How I Got a Book Deal & Wrote a Bestseller

if you want to write a book I want to tell you how you can do it writing a book was a dream of mine for a really really long time in 2011 I was going to bed one night and lying in bed all of a sudden I just started to get ideas for stuff I wanted to write down and say as it happens there was a notebook and Pen by my bed so I just began scribbling and scribbling and scribbling oh my gosh I feel like I've just started writing a book after that I got really excited and I was like I am going to lock myself away and I'm gonna write this book I locked myself away for a week and pressured myself to write this book it was so bad I knew in my heart it was so bad but anyway I ignored that and I proceeded and I remember getting the book printed and physically having it in my hands and while it was exciting I knew that there's no way in hell I could ever share the contents of that book with anyone because it was just rubbish I knew I wanted to write a book but it's like how you actually write a book that you feel really good about how do you go about getting it published so I really want to take you behind the scenes of my journey in this episode foreign if you are a coach or consultant a service based business a product-based business course creates a membership site owner whatever kind of business you run creating a book can create so much Authority credibility you can raise your profile it can create visibility it's just an incredible tool if you think about it if you've read a book of someone that you love how did it change the way you thought about that person or felt about that person I know for me when I read books of people that I love I hold them up here like it just changes the way that I view them and it just creates so much more Authority and often when I read a book that's really good I just want to know that person more I want to buy stuff from them I trust them I feel like I've got a much deeper relationship with them we can all write a book we can all create a book so I've got some really important tips to share with you on how you can do this and make it easier for yourself so this is my book she means business it was published in 2017 with Hay House who was the publisher I dreamed about getting published with oh my gosh to get this out of me it took a long time I was like if I want to get published with Hay House then I should go along and like get to know people at Hay House and as a publisher Hay House often run lots of in-person events so they were having an in-person event in London for Gabrielle Bernstein a Hay House author so I decided to go along get in the line and get my book of her signed by her and then when I got to the front I asked her if I could interview her because what was she going to say no right then they're like in front of other people she said yeah sure and she connected me with somebody at Hay House to sort out so then once I've been connected with the people at Hay House I was like if there are any other authors I can interview or if there's anything else I could do to support you let me know and so I want you to kind of like Get on their radar and for them to know about me and like what I was doing firstly my tip in that if you want to write a book and you want to get it published you can do it but start making connections start figuring out okay who is the publisher I would love to get published with did they host events what do they do how can I connect with them how can I connect with them on social media how can I get on their radar how can I be helpful to them how can I be supportive to them and think about that think about how you can start establishing those relationships in 2015 I got an email from the editor a hay house and she said I've been following you online for about the past six months I really like what you're doing and would you be interested in writing a book and I was like oh my gosh this is hey I was coming and saying this and I was like yes and so I said I was interested and I ended up signing a publishing deal with Hay House then it became the hard challenge of like getting this book out of my head this is probably the hardest part for so many of us because we get in our own way and we think but I'm not the expert who am I to write this and we overthink it we think we have to be someone we're not and it can become really challenging for me my biggest struggle was feeling like I was writing this business book but feeling like I didn't have all the answers how could I write this business book and it felt like massive imposter syndrome and for me one of the biggest shifts I made was I'm not writing this book because I have all the answers I'm writing the book to share my story my experiences and the things that I have learned that have helped me and when I realized that it became doable because I knew how to share that information I wasn't trying to be something I'm not I wasn't trying to be this Guru that had it all figured out I was just trying to be me and share my own story and experiences and that as an author is all we can ever really do in order to like write this book the first thing was really sitting down and kind of getting the bones of it in place I knew I wanted to write a book for women in business to help them to build successful online businesses and so I divided it into three sections the first section was called she shows up for her dreams which was all about like the inner work and like who you need to be to actually build a successful business the second part was like she gets herself out there to shine it was like okay what you actually need to do to build your business to get started in your business to get yourself out there to build your profile your credibility your Authority and then the third part was called she's Unstoppable which was like okay so now you've got that business how do you actually grow away talking about team and mentors how to avoid overwhelm um how to like celebrate wins take care of yourself that kind of piece so I knew I wanted those three sections so the first thing is like really try and create like the framework or the bones of your book know what the sections are going to be and then once they've created those sections I literally we got some Post-it notes and I started to write out what did I want to say in each section and I got different colors for each section and I began to write out what I wanted to talk about so I thought about my stories I thought about my experiences I thought about the tips I wanted to share and I just began like playing around with the Post-it notes and moving things around and until I could start to like build a picture up of like what did I want to say in each section I would often find myself feeling blocked and staring at a blank screen thinking I don't know where to begin so I actually got my phone out and began making audio notes for myself and then I would waffle on in my phone about what I wanted to say and then I sent it off and

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