BEST Way to Start Dropshipping in 2024 | STEP BY STEP (FREE COURSE)

hey body and business family my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and welcome to today's free course All About Drop Shipping if you guys are new here people charge thousands of dollars for free courses just like this and all I ask in return for this free education is just hit that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my channel so I can continue to make free courses just like this so why should you start a Drop Shipping Store and is Drop Shipping right for you so Drop Shipping is a great business model if you are new to the e-commerce game if you're just starting off selling online it allows you to start an online business without making a actual commitment to ordering inventory and you don't even have to worry about shipping the product yourself it's great if you're wanting to start a side hustle so you can definitely start this if you are working a job or if you're in school and it's also great if you are somebody that you want to work from anywhere if you want to work from home if you want to work remotely this is a great business model for you as well because you are not dealing with the inventory and you're not worrying about the shipping of the products either so today in this free course I'm going to show you how to find a winning product and how to pick your Niche for your online store I'm going to be showing you how to create a free logo and pick a name for your business I'm going to show you how to set up your online store how to add products to that online store how to connect and fulfill your Drop Shipping orders which is way easier than the videos I have shown you in the past since it will be all automatic I'll also be showing you how I Market my online store with no ads and lastly I'll be going over a little bit of the legal stuff with Drop Shipping what I personally did when I first started off Drop Shipping so for the beginners here let's go over what Drop Shipping is when Drop Shipping I want you to think of yourself as the middleman between a buyer and a supplier so you are going to set up an online store and let's just make up a random cost here we're going to pretend like you're selling a product for 150 on your store when a customer places an order you are going to order this product from your supplier but instead of sending it to yourself you are going to send it straight to the customer you're going to buy this product at a wholesale price of a hundred dollars and you're going to keep the profits of fifty dollars let's talk about some difficulties that people face when they start a Drop Shipping Store by understanding these difficulties this will allow you to actually see them for what they are so you can figure out what's going to be the best for you to get past these difficulties to have a successful store so first one is product research people usually have a hard time finding products to sell so this is the newest platform that I've been using to find products on and I'm going to break everything down for you guys today throughout this video for you are able to save time and money by really looking through Best Sellers and this platform Auto DS really filters that for you and this new method will help you to find products to sell easier the second difficulty that people have when starting a Drop Shipping Store is finding a good supplier so you guys might have found a product that you like but then you have the difficulty of finding an actual supplier that ships fast that you can trust to get your orders out fast to the buyer so for example if AliExpress has a 30-day shipping time autods can assist in finding an even better shipping time and even serve as the supplier the third difficulty that people have with Drop Shipping is that sometimes the packaging of the orders that are being from sent from the supplier to the buyer aren't the best sometimes they have you know lots of like Chinese lettering on them sometimes they have um brand logos on them of the suppliers they usually don't include receipts in packages so that's never an issue for me but what has been an issue for me Drop Shipping in the past and so many of you guys as well is you know you just not really knowing what that package is going to look like and like how it's going to be received by the buyer so that causes an issue because then long term it's harder to grow your store sure you're going to make some money up front but the long-term results of that is you having customers that will probably never want to shop with you again these three main things definitely make it difficult for beginners to start a successful Drop Shipping Store but with the new methods that I found for you guys that I'm going to be introducing for you guys in this free course today I really really hope that you will now be able to have a new resource and a new way to get past these difficulties in order to build your successful Drop Shipping Store now you absolutely do not need thousands of dollars to start Drop Shipping so when I first started off Drop Shipping I first started with zero dollars and I found methods and ways that you can use to actually start with no money but with my my own Journey withdraw shipping and seeing what you guys have also been having problems with as well I knew I needed to do more research for you guys to find new ways to start Drop Shipping as a beginner not only a successful dropshipping business but to build a brand that you can continue to grow and flourish with long term if you are someone that you have absolutely no money and you need a way to start with no money I do have free courses on my YouTube channel that can help you to get started although this video and this free course today is going to be geared towards those that are okay with spending some money up front in order to build a successful business long term all you will really need to actually get started today will only be three dollars so it's not a huge difference from my other videos and I really think this method that I'm going to show you today will be valuable for you long term as well now let's talk about how to pick a niche for your Drop Shipping Store if you guys don't know what Niche means Niche just means the theme or like what you are selling like your like what your brand is about like my brand is about dog products so I'm in the dog Niche Pet Care Niche so here are the top Niche categories that can hopefully give you some ideas this includes Beauty pets technology kids products gifts and Fitness so I always say sell what you know you will be able to enjoy marketing to be completely honest with you you are not going to just start a Drop Shipping Store and just like pick anything and expect that you don't have to do any other work after that it doesn't work that way and you have to pick something that you know you at least have to enjoy or you have to believe in yourself so for example I like to use this analogy so me personally I have

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