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hey guys welcome back to my channel and thank you so much for tuning in in today's video I'm going to be sharing with you on honey gain I'm going to let you know whether or not I still think honey gain is a passive income effortlessly platform that it used to be or not I'm going to just share my insights my experience my earnings with this money making platform if you're interested in that Ure you stick with me until the end of this video is I'll be taking you through the platform dissecting it yes guys it's going to be detailed as I've used this platform for several years now do find out more information if you're new here welcome to the channel thank you so much for joining us my name is Queen magani I share information on how to make money online and that's what you'll find in this channel so what I do here is simply going out there to research different platforms I always test them out I share with you guys these different side hassles and you get to test them out as well so if you haven't subscribed to the channel and you're looking for different ways different options websites platforms applications for making money online consider subscribing and joining this family because that's all I share I have a library of content that you can check out without wasting any more time let's get started with today's video honey gain is a platform that pays for sharing internet data and how it works is you're going to install a plug-in on your desktop computer or an application on your mobile phone and whenever you browse the internet that application or plug-in is going to collect data of what you are browsing I know the main concern is generally safety if this information is being collected from my devices what about my personal details what about my passwords and all of that am I safe using this platform or not this is the question that I've always had using this platform they do provide some information on their website that you can check out about Safety and Security how they keep you safe and how they use your data so you need to read that app to ensure that you're comfortable working with this platform sharing your data with them before you can get started but this is a platform that I use and have been using for several years so yeah guys honey is the website that I'm looking at here on my screen I'm on their homepage and they let you know here that you earn passive income effortlessly by downloading their platform now this platform is recognized by different Industries and experts you can read up more information about that what I want to focus on is how you can make money with this platform so as you know you can make money here by sharing your internet data your unused internet data but there are other ways they've introduced of earning money here like the daily lucky part where if you are really lucky you can win up to $100 a day but if not you can win two points Five Points 10 points and so on on a daily basis the points have reduced their days when you open and you earn one point this is something that I'm not loving about the daily lucky pot on honey you're also going to end some points when you achieve certain goals for example with the daily lucky pot they have a 7 Day a 21 day a 30 day of consistent opening the lucky pot and on the final day you earn you know rewards for achieving that without missing a date which will set you back so here you can earn up to 500 honey gain credits when you achieve a goal so you see here they say unlock various achievements and claim your rewards complete different TK and redeem honey gain credits they have referrals which I think is an awesome way of earning money with this plat when you refer others to use the platform they're going to get $3 us as a sign up bonus whenever they cash out you're going to get a permanent bonus of 20% of all traffic they share you also get 1,000 honey gain credits if your referral request a pay out for the first time you can also make more money here by doing content delivery so this tab over here it did take long for me to be accepted for Content delivery but now that I've been accepted I reached Cash Out threshold much faster now that I've enabled content delivery so now let's talk about the ease of use of this platform this is going to be one of the easiest platforms you will find out there because you simply Plug and Play In other words once you've downloaded the honey platform you forget about it it runs in the background and you just keep on accumulating points in the background while you are doing your daily browsing of the internet on a scale of 1 to 100 this is about 9 9990 easy to use this is how the Honey Game dashboard looks like once you've logged into your account everything will be out there for you so on the overview tab over here you will see your current balance as you can see 16 15,622 and4 is $166 220 Cash Out threshold here is 20 us they do offer you that $3 to start with however that doesn't mean that you can cash out much faster there are so many determining factors you know that determines how you cash out such as your internet speed how much browsing you do and all of that so you can check out more information on the website now if you go on the next tab on the left here is your statistics here you can see how much you're Gathering how much content delivery your referrals your winnings and other ways that you are getting points and earning money in the past last month last 30 days and so on the next tab here is your transaction history this is going to show you how many points you've earned from you know Gathering From content delivery your winnings your referrals it's also going to show you pay out you know the amount of money that you've cashed out from the platform when you've cashed out and so on and yeah guys I'm so excited it seems to be growing in the previous month or in March I cashed out 33 us generally I cash out only $20 with this platform doing referrals content delivery so it's really exciting to see that there is a bit of traction and growth on that level the next tep over here is your achievements you'll see here they say open the lucky pot 30 times in a row don't miss any days to complete and you're going to end some rewards for that which I think is so difficult because of the times you know sometimes that you have to open the lucky Port they've also partnered with another platform called jump task here I'm not going to explain jump task in a lot of words but when you select the jump task wallet over here you can select the jump task dashboard if you haven't signed up to jump task you can simply first sign up to the platform I'm going to leave you resources and information that will help you get started but this is another option that is with honey gay now let me tell you my Hest experience with Hy gain first of all honey gain is a legit platform that's going to pay you for browsing the internet and other tasks that they've just added up in the platfor

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