I’m struggling… to balance dating & work. What should I do??

when I posted my day the life Vlog I had one comment about how I never share things about my personal life and actually when I look back at the analytics and look at what parts of the videos did well actually you can see here like the last part where I talk about going on a date that part did really well so people are rewatching that and they want to hear more about my personal life and so this week I thought I would just share a little bit more about how I'm balancing things because I'm struggling a little bit and like I never share about my personal life on my YouTube or my Instagram like rarely I'll tell you the good first okay so the good thing is with my business I feel like it's actually going pretty well these days I'm getting more brand deals which is super duper exciting this is what I really really wanted to do at the beginning of the year my whole struggle with being self-employed for the past almost 5 years it's been like 4 and 1/2 years the income part has just been really difficult YouTube AdSense is pretty good it's about 1,700 USD per month which is pretty good and as you know my Etsy Shop is like not doing that well it's making $200 to $300 in profit every month so now with the brand deals it is more like a full-time income as we go into December I'm actually doing a little bit more calligraphy so as a calligrapher the holiday time is usually a little bit more busy because there are companies who want to hire you to do on-site events stuff like that so I do have one on-site event scheduled I'm really excited okay so I'm having a lot of trouble balancing my dating life and my personal life um I guess to give you some context I am like just going on dating apps again it's been around 2 months okay it's been really fun meeting people but then like really tiring so I'm going on a lot of first dates I'd be tired from working then I'd be tired from going on all these dates I'll tell you how I am balancing all of this and if you are also struggling to balance your personal life whether or not you're dating like you might be in a relationship you might have other personal things going on but if you're trying to balance personal life and work life maybe the things that I share will be helpful so I'm definitely prioritizing self-care I'm doing the regular stuff that I do so I'm journaling I am making sure I sleep 8 hours a day recently I've been doing more yoga which has been really great because it's just another activity that lets me be more calm it's nice to like move my body and but also be present in the moment while I do yoga so that has been really really nice after I came back from Asia 2 months ago I've actually been trying to focus more on work because I feel like when I was traveling I couldn't really focus that well so I'm trying to do more but I guess I'm trying to be more productive when I work I'll start work at around 9 or 10 every single day and then I'll finish around 3 or 4:00 with a 45 minute to a 1H hour lunch break if I'm at home in the evenings then I'll usually do do one more hour so that usually adds up to around 5 to 6 hours of actual work it forces me to focus and get things done but then I don't burn out so for me it's a really good balance so I think one thing I've always so I think one thing I've always been trying to get better at is listening to my body so sometimes I'll have a really tiring workday like maybe I have some meetings or I'm like filming two YouTube videos or something and then going out for dinner or something or like on the week and when I'm going and meeting people for dates I really have to listen to my body and rest sometimes that means taking naps I usually don't take naps but like in the last 2 months sometimes I take naps now so I'm trying to get better at this but just like listening to my body and actually resting and when I'm resting to not feel bad about resting because you can rest but then you can some people might tend to feel bad and like I think I tend to feel that way oh actually there's this really great book that I got a couple years ago it's about basically productivity and how it's okay to not be productive and there's some really really good quotes in here maybe I'll put them up on the video I'm just trying to enjoy every single day and honestly with my business like I do love every single day like I love making videos and content I mean and I I don't know like okay I'm like so used to filming at my desk but actually this is really nice just filming outside in fresh air cuz my room sometimes gets stuffy and it just feels like work but then here outside it doesn't really feel like work like I feel like I'm just talking to a friend hopefully there's no wind in my audio so I am struggling with balancing dating and my work but I'm also generally struggling with dating too like this is like the first time in my life where I've met multiple people at the same time like going on first dates also second and third dates never done that before in my life like I would only be seeing one person at a time I think the right way to date is to actually meet a lot of people cuz you don't know what you like what you don't like I do have a general idea but still like I'm still refining it it's nice to meet people who are out of your bubble who usually you wouldn't interact with and it's been actually really really interesting like all the conversations I've had with people a lot of people I could see myself being friends with yeah something I'm struggling with is just like balancing everything throughout these two months of starting to date again I've been actually listening to a lot of podcasts about dating because like I would listen to podcast before on dating oh my God the lighting is so bad okay whatever I don't care as I'm listening to all these dating podcasts everything that they say it's pretty applicable to my life so I feel like as I'm listening to it I'm absorbing it a lot more effectively because I can directly apply it to everything that's going on so I'll link some of of my favorite podcasts below so for anything that you are struggling in life I would definitely check out long form podcasts I love the ones that are 1 to 2 hours long something else I'm also listening to is affirmations about love I've always been into affirmations like I would say my own affirmations I would listen to affirmations about business success and selfworth and making money I feel like I have some patterns or I guess old issues from the past that they start to come up when I'm seeing new people so with the affirmations that I'm listening to on YouTube they really remind me and they really allow me to be open to these new ideas that oh like you know this can be true for me so it's opening my mind up to different thoughts which I think is really good there's one particular thing that I'm like really really struggling with when it comes to dating I am actually getting a therapist so yesterday morning I messaged my friend who

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