as of today that I'm filming this video I have only made $5.6 just by watching videos and taking surveys using this website if you look at the screen right now you'll see that this is my email this is how much I have made and this is when I started using this website so it's not like I'm pulling screenshots from anywhere like your favorite YouTubers the fun part is I have personally withdrawn money directly into my local bank account from those website and to prove to you that this is real I am going to be withdrawing and another $5 directly from this website in this video although I also understand that $5 is probably not a lot of money to some people but trust me when I tell you that it adds up over time and this can only solve your shortterm money issues I live in Nigeria and $1 is currently selling for almost 1,200 naira now if I multiply 1,2 by 5 that means I have made something around 6,000 naira just by performing simple task on this website and in reality if we are being honest the money would at least be able to do your data subscription for a month one thing I however need you to understand is that it takes quite a lot of time and consistency to make real money on the internet especially from all of this websit I talk about because in reality nobody would hand over free $500 to you without gaining anything valuable from you in return so you see all those YouTubers telling you that you will make 7,000 instantly without doing anything I just lying to you and making themselves richer instead anyways in this video I'm going to be sharing with you a website that will pay you real money just for takeing simple task online and basically all you have to do is take surveys and watch videos depending on your region I have also said times without number that region plays a significant role in getting task so if you're in Nigeria or any other African countries do not expect to get as many roles or as many task as someone in the UK us or even Canada now if you want to find out the website that will give you something as little as $5 in a month which is what I have made and I think is pretty realistic then sit back and keep on [Music] watching so this is going to be a very easy and straightforward video and I have talked about this website a couple of times on this channel but because I have personally tried it out and it works absolutely fine it only makes sense to talk to you guys about it in details so make sure you watch until the very end because I am also going to be sharing with you a simple trick to make more money than others on this website this is like a secret tip that will make you get surveys and video ads every time you go on this website to check which can potentially increase your earning power you see the thing I really love about this website is that there is always a task to perform as long long as you know where to check as long as you know where to look which is what I am also going to be sharing with you later on in this video so irrespective of the time you check or where you're checking from there is always a task and the best part of all of this is that it is available worldwide so you can use it from any part of the world makes sense I know right but before I go into the details of this website let me run you through the withdrawal process because this is end down one of the most asked questions and that is also understandable because it is highly important to know if it is going to wor your precious time or not as I said earlier on this website all you have to do is take surveys watch video ads every single day and get paid don't worry I'm going to be sharing with you the name of the website later on in this video but you can also go ahead to download it via the link in my description box if you not interested in this trick I'm about to show you however if you stay with me until the very end of this video I am going to give you the secret tip that will make you get surveys every time you go onto the website to check and you can simply increase your earning power just by doing that so like I showed you earlier these are my details and if I click on cash out right here it's going to take me straight to the withdrawal options and here we can find all the withdra options available it is also important to know that this is going to vary depending on where your checking from but since I am in Nigeria the available withdrawal options are amazon.com starting from $5 which means the minimum you can withdraw using this option is $5 pay owners starting from $25 PayPal us do starting from $10 Amazon UK starting from $5 there is Amazon es there is zando Crill Steam and reward itly so basically these are all the reward options available to us in Nigeria now for obvious reasons an average Nigerian doesn't have access to PayPal you can only send but you cannot receive money I do have a PayPal account and if you'd like me to make a video on how to open a PayPal account let me know in the comment section just tell me where you're watching from and I'll be more than glad to film one for you guys not to Bor you with plenty of talks the two payment options that will work if you're in Nigeria as scrill and poner however I would recommend you go for scrill option because pay on your transaction fees are really high and wouldn't make sense at the end of the day so I don't think there is any point in using it but thankfully screw works perfectly fine in Nigeria and you would be credited directly into your local bank account Yes you heard me correctly so if you have the scill as a withdrawal option when you login then be rest assur that it is safe and sound to use now here is the fun part this video you're watching right now has been in the works in fact I already filmed and edited it and I was going to make an entire video on the withrawal process when I eat $5 stretch old just to prove its legitimacy okay but I did eat the $5 stret all the following day but unfortunately I encountered some challenges and I couldn't withdraw my money so I scrab the entire video however I didn't stop performing task on the website hoping it would get rectified and truthfully I was able to rectify it after a couple of weeks which is why I am putting this video out again now as of today that I'm filming this video I have made about $16 from this website which I have also withdrawn $10 into my scr account then into my bank account and I'm currently awaiting confirmation from my bank right now right here we are also going to be withdrawing another $5 so let's jump right right into that one as you can see on my screen right now this is my available balance $56 so if I click on this cash out right here it's going to take me straight to the withdrawal options I showed you earlier on so I'll click on scrill because this one is starting from $55 so I'm going to click on it and then from here it's going to ask for my password I'm going to inut my my password and it's going to say you're about to

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