My Mom Reveals the Untold Stories Behind My Success…

when your father went to jail you were two that was a life altering situation for me that's when I start looking for a job I said I'm going to get a job I'm going to get a job at a good place and my thoughts were if he go to over book high school he not going to make it you're going to wind up maybe becoming like your dad you had your truck you had your business license you had insurance and you were 18 but you had got kicked out of college and you never shared that with me so I had a 1.95 GPA but you got to get a 2.0 to stay so because of that 0.5 I couldn't come back [Music] it has to work where it has to work welcome to circle of greatness I'm your host nemiah Davis every week you hear me say we going to have a special episode but this one is different right I'm bringing in my mom the lady who birthed me y the lady who uh I give a a great deal of respect to the reason why I do a lot of the things I'm doing is because of her and uh we basically about to uh have a conversation right so um welcome what's up Mom hey son how you feeling awesome good good you seem like nervous or something you nervous for the inter I know we going I don't know what's going to happen neither do I we just talking you know none of my stuff is scripted yeah that's for sure yeah how you feeling I'm heal and whole you a miracle you say I'm a miracle that's good that's good so I want to just give the people a little bit of insight into our life practices that you do um and we're just going to have a conversation but I guess one of the first ones was there's a few life altering moments for me and one of them was going to Archbishop Carol where I got to be only black kid in there not only 50 black kids out of a thousand and I got to spend the night at John house who had a third floor for his room we will leave out his back door we go see Beth she had a a theater we then would go out the malver uh to Frank Coco house and this dude had a pool house and a pool and uh Acres that we ride four-wheelers on and despite me not doing good in that school like acting up being knucklehead uh that was a major moment for me because I got to see that there were more there was more out there for me whether it's financially but you know we grew up and even moving up to Overbrook that was a better life but it's still a roow home it still wasn't wasn't nothing special like where we be like for black people it was special like but when I got to see wait how my friends was living out there I'm like oh this a whole new world that I didn't know existed to that point yes you took me skin yes I got to do things that normally that young African-Americans don't really do at the year you know we talking about 25 years still a lot of black kids not skiing but other than we take them every year but what made did you send me to that school like what was the idea where did you get that thought that I'm going to try to do I maybe you tried to get me in Fr Central I don't think I was smart enough even like you know how they uh make you do a test at first but you've been getting kids in those type schools for a long time but where did that I did come from well I let me just be honest enough to say when your father went to jail yeah when you were two mhm that was a life altering situation for me okay now I don't have a a male figure to help me raise him although I had my dad did you have a job then at the time I did not have a job so he was taking care of you oh yeah yes for sure he took very good care of us without a um Shad of a doubt he um was a great provider but when he went to jail that changed my life because it was like okay now what I'm going to do and that one he went to um jail one week no Uncle Mel got killed by the police in 91 one week and then the next week your father went to jail it's a lot of pressure so you lost your brother both of my two Financial people who paid my way financially they both going there so it's like okay what I'm going to do now yeah something has to give so I decided that's when I start looking for a job I said I'm going to get a job I'm going to get a job at a good place so I tried Amtrak that didn't work and then I tried something I've always had a relationship with God so when your father went away to jail when you were two I was like now Lord what I'mma do and then I made a decision that whatever kind of job I'm going to get it has to be a good job I appli for am Trak that didn't work and then I appli for sep and I was able to get in so that's where my financial Foundation started with SEPTA and um but if if my dad was here you might didn't have to work no I wouldn't have to work right cuz he bought my clothes by the season and just everything was provided you had you a dope boy well it's nothing proud about hey we want to take it and be nice about it his lifestyle was a lifestyle that was for me and that's one thing I I want to say this to ladies like you have to be careful to um to the type man that you going to choose in your life because it can be it can alter your life one and be careful because whoever you bring into your life is going to affect your children's life as well yeah so because I brought your father into my life it affected you because guess what I wound up being a single parent and you didn't have a father figure so you see how inv the wrong to your life can it couldt your future so I had to raise You by myself right thank God for your grandma who was very instrumental Who was just like took care of you while I drove the bus and sometime you were come ride off the bus you know and and as from that moment fast forward to high school living in Overbrook that was the school you would go to and my thoughts were if he go to overbook high school he not going to make it you're going to wind up maybe becoming like your dad right so I said I got to find another way since I was in touch with you know getting other children into private schools I knew of all the schools I needed to apply for for you I applied you got in but then I got flat from some PE um um the twins that I got flat because now here I am trying to educate you and it wasn't a good thing as far as the household was concerned but I made it my mind it didn't matter I'm going to educate my son no matter what you going to be well educated and then that's when you went to the school got flat cuz you had to pay for it and yes that was like a few hundred a month oh it was expensive it's like 4,000 a year right at the time and that was a lot of money yes for sure said about about 400 a month probably 450 yeah it's almost a paycheck exactly yeah yeah I said no matter what if I have to clean toilets T night whatever I got to do you going to be educated mhm and so from there that's when you felt like that changed your life so that changed both of our Lives yeah so yeah so that was part one I still got kicked out and so then I got kicked out went to miss Joiner School how you get me in her school so what happened was it um got u

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