Outdated Instagram Tips You SHOULD NOT Be Doing In 2024 | Please stop doing these…

here is a list of outdated Instagram strategies that you don't have to be wasting your time on anymore what's up everyone it's Millie welcome back to my channel where I post videos every Wednesday teaching you the latest strategies and Trends on social media to help you grow your brand so give a little love tap on that subscribe button to stay up to date on all the latest tips and tricks I have for you first I want to say a huge thank you to this video shout outs I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of you so if you want to get a shout out in one of my future videos be sure to screenshot yourself watching this and tag me over on Instagram stories or leave a comment below and subscribe to my channel as always time Stamps will be in the comments down below because I value your time and you already know why you're here so let's get into it first strategy I hope we all know this by now but the follow unfollow method let's stop doing that if you don't know what the follow unfollow method is it's basically where you follow a bunch of people to hopefully get their attention and they follow you back and then when they follow you back you unfollow them let's stop doing that we are all just trying to grow on Instagram and by people trying to get other people's hopes up and playing with their feelings playing with their heart playing with their goals and dreams I'm not going to stand for it let's stop teasing each other getting people's hopes up and then unfollowing them we all hate it when we get a bunch of unfollowers and we're like oh my gosh I'm losing so many followers that's because some of y'all are doing the follow unfollow method to try to grow and it's not good it's not good plus don't you want people to follow you because they want to follow you not because oh they followed me first so I guess I'll follow them back like you want people to follow you because they want to be a part of your journey and they're excited to press that follow button you know what I mean so next is engagement groups full transparency I was in an engagement group four years ago and this is why you should learn from my mistake I know it may be tempting when you get a DM inviting you to join like-minded people growing their following just like you but just don't in case you don't know what engagement groups or engagement pods are that's basically when a group of people come together in a group message they're usually within your Niche and you're required to post with each other's content to hopefully trick the algorithm into saying hey this is good content let's improve the engager let's send this post out these groups are pointless in so many ways first of all it's a waste of time you spend all of your energy engaging with people in your pod instead of people in your target audience you could be using that time to engage with people who are following you or finding new people and engaging with them and nurturing your community two it feeds the algorithm false data about what content you're interested in and who should be interested in your content three it puts an unneeded pressure on your shoulders you should have the freedom to engage with who ever the heck you want to whenever the heck you want to and then finally When You Reach burnout and decide to leave your pod your engagement will plummet telling Instagram that your content is no longer valuable making it even that much harder to grow I totally understand being in a group chat with friends and collaborating with other creators but engagement pods are just not it they are done next borders on infeed posts y'all we want to take up as much space as possible on Instagram when you put photos go in a border you're limiting yourself on the property that you own if you owned 1,000 acres of land are you going to build this tiny 500t home no you'd want to use all of the property that you have so let's get rid of borders on posts you start using the full Dimensions that Instagram gives us to capture people's attention dare I say don't even use 1080 x 1080 anymore it might just be me but every time I post a photo that's in the Square crop instead of the portrait crop it just doesn't perform well I always post my photos in 1080 by 1350 to take up as most space as possible to truly capture somebody's attention when they're scrolling on Instagram all right before talking about the next tip of things that that we just should not be doing on Instagram anymore I want to talk about something else that we should leave behind us in 2021 and that is the sounds of gardeners blowing leaves in the background of work meetings Okay allow me to explain how many of you have constant online meetings whether you're working from home or taking online classes from home and you're in Zoom you're in somewhere and you hear in the background noise or your dog your dog is barking in the background anytime the doorbell rings lady is yapping up a storm and every time I want to film a YouTube video or every time my team and I want to hop on a meeting the gardeners think it's a perfect day to you know cut the bushes right outside my window I feel like we all can relate with that so that's why I'm super excited to talk about this video's sponsor crisp crisp is an AI noise cancelling app basically this magical tool that blocks out 100% of background noises and I'm going to hop over to my laptop to show you how I use this within my business so you could kind of see a little more behind the scenes so this is my crisp account you can see they have a Premium plan I call it the Premium plan because you get 240 minutes per week for free to use with whatever you're using for your meetings they do have Integrations for both Mac and windows so this is their crisp app crisp is super easy to use all you have to to do is set it up and it will integrate to your Zoom which is what I use for most of my meetings when you create a crisp account they will have you do a little recording of your voice it can identify your voice and cancel out all the other background noises so that's first step and then when you're setting it up I use zoom for most of my meetings so I can directly integrate crisp with my zoom account something that I love the most about crisp is that it's for anyone and everyone you don't have to be a business owner owner to need what crisp offers you don't have to be somebody who's in the professional workspace going to professional meetings every single day in order to use crisp you can use crisp right now for free using the link in my description below no matter where you are with life it just helps bring that crisp quality into any meeting that you go to it reduces all background noises so whether your significant other is talking in the background crisp will cancel out their background voices or maybe you have thin walls and your neighbors are blasting the TV Chris will be able to cancel that out too so that way you're not vulnerable or you don't have to be at the will of ot

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