7 am morning routine! PET SITTING IN AN RV TRAILER

good morning I'm pet sitting for three weeks in a park trailer taking care of Spencer the dog and Fritz the Cat I just started pet sitting as a side gig two months ago and I know some people might think this is like a super random job for someone who runs an online business because like I'm picking up dog food and stuff but hey I've been loving it so far for a lot of different reasons which I'll explain later [Music] so if there's something you want to do don't be scared of what other people think of you anyways in the morning this is when I do most of my pet sit duties and then I pretty much have the entire day to myself to do my own things except for walking Spencer several times throughout the day which is actually nice because I can time it for after I eat meals and when I want to take breaks need to take the garbage every morning I refill Spencer and Fritz's food and water and I also refill it during the day if it gets low Fritz gets wet food two times a day oh aren't they adorable running is my go-to exercise so I go for a run the views around this neighborhood are amazing I love it so much not sure if you know but I mentioned in my previous videos that my dream is to try the digital Nomad lifestyle and this is kind of like it except I'm not like in Europe or Asia I'm one and a half hours drive away from Vancouver where I live it's been such a journey and I want to remind you that if you have a dream you can achieve it with small steps along the way just like I'm doing right now I come back stretch shower do my skincare routine and then make breakfast I pretty much eat the same thing for breakfast every day whether I'm pet sitting or at home and that's milk eggs and toast with peanut butter I really can't live without peanut butter let me know in the comments if you like peanut butter too so usually I just enjoy my breakfast but today because I'm filming this morning routine video I'm actually typing up the script as I go through my morning so I don't forget what I did oh my gosh six new subscribers yesterday yay the reason why I'm in a trailer is because I was originally supposed to pets it in someone's house but their house is under renovation and the renovations were complete but actually I prefer the trailer it's a way cooler experience and I can make cooler videos oh by the way subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos like this the trailer doesn't have a kettle so every day I boil water using the pot so I can drink tea oh and they told me not to drink tap water I think it's because the trailer being hooked up to the water and might not be as clean as the house I don't really know but that is why I'm drinking bottled water so yesterday I already wrote down a plan of what I'm going to do today which is September 1st and you'll see I did put put out the garbage this morning and then I'm filming the morning routine and then at 10 o'clock I have a meeting with Richard I'm gonna work on a new business idea do some research and then the rest of the day is um just work and then working at my part-time job aisle and then dinner and then yeah it's gonna be a pretty chill day before I start work I always like to do some kind of self-care or grounding activity like journaling reading or meditating today I meditated and while I work and go about my day Spencer and Fritz just pretty much chill there hope you enjoyed this 7 A.M morning routine video let me know in the comments if you did and check out my other pet sitting videos if you want to see more foreign [Music]

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