New Ways To Monetize Instagram | Get paid through IGTV Ads, Reels Ads, Live Badges, & more

I am tired of hearing other people say that Instagram doesn't pay their creators because they do in this video we're talking about all of the ways you can now or in the future will be able to make money and monetize directly on Instagram what's up everyone it's Millie welcome back to my channel where I post videos every Wednesday teaching you the latest strategies and Trends on social media to help you grow your brand so give a little love tap on that subscribe button to stay up to date on all the latest tips and tricks I have for you first I want to say a huge thank you to this video's shout outs I wouldn't here if it wasn't for all of you so if you want to shout out in one of my future videos screenshot yourself watching this and tag me over on Instagram stories or leave a comment below and subscribe to my channel as always time Stamps will be in the comments down below because I value your time and you already know why you're here so let's get into it yes it's obvious that Instagram is behind the game on paying its creators but at least they are finally seeing the value in it and are pushing many more monetization Tools in a recent article published by Facebook they announced that they will will now be investing $1 billion into their creators through various ways Instagram also has an article talking about the various ways that you can start making money through their platform I'll be sure to link all the blog posts where I gather this information below so that you can do your own research because obviously I can't fit everything into this video and I know some of you love to read about all of that and the resources of all these videos I create so I'll be sure to link those below at the beginning of this video I'm sure you saw an ad rolling out in the beginning similar things will be happening over on Instagram where at the beginning of some reals or some igtv videos ads will start playing at the Forefront of those this is because businesses can now pay to have their ads roll at the beginning of creators igtv videos or reals igtv ads have actually been around since I think July of 2020 so that's not so much of a new feature but reals ads are and this specific feature is going to be rolling out to creators in the US UK and Australia now some something to keep in mind since you can now start monetizing your reals videos and your igtv videos is music on YouTube you have to be very particular with the music that you choose to run in your videos so that you can continue to monetize your videos if I were to play a song from like Justin Bieber in the background I would not be able to have this video be monetized I would not be able to get paid as a Creator because I'm using another soundtrack that's not copyright free or not royaltyfree so this is just something to think about as you are trying to grow monetization on Instagram will these things start taking effect over on that platform we've already seen that happen with reals back when reals launched for business Pages you can't or you don't have access to a lot of the music because when you think about it say a brand like Forever 21 if they were to use a soundtrack like why am I thinking about J Bieber so much right for this video okay let's do Justin Bieber If Forever 21 were to create a real and use Justin Bieber's song then that could be considered some sort of campaign or ad and the brand didn't get that artist's permission to use that song so we're already seeing restricted availabilities with music particularly so to guarantee that in the future your videos can be monetized you want to focus on selecting royaltyfree music in the background of your videos a great resource to get music that is royalty free is epidemic sound and I do want to take a moment to thank epidemic sound for sponsoring this video epidemic sound is a royaltyfree soundtrack providing company where you never have to worry about those royalty fees again you would get access to over 35,000 tracks and 990,000 sound effects when you have an account with epidemic sound you can download as many songs as you like and you can get this all through a personal plan of only $12 a month as a Creator you have access to a huge huge library of music that has all been cleared for YouTube Facebook Instagram twitch and podcasts all right this is a behind the scenes look at my epidemic sound account so here's at just the main page we have the featured it says more of what you like and this section is based on recent downloads that I've already done within my account so they can customize the featured and recommended songs based off of content that you've liked in the past to guarantee a better user experience and that you'll be able to find music that you enjoy a lot quicker you also have featured categories so you have things that are now trending a playlist for online creators ads promos trailers comedy corporate cinematic fashion all of the above and then they have a section for staff picks new releases and as you come across music that you like so for example if I really like this online creators section I'm going to open it o this looks fun [Music] okay I actually like this what I can do is I could either download it right away or I can add it to a playlist so I have a few playlists on here I have some for me and I have some for John for example John's picks that slap I was in a funky mood don't worry about it um and then usually I'll put my YouTube favorites to YouTube and then that's like music that plays in the background of while I'm talking and then I also have Montage Music and that's music where those songs are specifically to be the highlight of maybe a montage if I'm like making some coffee or doing a little book haul you know or like shopping at Barnes & Noble all the things so when the music is supposed to be the highlight I'll add it to Montage Music and then when it's like talking head background I'll add it over to YouTube so I kind of like this one as a Montage Music and then you also have a section for sound effects as well cartoon hush don't know why I said it like that what you're saying it weird saying what weird all of it whoosh footsteps props all the fun things so it's a really great place to get all of your music sound effects and use them as the background of igtv YouTube Reals for monetization reasons you can get monetized without any penalties in the future if you want to make sure you can monetize your Instagram content in the future use the link in the description to try your 30-day free trial or or use the code summer Millie When selecting a plan next on the list of monetization tools we have live badges this came from the popularity of streamers and this is similar to different streaming monetization platforms out there like twitch and even with Tik Tok when you go live on Instagram your followers can send you badges that they purchase in support of you this gives fans another opportunity or more of an opportunity to show the

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