This Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Strategy Can Make You $2,000 Weekly (2024)

so today I've got something very special for you guys today I'm going to show you one of the simplest ways to make money with affiliate marketing in 2024 as you can see from my screen right now I've used this strategy to make thousands of dollars and it continues to make me passive income every single month this method involves using some secret websites I'm going to share with you shortly to post free ads that's right you're going to be able to post ads without paying any money and you will get traffic clicks and most importantly this will convert into sales on your affiliate products and makes it so simple and easy is that you don't need to go out there and create no videos you don't need to create a website you don't need to have a big social media following and all you need to do is just post these ads which will take you less than 2 minutes so that being said sit back relax take some notes you're about to learn a lot right here so let's go ahead and jump right into it all right so moving into the first step of the tutorial here the first thing that we need to do is find an affiliate marketplace where we can gain access to different products to promote on these free ad platforms there's a number of different ones that you can go for like ClickBank impact JV Zoo Warrior plus Awin and the list just goes on and on right for today's tutorial I'm just going to go for the most popular one that majority of you guys know about and that is ClickBank once You' selected the marketplace that you want to go with all you have to do is just go ahead and log in right here and you'll be able to see that you have a number of different categories that you can choose from right and that's the beauty of the strategy you can pick any Niche that you want and this will work for you as long as you follow exactly what I'm about to show you and select the right product so what I'm going to do right here is just click on all and then select one of the categories right here as you guys know this channel is all about making money online business and just you know growing financially select the E business and E marketing Niche sort this by gravity from high to low right this is just going to let me know what products are selling right now which is a very important factor we don't want to do any guess work right here we don't want to try any products that are not showing us signs that they're selling because we're going to be running ads here we want to make sure that when people click on these ads these products are high converting so that we can make the most amount of money so straight off the back here you can see this first product which is live chat jobs they're paying out $51 so for every person that sees your ads click your link and maybe purchase a bit ClickBank will pay you out $51 for promoting this product and as you can see the gravity score is quite high right here says 231 as we scroll down right here you have a gravity score of 139 this product is paying out a little bit less this is about you know $19 and another one right here is about $82 you can pick any of these top three and you will be good right in any n you can pick the top three you'll be able to go ahead and start promoting them what i' would recommend you do is probably go for one of the higher ticket ones so this one right here pays up $412 this is a large amount to get paid out anything from $400 to $500 per sale that you make from a product that is higher toet affiliate marketing from here what we want to do is just grab your link so I'm just going to go with the top one for example sakes because this one's the most popular one on here all you want to do is just click where it says promote and then you want to just put in your account nickname and then you're going to click create hop link from here you're going to get a unique affiliate link that looks something like this it's going to look a little bit spammy it's going to be like a long-winded link right this is the link that we're going to be using with the ad platforms that I'm going to show you shortly and I'm going to show you a number of different Platforms in a second right here you're going to be able to use this link put onto the ad platforms once your ads gets traffic this is your unique link that you're going to click on and once they make a purchase of it you will get paid out in this case to $51 now once you're done selecting a product that fits the category of high ticket and it's in high demand meaning that it has a high gravity you're finished with step number one and you're now ready to move into step number two now before we go ahead and move into that next step I want to take a quick moment of your time to share with you something that's going to essentially save you money online and stop you from encountering the same problems that I did so around last year this time someone actually took out a cash loan in my name leading to an unexpected financial burden where I had to pay back up to $4,000 and it's not what you think I didn't fool for some obvious scam online or anything like that someone had actually stolen my identity this is actually a lot more common than you think and it starts because there's so much information about you out there where data Brokers collect your information and sell it back online think about how many spam calls you get that's probably because someone out there has collected your information and sold it back onto a third party your full name your email your home address your health records everything is out there spam is actually the best case scenario but in my case this is the worst thing that could have possibly happened so here's how to protect yourself with the sponsor of this video AA Ora gives me access to all of the information of the data Brokers that are selling my information and automatically submits to opt out form for me they also go as far as to show you if your information has been shared on the dark web cleaning up my information drastically reduces spam and the chances of me being an identity theft victim in the future they monitor all of my bank accounts looking for fraud and they provide up to $1 million identity theft Insurance for every ad on my plant I also get other features like antivirus VPN password management parental control identity theft Insurance and more without having to download several apps it's extremely easy to set up and best of all you can get everything at one affordable price Aura is always on doing the hard work keeping my information safe so I can focus on all my tasks with a peace of mind I value my privacy a lot so this is something that definitely came in handy for me if you don't want to experience spam identity theft like I then I highly recommend you check out the first link in the description to Aura it will take you over to wisdoms speaks where you'll be able to get a free 2E trial just to test this out for yourself see if this is something for you with tha

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