I TRIED Earning $500 Per Day on Fiverr using AI

welcome or welcome back to my I tried it series where I try outside hustles found here on YouTube to see whether or not they actually work and whether you can make a little bit of extra money from them today I'm trying out one that I have found on several different channels the videos that I watch discuss opening an account with f Pro to sell products or services that you can utilize AI to actually create you know what Fiverr is it's like a freelancing website where you can offer freelancing services and what these videos are actually saying is that you don't have to have the talent that you can utilize AI to produce these services for paying customers offering services like creating product labels or small ads for ad campaigns now the channels that I have found this specific side hustle recommendation on include altered income Dave Nick real money strategies Mr money and Louise key all of these videos are basically saying the same thing and handing out a lot of promises the Fiverr strategy that anybody can use to start earning over $5,000 every single month without any skills by using a new AI tool that's going to do all of the work for us and this method is 100% free you don't need any prior skills on knowledge and we can set this up in under only 10 minutes here are the three absolute best ways right now to make money on Fiverr using artificial intelligence and the beauty is you don't even need to do the service yourself because AI will do it all for you you can easily make up to $10,000 a month using these strategies but you can do a lot more if you really take it into a business and apply apply these strategies at scal so how can you make $500 a day on Fiverr with no previous experience and no special skills more importantly how do you do it as a brand new seller with no reviews no sales record and how do you even get your first sale with no previous experience after I tried this out for myself it's very clear that none of these channels did any research or did this themselves for example in these videos the very first step is opening up a Fiverr Pro account and then the next step is opening up an account with something like Kaa or KD in order to utilize the AI Within These servers to create the product or service that the P customers will be ordering the first thing that I did was I headed over to Fiverr website as you can see here on the Fiverr website all I did was go up here and clicked the down arrow on Fiverr Pro and underwear it says I want to offer Pro Services that's exactly where I clicked now this is exactly where it gets extremely interesting because once you click on that and it just so happens none of these videos actually talk about how to create a Fiverr Pro account because once you click on that you can see on the Fiverr website right here Fiverr Pro is the place for top tier vetted Freelancers to advance their careers and access exclusive opportunities if you scroll down you can see bring on the benefits you will get a pro badge access to premium clients client recommendations customer protection exclusive community and past work experience so scroll down a little bit more which I did the application process includes your application which you'll have to submit the application form screening so a category expert reviews your application so for this it would be graphic design the next one is decision we will notify you of approval denial or followup and the fourth is an interview okay let's keep scrolling down here here's how we vet our free ancers okay so these videos are making it seem super easy to just sign up with Fiverr utilize AI even though you have no idea what you're doing and sell your services and make $500 a day okay here's how they vet their Freelancers skills and expertise significant experience in your specialized field quality delivers impressive previous work portfolio and notable clients and you guys this is just how you get approved for actually selling on Fiverr next work in education relevant work experience and accredited expertise next digital presence maintain active pages on relevant networks complete profile language proficiency High motivation performance metrics top ratings and reviews in an outside of Fiverr once you go into apply you have to actually add in all of your work experience your education and graphic design so yes if you're in graphic design if you're a pro in this if you went to school for this and you're not maybe you could utilize AI for this if you have all of the relevant experience and education yes but for me when I went to give this a try I realized I'm not going to just create a completely fake profile completely embarrass myself totally lie about work experience totally lie about being a graphic designer and being able to you know create product labels or being an ad campaign graphic person where I could actually even create any of that and then just lie I don't think so this one is a complete BS and in fact if any of these creators had actually even looked into this themselves they would have realized all of the hard work past experience and expertise that you have to have in order to actually do this if you're watching this video and you are an expert in graphic design or digital marketing or something to that nature probably you're not going to be the one watching this video because you probably already have that experience and you're probably already making money with it but the whole idea from this video was going to be selling services and utilizing AI to make money that's not going to happen if you have a recommendation for something you would like to see me try in the future please leave a comment down below I'll be happy to look into those give them a try for you all as always thank you so much for your support and I look forward to seeing you in my next video bye-bye

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