make extra money stylinity is the app that I'm talking about and basically they are Keen to buy selfies with product placement so that those can be used by brands in promotions and campaigns and so on and so forth and they don't say specifically how much you can make but I mean getting paid to take selfies sounds like a pretty cool side hustle to isn't it all right number five this one I think is so so important and I absolutely love it and I've never heard anybody talk about it so you could be the really critical Link in someone's major purchasing decision particularly when they look to buy a car this platforms empowers anybody to become a trusted advisor because they would inspect vehicles and more but let's talk more about cars before they are bought by distant buyers so basically what you would be doing is essentially driving to the place of the seller and validating what someone is actually buying and you're providing them peace of mind and ensuring quality and preventing regrets in the end of the day right so you're the on the ground expert and the critical eye that they can hire to get that peace of mind and this platform that I'm talking about is called we go look you can use it on your phone and it focuses on providing services such as inspecting cars before purchase as I said and they uh call the people who work with them Lookers and a looker can typically make between uh 15 to $30 per look and this look wouldn't take more than 15 to 30 minutes so I think you know the rate is pretty nice however you want to make sure that you don't sign up for jobs that are very very far away from the place where you are because obviously then you would have to cover the costs for the gas and the cost for your time and that might not make it that profitable at the end of the day so be careful and choose the tasks that are as close to your house as possible number six this one literally makes making money a walk in the park pun intended so here I'm talking about combining your love for Animals particularly dogs with the joy of the outdoor so if you love walking then here's an idea for you because you can make money literally by walking new Furry Friends okay yes you guessed it I'm talking about becoming a dog walker and you could do that with apps like wag or Rover because they can make your walk in the park a lot more lucrative especially in busy metropolitan areas because on average dog walkers can earn ear $20 per half an hour walk with obviously possibilities to learn more if you of

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